My Favorite Fresh All Natural Organic Hormone Free Chicken

This post was most recently updated on October 11th, 2019

July 2018 – Update: Zaycon Fresh Has Closed.

They’re plagued by complaints from customers. Deliveries keep getting postponed, sometimes for weeks, and their marketing is all over the place. For that reason I can no longer recommend Zaycon products. They have discounted so much they can’t keep up with demand yet still offer sales. The chicken, pork and other meat is not the quality that customers should expect.

People are reporting that delivery times changed, prices changed and other issues. Delays can be 5 weeks or more! The company doesn’t seem to care. For example, my friend had enough and wanted to cancel her order. When she called to cancel she was #51 in line and there was a 50 minute hold time.

Unless you want to be frustrated and not have good customer service, I suggest you order organic meat online from a higher quality retailer such as Thrive Market or Butcher Box.

Zaycon Chicken

Looking for more information about Zaycon chicken? Zaycon is a wholesale company that orders chicken direct from the farm at amazing prices. It comes to you in a 40lb box that is divided up into 4 large plastic bags. They are sealed inside another large bag to prevent any spills. For more about exactly how Zaycon works, read my review.

Zaycon chicken is always fresh, not frozen and all natural, hormone free. Zaycon has their premium chicken breasts in stock almost always but if you watch you’ll see other chicken products come up too. You can get other chicken products like tenders, breaded chicken, whole chicken and thighs. Be sure to register on the site so you know what’s coming up and to get coupons. Registration is free and requires no purchase. It’s just a way to stay informed so you can be ready to order in time to get your chicken for that big bbq you have coming up!

My second Zaycon order was for the double boneless, skinless chicken breasts. They are plump or even HUGE compared to stores. You need to cut them apart and then slice in half and even split them in half. They’re really thick. I cubed some for the freezer to make it super fast to use in a recipe like a stir fry. I rinsed and dried them off, put them into freezer bags, labeled them and stacked them in the freezer. I highly recommend that you get disposable gloves and put the box right next to your kitchen sink.

Zaycon Quality

Stephen challenged me on the quality of the chicken and they answered back right away. I was impressed! I’d order more for sure. I probably won’t order salmon again unless I can learn to prepare it better. I LOVE the shrimp and plan to order it again. I’m spoiled now. It’s better than most restaurants! It would be tough for me to go back to grocery store meat!

I LOVE the chicken though next time I’m going to get the tenderloins so it’s less work to cut up. I wear gloves and divide up the box into gallon size freezer bags. I ALWAYS wear gloves (from the dollar store) so I don’t contaminate anything. I use a food scale to weigh the chicken for splitting an order or for a recipe.

Here’s a photo so you know exactly what the chicken breasts look like. This is from my order.

 Zaycon chicken breasts

Check Out the selection


Regular price for this chicken is $1.89 a lb. but it goes on sale for $1.69 a lb. from time to time. Cheaper than Costco, warehouse or grocery store prices!

Zaycon Coupon

Use the code FIRST25 and this link to get $25 off orders of $99 or more!


Does Zaycon chicken contain hormones?

No. Federal regulations established by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) prohibit the use of any hormones or steroids in chicken and pork.

Does it contain antibiotics?

From Zaycon: Low levels of antibiotics may be used when necessary to prevent disease, and for animal welfare purposes. This also benefits growth promotion and reduced mortality. It is our farm producers goal to use the lowest, effective level permissible when use is required. More importantly, 100% of our processed chicken products are free of residual antibiotics through adherence to FDA-approved withdrawal times. Before any animal is processed they are randomly inspected by the USDA to ensure that the animal is clear of all antibiotic residue.

Where does zaycon chicken come from?

Zaycon gets their chicken from Wayne Farms. It’s natural with no added hormones, additives or artificial ingredients. It is the chicken that is sold in grocery stores, but gets to you in less than a week from processing. The chicken on the shelves in your grocer are weeks old. I’ve noticed that the chicken lasts a long time even raw compared to anywhere else.

I want some chicken!

Now what do you do with all that chicken?

What will you with the 40 lb of chicken? I cannot come up with a good plan for all of this chicken. So I recommend that you use a meal plan to take full advantage of eating healthier and saving money using Zaycon. MyFreezEasy makes it a lot easier to create a plan and not have to wonder what’s for dinner every night.

If you want to maximize your time, health and budget, I recommend doing meal planning. You can batch make 12 meals with 40 lbs. of chicken. MyFreezEasy is the most efficient way to do that. It’s a meal plan that comes with 12 recipes, shopping lists, assembly instructions and cooking instructions, along with video helps. And it’s only $7!

If you’re going to make this part of your regular routine you will want to join her membership site HERE so you can use this every time you get a Zaycon Fresh order. It will accommodate almost any eating style and fits different dietary needs! The best option is to be a part of the membership site. You can be a member monthly or be on the premium membership. This was created by a blogger called the $5 dinner mom so everything is budget-minded. You won’t have expensive ingredients. It’s created with the busy mom in mind.

Plus Erin teaches you how to make several meals in one hour, freeze and have healthy, homemade meals on the table in minutes during those busy days!

MyFreezEasy is a meal planning system with 2 options:

  • BASIC membership where you get access to new meal plans each month. Cost: $7 per month.
  • PREMIUM membership that comes with a “build your own meal plan” app. These are meal plans that you customize but that promise you 10 to 12 meals for your freezer in less than an hour. Get 10 meals into your freezer fast for your family, to give to someone who just had a baby, etc. This one is great because you can opt to only show recipes that use chicken. On the basic plan it’s not customizable. Cost: $12 per month or even less if you go with a quarterly or yearly option.

They have mobile apps if you want to cook right from your phone or tablet.

Here’s the premium plan explained:

menu planning

You get downloads that you can print off or save. Besides recipes, you get shopping lists, assembly notes, assembly instructions, 1 new assembly video each month, and printable labels for your bags and trays. Each month there’s a new plan. The member area also contains a video library, a resource library and a free freezer cooking workshop. The goal of the program is for you to save the most money at the grocery store, only buy what you need, and get it done in record time. Perfect for busy moms!

Here’s a quick video on how it works:

Zaycon Chicken Freezer Cooking Day Meal Plan

Types of recipes:

  • gluten free
  • crock pot
  • dairy free
  • paleo/Whole 30
  • allergy free
  • Instant Pot
  • One dish
  • Allergy free

Your Own Recipes

If you want to find/make your own recipes, here are some favorites. My favorite recipe for chicken so far is the Chinese Cashew Chicken from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe blog. It made me think I better open a Chinese restaurant!! It was sooo delicious. I went light on the sauce (only used about half). Used red and orange bell pepper and went half on the ginger. I cubed and weighed several bags of chicken so I could easily make this again. I loved it so much. It took a little longer than 30 minutes. I’d double the recipe next time.

Jessica at Butter with a Slice of Bread also has great chicken recipes and videos too.

the best cashew chicken recipe


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