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Voila Mattress: A Showroom Quality Innerspring Mattress in a Box + Save 10%

This post was most recently updated on October 4th, 2018

Voila Mattress Review

Voila mattress

Voila mattress is a high quality, hybrid mattress. It has memory foam and coil springs. Mattress brands like Serta, Sealy, Beautyrest, Simmons, Tempurpedic, Posturepedic and other showroom mattresses are known for making hybrid mattresses. However, you can’t order them online and get one shipped to your house. Voila is one of the first hybrid mattresses to be compressed, rolled up, and put into a box so it can be shipped efficiently. Voila is made of both memory foam and innerspring.

Although it seems like very few people have heard of Voila, it’s a wonderful mattress. We have two of them and it’s my second favorite mattress.

Voila has a fun logo and their box comes covered in shut eyes.  That reminds you of what you’ll get more of with a Voila – more sleep! The Voila mattress ordering process was the most smooth for any mattress I’ve ordered. They kept me informed every step and my mattress came very fast. I loved how they updated me so I knew what to expect.

Note: I requested and was provided with a Voila mattress for review. I’m an affiliate of Voila and may receive a commission should you shop after clicking my link. I can choose from just about any online mattress brand and this is one that I kept to sleep on at my home.

Voila bed

You probably grew up sleeping on a coil spring bed. In the 1990s memory foam became popular because it offered pressure relief. Later, mattress manufacturers discovered you could easily ship foam in a box! The problem is not all of the foam type beds are great quality. The problem is a lot of these beds break down, sink, and don’t offer a lot of support. Today anyone can make a mattress by in essence gluing two pieces of foam together and coming up with a crazy name.

Voila’s coil springs are pocket coils (completely reducing the risk of getting a spring poking you in the back) with layers of memory foam, gel memory foam, latex foam, triple-layer edge support, and more. Pocketed coil innerspring mattresses contain individually wrapped springs and the springs can adjust to your body to give you more comfort and support. Another feature is that pocket coils reduces motion transfer. If you sleep with someone else or a pet you’ll feel them moving around far less.

Voila hybrid mattress

I’ve been anticipating trying out the Voila mattress because my friend (and former boss) who has had an online mattress store for over a decade is on the team. It’s a Utah-based mattress company which I like. Utah is quite the mattress mecca now as it’s also home to mattress brands Purple and Cariloha.

Make sure you pronounce the name Voila correctly – it’s not an instrument like a violin or viola. It’s an expression that means “there you go” as if to present something unexpectedly delightful. The website is a little unexpected too – it’s Voilabox.com


What Makes Voila Mattress Unique?

With so many choices it’s important to know what’s different about a mattress compared to other mattresses. Here’s what sets Voila apart from other online mattress brands:

  • 768-count, five-zone pocket coils (with good quality combi-zone coils from leading bed manufacturer Leggett and Platt). Very few online mattress brands have the extra support of coils. Casper, Tuft and Needle, Purple, etc are all-foam beds. Coils absorb motion transfer and provide multiple support point across your body.
  • Superior edge support.
  • Showroom quality bed with 12 layers.
  • You can choose between soft (plush), medium or firm (most online mattresses only come in medium to medium firm).
  • If you don’t like the firmness level you choose you can do a one-time change to make it more or less firm.

shut eye

Who Is Most Likely to Love a Voila Mattress

  • You want a hybrid mattress (though it has memory foam it doesn’t have an overly memory foam feel) and coils for its durability and support
  • You tried showroom mattresses at your local Mattress Firm or another mattress store where a mattress goes for $3,000-$5,000 range – you can save at least $500 and not give up quality (that’s a big savings!)
  • You need/want strong edge support
  • A high profile mattress appeals to you – the firmest mattress is 12 inches, the medium is 11 inches, and the plush is 10 inches deep


shut eyeFavorite Quote about Voila

This guy, Christian, calls Voila his “own personal cloud”!

Voila is the best mattress I have EVER slept on!!! I had another competitor’s boxed mattress before my Voila and there is no comparison. I travel a lot for work too and I can’t wait to get back home to slumber upon my own personal cloud! Thank you Voila!!!!!

shut eye

Voila Mattress Delivery

Voila beds are heavy! Here’s one being delivered to our house. This post shows you when the FedEx guy shows up and walks you through a Voila mattress order.

Voila Bed Price

The Voila mattress is a high quality luxury mattress with a small price tag. Still, Voila costs a bit more than other brands in its class but you have higher priced materials like steel coils that help your mattress last much longer.

Mattress Sizes, Dimensions & Weight

Size Dimensions Weight Price
Twin 38.5″ x 74.5″ 76 lbs $699
 Twin XL  38.5″ x 79.5″  88 lbs  $799
 Full / Double  53.5″ x 74.5″  112 lbs  $999
Queen  59.5″ x 79.5″  130 lbs  $1199
King  75.5″ x 79.5″  164 lbs  $1499
 Cal King 71.5″ x 83.5″  164 lbs  $1499

Financing – Voila offers financing through Affirm so you can get your bed sooner and pay as you go. They offer easy monthly payments over 3, 6, or 12 months.


Voila Discount Code – Save 10%

Use discount code sleepmama10 at checkout to save 10% on a Voila mattress.

Voila discount code

hybrid memory foam mattress

shut eye

Warranty, 100 Night Trial and Unique Comfort Guarantee

Voila warranty

The warranty is 10 years which is standard among mattress brands. What’s unique is that Voila has a comfort guarantee.

Comfort Guarantee
It’s tough to make sleeping decisions essentially based off a picture found online. Voila’s Comfort Guarantee is that if you don’t like your mattress within 100 nights, you can either request a return or an exchange. It you ordered a Medium firmness and decide you want a Plush firmness they will exchange it one time. They only ask that you wait 30 days to finalize your decision to give yourself a chance to adjust (any new mattress will have an adjustment phase).

We got a plush and it’s just right for us. You don’t have a lot of sink and it doesn’t have a strong memory foam feel. So if you’re used to getting a medium firm, I’d recommend getting the plush. They don’t make a true plush in my opinion. The good news is if you like medium or medium firm bed, Voila is one of my top picks.

 You can try it for 100 nights and return it if you don’t like it and get your money back. No questions asked.  

Voila mattress review

shut eye

Voila is the top mattress only. You’ll need a base or bed platform to go with it. This mattress will work well with an adjustable bed. The springs give it integrity and help it unfold without permanent creasing.


  • It’s shipped fast. Ordered it Friday night and it was here Tuesday. It took 5 days. The communication through the process was the best for any online mattress brand I’ve tested.
  • Arrives in a manageable 6′ by 15″x16″ box.
  • Edges of the mattress also have firmness.
  • The quality is outstanding, without it being as insanely expensive as other mattresses with the same features.


  • You’ll want to go to bed earlier and take more naps just to have reason to lie down on this bed.
  • Sleep desirability may impact your social life causing you to turn down social engagements – be forewarned!
  • It’s quite heavy so get help to move it.

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