My Period Was So Heavy and my Marriage was Strained {Until I Found This}

Most of the month I’m laid back and happy, with a naturally upbeat/fun personality. But there’s a pattern that I haven’t been able to break since I got my first period. Some months it’s worse and some are better. However, the older I get, it’s been getting way worse. 

If you’ve ever asked yourself, why do I turn into a monster that time of the month. Or, why are my periods so heavy? I understand and I don’t judge you. You know it’s not you, it’s hormones. Yet, if you’re like me you don’t know what to do about it. 

Here’s what happened to me…that I hate…

Why is my Period so Heavy?

I’m almost 50 and my periods have gotten heavier and longer. They disrupt my life and make me start researching birth control, an IUD or even an ablation. But I wondered if there’s a way that I can lessen the length of my period without those things. 

Why is My Face Breaking Out?

Another problem – I break out – yes! At 49! Hormone acne is a thing and it’s not just teens who struggle with it. It’s just different – mostly around my chin and cheek. They’re painful. Periods are so fun!! It’s going to be so sad to get to menopause and never have them again…and say goodbye to these monthly disruptions to my life.

Why am I so Mad?

angry womanBut the biggest thing is the mood changes. I hate my husband for a few days every month.

Things that would be easier to overlook at other times become monumental issues a few days before my period.

And I get so MAD. I don’t even recognize myself. I try to control my emotions but I usually lose. So after years of this I just try to use good boundaries and keep my distance. At these times, it’s not good to try to talk it out. It’s good to get more space.

Poor guy cannot win an argument at this time. And I’m not getting over it quickly either. Not that he doesn’t have mood swings but these are more predictable and extreme.

This is when I daydream of having my own mountain cabin or cottage to escape to where no one bothers me and I can just read or go on walks. Buy myself flowers or punch the pillow. Life doesn’t allow for that though. I still have to do things that need to be done and not hurt my marriage or relationships.

Oh, and I also had cramps/pain – mostly in my lower back. I get tender breasts too. 

What I Tried so Far and How it Went

My strategy has ranged from being mostly unaware that this is cyclical and just getting through it. Or,  just being a jerk for a few days and moving on. Not a good tactic. 

I’ve tried vitamins, supplements and eating healthier. The eating healthier part is a struggle because I’m clique in that I just want to binge on chocolate and cookies. Sugary foods are my go to. But that only makes things worse.

I know that I’m progesterone deficient and so I tried some cream but I didn’t try it long enough or it didn’t do enough to make a difference. When I was pregnant with Alexis I had to supplement during the first trimester or I would’ve miscarried again (another revelation that literally changed my life, because it meant we got her in our family and I’m forever grateful for that). 

My doctor was not helpful at all. She literally looked up scientific articles while listening to my story. We have self pay insurance so that was an office charge, for nothing.

I did try birth control but I hated filling it every 3 months. She messed it up so there was a gap and I ran out early and the pharmacy wouldn’t refill until it was fixed. Which took a few weeks. By that time I was so frustrated. Next step, an IUD or ablation (sometimes not effective, expensive too). But I never got to that step.

What Really Works for Heavy Periods

This is going to sound so basic. You’re probably going to think, yeah, right. But I found something that works so well and is natural. I don’t have to go to a doctor or get a prescription.

Nor do I have to be on birth control or pay thousands for an ablation (so tempting!). 

What happened is I was scrolling through a Facebook discussion about things that you’ve discovered that are life-changing. I wish I saved that post. But one of the answers was MixHers. Never heard of it. Didn’t know what it was. So I looked it up and found out that it’s based right here in Utah, where I live. Who cares though, does it work???

I ordered some (not on subscription because my cupboards are full of leftover things I’ve tried that didn’t work). Just a one month supply. And 5 days before my period I mixed it with water and drank it every day. It tastes good, which is not usually the case. So I like how it flavors my water.

HerTime PMS vitamins
Use my link and the discount code JANETT to save 10% on MixHers.

But what I like more is that this is the only thing that has improved everything. I looked at the ingredients and they look like Chinese herbs. But those can taste NASTY. So whatever magic they performed I’m thankful. 

