Vintage Style Kitchen Aprons for Moms, Girls and Grandmas

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A local Utah company called Flirty Aprons sells vintage style kitchen aprons that are so fun and fashionable that it looks like you dressed up to make dinner!

I recently got a chance to review a vintage style kitchen apron. When I first got my apron I planned on giving it away as a gift. But then the way my husband reacted…well, I decided I wasn’t giving it up! Let’s just say you won’t just be cooking in the kitchen. I got the Lindy, which is a pink floral design. It’s a little retro and a lot fun and flirty. What I love most though is how feminine all of the aprons are, almost like wearing a dress (without having to actually wear a dress).

Here I am in the hot pink flower apron called

vintage style kitchen apron
Women’s Lindy Pink Floral Apron

After noticing how stylish the apron is, the next thing I noticed is how well-made they are. The fabric is really thick and sturdy, (but washable) and has a pocket in front.  The waistband is wide to make you look slim and it’s so stylish you won’t need to take it off when your guests arrive. In fact, you’ll want to keep it on. Another reason I like Flirty Aprons is because you can match up with your kids.

Matching Mom and Girls Vintage Style Aprons

Flowery apron with front tieIn addition to women’s aprons, Flirty Aprons has aprons for moms and daughters so you can coordinate or have a mini me with you in the kitchen.

The idea behind Flirty aprons is to help women feel confident and attractive no matter what size you are or how short or tall you are. If you’re thinner, they have styles with long ties to fit. Or you can wrap it around and tie a bow in the front or back of your apron. The fabric is really high quality so it won’t fade or fall apart.

I think this black and white polka dot apron would make a really nice wedding shower gift:

The most popular style at Flirty Aprons is the
Black Polka Dot Ruffle Apron Called Sugar ‘N Spice. It comes in women’s and girls sizes.

What I like most about Flirty Aprons:

  • They are so feminine with a lot of different patterns
  • Come in a variety of neckline styles
  • Thicker cotton material that will hold up and is machine washable
  • Vibrant colors that won’t fade
  • Custom aprons that you can get monogrammed or have your name sewn on them (grandmas who cook with their granddaughters, this would be fun to get for them!)
  • 30-day guarantee
  • Ideal for a hostess or bridal shower gift

I don’t have a large chest (all real though!) so next time I would get something with a little more going on up top. The only issue I had with mine is that it gaps a little.

Flirty Aprons also has aprons for men and boys…

 Go check out the vintage style kitchen aprons – and the next time you need to look good while cooking you will be covered.

Flirty Kitchen

Flirty Aprons also added kitchen supplies to their collection. Like the aprons they come in fun colors and are stylish. They add extra color. For a gift you could combine an apron with a few coordinating kitchen accessories and package it in a mixing bowl with clear wrap and a bow. Like with the aprons, their kitchen products don’t just look good, they are high quality. I got to see some of the products at a conference I attended which they sponsored and they are gorgeous!

They have cookbooks as well that are more like coffee table books. They are gift quality with glossy pages, stunning photography and spiral bound pages that will lie flat. Each recipe looks like a page out of an interior design magazine. Put these together and you have an elegant gift.

Here’s the whisk:

Teal green whisk will have you whipping up some good things in the kitchen!
From Flirty Kitchens

Matching Kitchen Gloves

Now that you have your vintage style apron, you need some gloves to wash dishes in style. Here are some of my favorite gloves (forget using the dishwasher, these gloves almost make you want to do the dishes).

These orange kitchen gloves are on Amazon. There are several that coordinate really well with the aprons.


Have you tried Flirty Aprons too? What is your favorite thing?

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