Where to Buy Elastic for Masks During the Pandemic

I’ve had an order for elastic on hold from Amazon for a few weeks. The projected arrival date keeps getting further and further away. I just canceled it (hopefully I get a refund) because I found a better place to buy elastic! 

I’m so excited because after I bought a few packages at JoAnn’s and left a few (they were almost out of stock), I donated what I didn’t use. Now my state is asking everyone to wear a mask in public. Costco requires you to wear a face mask to shop there, starting this week. Utah is opening up gradually and requests that you wear a mask in public. So we will need a lot more masks!

costco requires face masks

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Where to Buy Elastic for Masks?

Etsy! Elastic is in stock and it’s plentiful here. It’s like a different world where you can find elastic to make masks or even buy face masks already made. They have a ton of different patterns and colors to go with any sweat pants!

I’ve sewn over 60 masks to donate and most didn’t have elastic. The one that I made (see video below) that has it is too uncomfortable to wear now. See I pre shrunk the fabric but I didn’t pre shrink the elastic. And when I washed my mask, the elastic became too tight around my ears. I got scabs behind my ears after wearing it for maybe an hour. 

So if you make a mask with elastic in it, wash and dry it first. Then sew it on your mask.

where to buy elastic for masks

Easy Tshirt Mask Pattern, No Elastic Needed

Or you can find a pattern that doesn’t require elastic. I like the tshirt mask  because it’s fast and easy. You just need to find a tshirt you don’t wear any more. Preferably a size large or more so you have room for the straps. Otherwise you can sew 2 smaller pieces together for the middle section (instead of putting it on the fold). 

This mask has ties and is super comfortable. I only wish I hadn’t donated so many of my old clothes before the thrift stores closed!! I found tshirts on clearance at Target and used that. 

If you sew a mask (or anything) these quilt clips saved me from having to pin and sped up the process SO MUCH! You’ll see them featured in this video, on the last mask I made. 

Sources for Tough to Find Products like Meat and Yeast

I have a little obsession with seeing what unexpected things sell out right now. My latest discovery? Frosting. Yep. All those birthdays and special occasions being celebrated at home mean people are making their own cakes. Hence, they’re buying up all the frosting! Another thing I saw, bike shops and bikes in general are selling like crazy. This month I bought a helmet, lock, bike rack for the car and bike basket. We’re riding our bikes way more than we used to! We plan to go to Zion next week and bring our bikes.

But I did find a source for meat and seafood online. The best source for yeast? Some of my local stores have it. I found it at Rowleys Red Barn in Santaquin Utah, which has a lot of flour and bulk food items. They also have great ice cream. 

What have you had a tough time finding during the pandemic? 

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