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SwimKids Utah Year Round Swim Lessons in Salt Lake, Provo and St. George

Utah Moms, you don’t need to wait until summer to get swim lessons for your kids. SwimKids offers year round swim lessons in Utah at different locations. These are the most unique and professionally taught classes I’ve seen. They start with babies at 6 months old. Read to learn more about their professional approach, why your kids will never get cold swimming, and to get a special gift.

Swim Lessons Salt Lake City

Swimming can be stressful for parents if their kids aren’t proficient swimmers. Constantly scanning the pool, stressing when your view of one child is obstructed, while continuing to beckon another one back to the shallow end, is not fun or safe. Teaching children to swim great independently is a great solution.  

SwimKids Utah is a great program that was created by Liz Walker. Years ago when her children were young, she searched for the best swimming program possible. That led her to become certified to teach survival swim lessons but she found the methods a bit too harsh for children. Some children who went through the program became traumatized and hated the water. She decided to create her own program. Liz’s love for children, concern for water safety, along with her degree in Early Childhood Education, made her an ideal fit for this business.

SwimKids Utah has been going strong for thirty years and differs from the typical swim program.  With lessons tailored for your child’s individual needs and a focus on hands on learning, SwimKids Utah has offered tens of thousands of swimming lessons to the general public, equipping kids with the necessary skills to be safe and enjoy the water.

When I visited I was impressed to see dads, moms and infants in the pool:

Utah swim lessons for infants

SwimKids Utah is Unique in their Approach

SwimKids Utah is not the same as your local pool teachers or rec centers. They are very hands on and have a very unique approach. They teach children of all ages how to swim based on the needs of each child. 

  • Beginner swimmers only in private lessons, not in groups where children cannot get individual attention.  The foundation to this philosophy is rooted in the reality that age does not define how quickly a student will progress in swimming ability.  Basically, just because a class is grouped by the same age and is considered a beginning level does not mean that all swimmers will progress at the same pace or even begin the class at the same level of competency.  By instructing beginners one-on-one, this ensures a more productive lesson, better meeting the individual needs of the student, while providing a more safe learning environment.
  • Also unique to SwimKids Utah is the length of the lessons.  There is no reason to make a private lesson for a young child long and tiring.  Fifteen minute lessons is the target time at SwimKids Utah.  This time frame caters to the young child’s attention span and physical ability, allowing for success and a positive experience.
  • Their indoor pools are heated outside and inside the pool is required to be at 90 degrees so your child will not shiver when they get out of the pool (who wants to be cold?). The 90 degrees rule applies to outdoor pools too!

SwimKids proprietary technique is proven – they’ve been teaching for over 35 years with more than 50,000 students.

Utah year round swim lessons

Great Reviews from Parents

Many parents rave about the positive experience SwimKids Utah gives their children, turning them into confident swimmers.  Many parents of children in this program have indicated that they are pleased with how comfortable their kids feel in the water after participating in the program and the huge strides made by their children in such a short time frame.

Because of SwimKids’ unique approach, many feel that children progress further in shorter amounts of time compared to other swim programs.  It has been said that on average, instructors at SwimKids Utah have been able to teach a three year old with little to no experience the swim-float-swim skill in just 16 lessons!    

Provo swim lessons

How to Register for Utah Swim Lessons

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity for your kids.  Registration is easy to complete.  Just go to swimkidsutah.com and with a click of a button you can register your kids online. It’s as easy as that.  When you fill out the form with your preferences and schedule, you’ll get a call from the staff to find times that work for you. Some people travel from out of state and have lessons every day. Others have a challenging schedule. SwimKids tries to accommodate everyone as much as they can. 

Use code skgrocerybike25 when you sign up to get a free pair of goggles. You can also tell them you found out about SwimKids Utah on the Newspapermom blog.

Summer Outdoor Swim Lessons, Camps and Even a Triathlon

During the summer SwimKids uses local pools to teach so swim lessons can be located closer to you. Most of the locations are in Salt Lake or Utah Counties but they do change, so be sure to call or email to learn if there are any near you.

In addition to swim lessons, SwimKids Utah also offers great camps throughout the summer.  If you are looking for a chance for your child in the three to seven year old range to have an opportunity to get some swim time while being exposed to the arts and sports, then a summer camp run through SwimKids Utah may be just what you are looking for.  Offered in the mornings all summer long through early August.  

And if that wasn’t enough, SwimKids has a kid triathlon. It’s a great way for your kids to expend some energy and utilize their learned skills.  However, when you hear the word triathlon long distances tend to come to mind.  Don’t be intimidated by this word.  There are varying distances for different skill levels, along with different age brackets.  So just like their swim program, the triathlon will be tailored for your child’s level.    

Swim Kids Utah Reviews

I checked their Facebook page and found many raves from people. Many parents of children said they like how comfortable their kids feel in the water after participating in the program. Others say they’re impressed with the huge strides made by their children in such a short time.

“We have been with swimkids for 3 years now. We love it. We have to drive 45 mins to take our daughter to swimkids. However, it’s been very worth it. My daughter turns into a little swimmer and loves water. Her instructor, Ms. Nancy is very knowledgeable and nice. We love her. We are very happy that we can find such a great place for our daughter to learn one of the important life skills.”


“I can’t say enough great things about SwimKids. My daughter had a great fear of putting her face in the water, yet seemed comfortable being in it. Through the patience and persistence of Theresa (regular teacher) and Liz (amazing owner and founder of SwimKids) my daughter now puts her head under no problem, and actually says, “it’s fun” when asked. I never thought I’d see the day! Thank you SwimKids for helping me to get over one of the biggest hurdles I’ve had as a mother and teaching my daughter to swim!” Randi Pastrovic, Grateful Mother

Because of SwimKids’ unique approach, many say their children progress further in shorter amounts of time than in other swim programs. It has been said that on average, instructors at SwimKids Utah have been able to teach a 3-year-old with little to no experience the swim-float-swim skill in just 16 lessons! They won’t forget it next summer – this is a life skill they’re learning.

We were given a free lesson to try out Swim Kids Utah (we haven’t taken it yet but will post when we do) and make a small amount from anyone who uses our code to sign up. It won’t cost you anything and will help us continue to find hidden gems for kids and families.


Utah Swim Lesson Prices 2017

Prices may change but they were at this level as of 2017. Remember that your child will progress faster and retain what they learn longer than other swim lesson techniques (it’s very efficient and effective).

15 minute private lessons $85.00 per month (once a week classes) or  $25.00 per lesson

Group lesson $80.00 per month (once a week classes)

$30.00 annual registration fee

See website for information for earning credits towards the cost

Swim Levels

Level 1: Happy Submersion Mouth Closed

Level 2: Independent Float Proper Movement

Level 3: Flip Overs, Swim 3-5 Feet

Level 4: Independent Rollback, Scoot Out, Swim Pool Width Alone

Level 5: Flutter/Dolphin Kick Basics, Backstroke/Freestyle Basics, Diving Basics

Level 6: Breaststroke Basics, Efficient Freestyle/Backstroke, Efficient Streamline

Level 7: Efficient Breaststroke, Butterfly Basics, Flip Turn Basics

Level 8: Efficient Butterfly, Efficient Flip Turns, Building Endurance

Indoor Pool Locations

You can get lessons at any of the following locations:



St. George

Go to swimkidsutah.com for further details about year round swim lessons in Utah.

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