Watch The Martian Online – How to See it for FREE

This post was most recently updated on May 6th, 2020

UPDATE: Fans of The Martian will be sad to learn that you can no longer rent The Martian online. Instead, if you want to watch The Martian full movie you can rent the full version on Amazon for $3.99. Or you can buy the digital version for $14.99. We may earn a commission when you shop through our links.

If you want to know how to watch The Martian for free, keep reading.

Note: this post has been updated from its original version. The Martian was previously to rent on VidAngel, but they are fighting a lawsuit and have stopped renting movies as of January 2017.

Want to watch The Martian online? Now that The Martian won the Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy everyone wants to see it. The Martian is about an American astronaut accidentally left behind by his team on Mars and how he survives there all alone.

The film is based on the book, The Martian, by Andy Weir.

If you want to watch The Martian FREE, here’s how you can…

Watch The Martian Online – FREE!

stream the martian movieHere’s how to watch The Martian FREE.

If you have Amazon Prime (which is $99 a year and has a ton of benefits including free 2-day shipping), you can add a subscription to HBO and HBO has The Martian. 

First, get your FREE 30-Day Trial to both Amazon Prime. Then, get your 30-day FREE trial to HBO through Amazon. There is no obligation and you can cancel when you want. That means you’ll be able to watch a lot more movies than just The Martian.

Click here to –> Try Amazon Prime 30-Day for Free

 Click here –>for your HBO Free 30 Day Trial

With those options, you can watch The Martian and it will not cost you a cent. After your trial it’s $14.99 a month. You can cancel at any time. They have many more popular TV shows and blockbuster movies to choose from too!  No cable necessary so it’s great for cord cutters. It has all the same shows as HBO and can watch on Amazon Channels anywhere, anytime. Read the terms here.

  • Video subscriptions don’t have any setup or cancellation fees.
  • There is no minimum duration—as long as you’re an eligible Prime member, you can start and cancel HBO at any time.
  • “Premium channel subscriptions you have with your cable or satellite provider, and standalone subscriptions you’ve purchased directly from the subscription provider are separate services, and cannot be used with Amazon Video.”

Is The Martian on Redbox or Netflix

No, the Martian is not on Redbox or Netflix.

The MartianThe Martian Extended Edition


More About The Martian

The film also got 7 nominations from the Academy Awards and it’s been nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture, Best Actor for Matt Damon, and Best Adapted Screenplay.  The Academy Awards are on Sunday, February 28 (where it will probably win more awards).

We recently saw The Martian and really enjoyed it. It was a long movie but I was so interested that I didn’t notice. Some movies that have a main character who is alone for a long time are very long, boring and depressing. It’s like Cast Away but on Mars in that the main character is left all alone and has to figure out ways to survive. But this film isn’t depressing. In fact, I’m fascinated by how the main character Mark Watney (Matt Damon) gets up every day and works on solving a problem. For example, he figured out a way to grow his own food. It’s actually very inspiring. Plus, NASA collaborated on the film extensively so a lot of it is based on reality, which is also fascinating.

Members of NASA and a team of international scientists want to bring him home. There are some tense moments but there is greatness. I love how the team cares about each other and there’s a common feeling of humanity and brother/sisterhood. 

According to Wikipedia, the movie was filmed in the Middle Eastern desert of Wadi Rum, Jordan. It had some breathtaking shots and views of space.

Absolutely fabulous science and drama with acting impact images brilliant for great fun and serious learning for all ages and all studies – we live in space age and the birth of colonization is beautiful in the name of survival and destiny for all times……

jja Manhattan, N. Y.

The Martian is PG-13 and was released in Fall 2015. IMDB gives it an 8.1/10. It stars Matt Damon and is based on the novel The Martian. The story is about as an astronaut who is mistakenly presumed dead and left behind on Mars. It’s a movie of survival and rescue. The film has grossed over $595 million worldwide. It’s about a trip to Mars that ended up being a bit longer than expected…ok YEARS longer.

Watch the Martian online – it’s the best!

As one reviewer said: You won’t find a space epic that’s more fun to geek out at than The Martian.

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