  • Can support hormones and mood during your cycle
  • Helps your body cope with PMS
  • Bolsters energy during your period
  • Can lessen cramping, pain, and bloating
  • May reduce sore or tender breasts
  • Can assist with hormonal acne
  • Supports hormonal headaches
  • Can lighten blood flow
  • Promotes vaginal lubrication
  • Can increase sex drive
  • Can promote more regular cycles
  • If you have PCOS, Endometriosis, Dysmenorrhea, Uterine Fibroids, PMDD, you should consult a licensed health care professional. Hertime Complete Care may support your body’s ability to cope with painful periods.

My Periods are Lighter and so is my MOOD!

I started to get angry which is my trigger to remember to check my app (My Days app that I use to track my cycle). Stephen and I got in a fight about how to do the dishes. And I was angry about it for way too long.

Yep, just what I thought, I’m about 5 days out. And I don’t start dreading it like I did before. Seriously, send me away into a tent for a week and leave me alone! Instead, I drink some HerTime Classic by MixHers (watermelon flavor, which is a light and summary flavor, not a bit fake tasting). My emotions even out and now I’m a day out and it feels like normal life. 

I may earn a commission when you shop through my links and you may get a happier period.

HerTime Discount Code

Use my link and the discount code JANETT to save 10% on your HerTime Classic order.

If you show signs of hormone imbalance throughout the month or don’t track your cycle, use Hertime Daily.! If you know your period is coming on a few days before, you can take Hertime Classic, which has been designed to take three days before your period starts and then seven days through (even if your period is shorter than seven days) for a total of 10 days. If you have severe period pains, we recommend Hertime Complete Care.

You mix the powder in water and it’s SO GOOD. Like I would be happy even if it wasn’t helping my period. 

HerTime in glass

You drink HerTime Classic for just during your period, or HerTime Daily for every day. I only drink the HerTime Classic. Mix it in water and drink it. Classic is just for that time of the month. Take it 3 days before your period are supposed to start, for a total of 10 days. Daily is if you want to regulate your hormones throughout the month. 

HerTime Classic: Designed to be taken during your period, our all-natural supplement helps regulate hormones, strengthen the uterus to alleviate period pain, lighten flow, and reduce bloating. This lovingly-crafted period fighter has helped thousands of women take back their time of the month. Now, it can help you take yours back too.

The acne is less (that’s still happening some). 

I still eat more sugar but not as bad. 

But here’s the other best result – my period is only bad the first day. I tried MixHer (last month) and I had a heavy first day. After that it was no big deal. Really light. Almost gone by day 3. I can use a regular tampon (not supers and a pad). Or a menstrual cup (like them for medium flow days). But at day 4 I’m just wearing period panties. These period panties. They’re much better than the others I tried. Very soft too. 

Hallelujah! This is LIFE CHANGING. 

HerTime PMS vitamins

Why I’m Sharing My Period Story With You

I don’t really love writing about things this personal. I seriously thought I had a moral failure because I have this side of myself that few people see. It’s embarrassing. I didn’t talk about this but it also affected my jobs when I was working for other people.

But now that I have a reason to talk about it and I’m willing to be vulnerable. I’m pretty sure many women have these issues and that I’m not alone. In fact, I’m willing to bet my own family members have struggled with this.

However, I know myself. With middle age is realizing what you will or won’t get around to. I know I won’t find the time to write about this and share it with other women unless I give myself a reason to. And I make my living as an affiliate marketer/online marketer. Which means I refer people to products and make a commission when you purchase after clicking my link.

What worked is I loved this product so much I looked to see if they had an affiliate program. They do. Shich is the motivation I need to spend an hour or so writing about it. I don’t promote things just to make money. It has to be something I know/love/care about or I pass. But it’s hard to prioritize when I have so many other posts I have to write (sponsored and have a deadline).

So here it is. Go buy yourself some if any of this rings true for you, too. And let me know in the comments if it’s as life changing for you as it is for me. Everyone is different but it would be good to know if it’s just me or if it helps other women too. I hope it does.

I never had so much empathy for women who were basically out of commission for a week or so every month. I didn’t have cramps or heavy periods my whole life. I didn’t have to wash the blood stains from sheets – never. Until my late 40s. 



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