50 Best Selling Items on Walmart Listed by State

This post was most recently updated on February 13th, 2020

Ever been curious what people buy on Walmart? If you’re like me you’ll find this list fascinating. They included both online sales at Walmart online and at their more than 4,700 stores in the US. Then they names the 25 hottest-selling items in every state. The result is quirky and gives you some insight into just how unique we are.

Take Utah, for example. Our top seller is a personal Travel Kit – WHY? I have no idea! Maybe because we travel more than the average American??

When you look at the list you’ll think, this is so QUIRKY. And I noticed it’s vastly different from lists I’ve seen about Amazon’s bestsellers. One thing I do really like about Walmart is the feature where you can save $ by ordering online and then picking up in store. No more wandering the aisles. You go straight to customer service and they have your order. They keep you updated on exactly when it’s there too. So you won’t have to worry about something being out of stock.

Looking for a place to move? This might give you some insights into the personalities of people in each state.

If you’re like me, I don’t want to go to the store every time to find my favorite items. If you want to find the exact product you love and either get it shipped to your house or order online and pick it up at Walmart (no shipping fee). Links to any products are affiliate links and we may earn a commission if you shop through them.

Most Popular Items to buy at Walmart By State

Here’s a list of Walmart best sellers by state (scientifically gathered). Scroll to the end to get links.

See the full infographic at: https://corporate.walmart.com/photos/walmartcom-reveals-eoy-top-sellers-by-state

Walmart bestsellers

Remember these are things people order online. So that makes it all the more odd when it comes to things like mayo or canned corn. Ok, I order my waffle mix by the case so I guess I understand?

I’m most fascinated by Massachusetts selling a lot of refrigerators online and that Barbie farmer edition is big in Hawaii. Based on this list where do you fit in the best? Me? Arkansas. Keep reading to see why. Please comment if you can help me understand the others!

Crayons Anyone care to guess why??

RV & marine antifreeze
Yes, this one makes sense….because Alaska, brrrrrr!!!!

L.O.L. Surprise! dolls – lots of kids and this is a very trendy item in 2017. Makes sense.

Chocolate, but no details! Need more details! Everyone else got so specific but all we get is chocolate. What kind of chocolate? Snickers bars?

Protein powder. What a health-conscious state (or image conscious)!

Peanut M&M’s. I like how Coloradans are very specific in their chocolate choices. I’m with them – peanut all the way!

Ghost in the Shell DVD Now explain this one. Have you ever heard of this movie? Me neither. But now I’m curious…it looks like an action flick with some cyber crime (how modern).

Spiced gum drops. Does anyone really like those? Please pass the regular gum drops please!

Sparkling cider. I can toast to that!

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chair Yellow

Barbie Farmer and she even has a little chicken tucked under her arm!

My Little Pony mini collection. Toys or food? In Idaho it’s toys (not potatoes).

Erasers. This one puzzles me. In Illinois do people make a lot of mistakes or are they just super studious? Who knows because there are a lot of different types of erasers.

Instant Coffee. I’m going to guess Folgers.

Water softening crystals . Guess Iowa has hard water??

Ozark Trail tumblers . No the Ozarks aren’t in Kansas but they must love to hike! This is Walmart’s own brand which means it’s probably priced a bit lower than REI.

4×6 photo prints. Did you know you can order them online and do a photo book? They make great gifts for grandparents or to make of trips and for memories.

No pre-bottled root beer for Louisianans – they brew their own. Root beer extract. You can get the bottles at Walmart too.

Brownie mix.

Glue sticks. I don’t get it either, but it seems like if they got together with Arkansas they could do a lot of crafting together!

Forget furniture stores, people in Massachusetts buy their refrigerators refrigerators on Walmart.com.

Michiganders like lavender scented cleaning products. We vote Mrs. Meyers!

Flaming Hot Cheetos. Guess you’ve got to do something to keep warm or laugh during those long winters!

Air fryer. I’m actually proud of Mississippi for trying to cut back on the fried foods.

MISSOURI Life Savers guys, is there a bad breath problem?? I’m all for the butterscotch!

Madden NFL video games.

Pressed makeup powder – Walmart.com

Dog treats. They really do love their dogs!

Cinnamon flavored toothpaste. I don’t believe I’ve ever tried cinnamon toothpaste. Mint is a thing here.

Pool salt. You’d think this would be a top seller in Arizona…

Cat food. Nevada loves their dogs. New Mexico loves their cats. Now you know where to live if you’re a pet lover!

Cheerios – Walmart.com. They really buy their cereal on the internet?? For some reason I guessed it would be something more sophisticated!

Mayonnaise. NOT Miracle Whip, thank you.

Watermelon flavored gum. Yes, that’s unique, along with cinnamon toothpaste (New Hampshire’s top pick)!

Grape flavored drink mix

BBQ sauce

Humidifier. See, this one makes no sense. Have you ever lived in Oregon? It’s not dry!

Plastic hangers. We can only assume they like to buy clothes in Pennsylvania.

Christmas lights – Walmart.com. Remember the data is for the whole year. They must really love to decorate for Christmas because they’re the only state on the list that features a holiday-themed item.

Piggy bank. They must be savers and that’s why they shop at Walmart!

Orange juice. Frozen, powdered, or boxed?

Disney Infinity power discs. Not really sure what these are!

TV wall mounts. When I lived in Texas this wasn’t a thing. If I had to take a stab at it, I’d say roach spray!

Travel Kit.

Sweet canned corn. If you can’t grow your own, or move to Iowa, buy it on Walmart!

Coolers. Now they sound fun!

Vanilla frosting – Walmart.com. Just because they like vanilla frosting doesn’t mean they’re boring. They’re classic!

“My Life As” doll


A Green Bay Packers bath mat is a top seller.  You have to love their devotion to their team but why a bath mat?! My guess is it’s because they probably already have the hat and tshirt. Next year’s top seller will probably be a Green Bay Packers cup holder 🙂 These guys are into their sports teams!

Flannel shirts – Walmart.com. This one actually makes sense!

We thought the midwest would order these by the case for all of the casseroles, but no, it’s our nation’s capital. And they love Great Value French Fried Onions.

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