Smith’s Grocery Store Opens New Upscale Location in Bountiful

This post was most recently updated on October 11th, 2019

Smith’s grocery store recently opened a gigantic $26 million, 12 acre (over 1/2 mile) store in Bountiful, Utah. They are closing their location on 500 West (which I shopped at for many years growing up), and opened a new location near the freeway where the Kmart used to be. It’s actually located in Woods Cross at Main Street & 2600 South. It’s gorgeous and much more upscale than any Smith’s I’ve seen in Utah. While not a Marketplace store, it’s larger and has many more convenience and gourmet options.

I was invited to attend the grand opening and try some of their new quick serve food options. You may already know that I’m a huge fan of Harmon’s grocery store but I don’t get to go too often because my favorite store in Farmington is a bit of a drive. I think Smith’s is competing with Harmon’s directly. While not a Smith’s Marketplace, it’s more than a grocery store. I’m not sure if there’s free wifi but there is an area to eat and a Starbucks, plus many high quality and convenient options for busy families. Plus, the line between grocery store, quick serve restaurant and housewares is blurring with this new concept.

For example, here are some seasonal items:


13 Reasons to Shop Smith’s

  1. Marketplace Click List online ordering and pickup
    It’s so convenient to order online and pick up your order without ever having to go inside the store.More and more grocery stores are offering this service including some Smith’s locations. To learn more, go to their website
  2. Crazy4Smiths Deals
    I have saved 68% plus the gasoline credit using tips from Joani’s blog and her Facebook page or group. She tells you what’s on sale and coupons to print or combine to get the most savings possible. I never pay full price for kitchen bags, Kleenex, toilet paper, paper towels, wipes, diapers (when I needed them), paper products cheese, or cereal. They are almost always on sale. Plus she combines it with savings apps like Ibotta for even more deals.
  3. Fresh made doughnuts, including cullers
    I love crullers – and look who has them! Even if the name is misspelled I’ll forgive them if they are good. I didn’t get a chance to try one (I was getting stuffed), but I will when I get a chance.
    smiths-cruellars4. Fresh artisan bread
    They feature artisan bread baked daily with a large selection. What we tried was delicious. smiths-bread

    5. Starbucks and an area to eat in-store

    Utah artist Steven Larson standing in front of his work

    Get your daily fix while you’re shopping and there’s also a cafe area where you can eat and admire the art on the wall.

    6. Lots of sushi options

    The Farmington Smith’s is one of my go to places to grab sushi. It’s actually really good. This Smith’s has about 3x as many options.

    7. Fire baked pizza
    8. Cheese section

    9. Salad Bar
    Ok, it’s not my favorite from the looks of it (I’m a purist and they mix in chips and salsa) but I still cannot deny the healthy and fast appeal of salad bars and will do all I can to bring them back. Most restaurants dropped their salad bars but they’re making a comeback at high end grocery stores.

    10. Gourmet Cookies

    11. HUGE produce section

    12. Smith’s gives back

    Between their 53 locations, in 2015, Smith’s, their customers and suppliers, gave $5.2 million in products and cash to Utah charities.

    13. Lower waste, energy-efficient store

    Smith’s required their builder to recycle 90% of the projects non hazardous waste. Food that can be donated is given to food banks. They reduce packaging, recycle bags and use energy efficient heating and cooling in the store.

Smith’s is a great part of our community and a store I feel good about supporting. I love their new store and secretly wish that they could open one like it in Ogden.

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