Searching for the Perfect Pillow

This post was most recently updated on June 16th, 2020

Pillows are frustrating. I need them but I’m mad that I need them. Why do we have to have pillows anyway? I mean we pack them on airplanes. We bring them camping and sleep with them every night. The problem is I cannot live without a pillow so I started my quest to find the perfect pillow for me.

Stephen and I have pillow politics. He has to have three pillows and I get one. He’s got one between his legs, one in his arms to hug and one under his head. On family vacations he takes my pillows if there aren’t enough to go around at our hotel. At home, sometimes a pillow gets free and pokes me in the face while I’m sleeping. I throw it on the floor and he wakes up perturbed that one of his pillows went missing.
He’s in love with our panda pillows which are made of shredded memory foam. We bought them at Costco. I like how long they are and that they never go flat and that they can be plumped up. However they are lumpy and unwieldy. They don’t hold a shape and sort of slump. They’re the nerds of the pillow world and they don’t look nice on a made bed. Plus I’m constantly having to fluff them.
So I went looking for the perfect pillows. I started with low end pillows and got sick of having to replace them so often. Then I went higher end and was mad when they weren’t a good fit and I felt like I wasted my money. My price range is between $30-$99.
Here are my requirements:
  • It keeps its shape.
  • It’s not too heavy.
  • It doesn’t clump.
  • It doesn’t flatten out.

I’m really happy with it so we now have two of them. Stephen wants to replace his beloved Panda pillow because he likes it as much as I do. It’s normal to replace pillows every 6 months to every 3 years. We were replacing ours every 6 months or less – so I hope we can get a year or more. It gets excellent reviews and I have to agree that it’s a great pillow.

The Perfect Pillow

 HERE IT IS: THE PERFECT PILLOW (to me). It’s almost $70 in the stores but I found it on Amazon for under $30 for a king.  .

The two things I’d change is to have it be white or a light color so it doesn’t show through the pillow case (but it doesn’t show stains at all). The other thing is it’s heavier than I want but I can live with that because it’s so comfortable!! 

If you want a super soft, fluffy amazing cloud of a pillow, my second favorite is totally different than my first. I slept on one at a hotel and it felt so amazing. Like a cloud. Note: You need a whole stack of them! It’s from the brand Pacific Coast. So if you’re not into a lofty pillow and want a down and feather squishy one. Check this one out. I know, I’m bipolar when it comes to my pillows…

The Perfect Pillow, Take 2


Pacific Coast Pillows - Featured in Many Hotels (2 King Pillows)

Pillow Protectors

You have to protect your investment so get a pillow protector to go with your perfect pillow. Adding a pillow protector helps prolong the life of your pillow. It helps keep sweat, dust mites and food or drink out (they cause bacteria growth that slowly eat at the materials inside of your pillow). Plus they’ll smell nicer because you can wash them (unlike your pillow that can’t be thrown in the wash). I’m sort of a bedding nerd and when I go to a hotel I look at the brand of pillow they have and am always happy to see a pillow protector on the pillows.

Everlasting Comfort 100% Waterproof Pillow Protector, Hypoallergenic, Breathable Membrane, Lifetime Replacement Guarantee (Standard, 2-Pack)LUCID Premium Hypoallergenic 100% Waterproof Pillow Protector - 15 Year Warranty - Vinyl FreeCotton Sateen Zippered Pillow Cases - 2 Pack (Queen, White) - Sateen Pillow CoverLINENSPA Premium Smooth Fabric Pillow Protector - 100% Waterproof - Hypoallergenic - 10 Year

No More Flat Pillows!

The worst pillow sin is to be flat. Most pillows go that direction over time. I call them pancakes and it’s like I’m gluten intolerant. Given the bad reactions I have to them and want to get rid of and replace them! They grate on my nerves until I get new fluffy pillows.

Purple Pillows Are Not Perfect

I had so much hope!
There’s one pillow I hate more than anything. We just paid about $70 each for these torturous heavyweights. Sure they’re never going to go flat but they are not computable and they’re dangerous! That’s the Purple brand pillow – here’s my review of Purple pillows. They could double as weapons and kill a small child. Stephen thought it would be funny to start a pillow fight which they warn against doing. I could fight back, but I was already wounded with one shot. I actually weighed these odd things. They weigh about 10 lbs and they’re not even very big. And yet you can hardly move them.
They come with an inflatable air mattress thingy with holes in them. Odd. You can’t see it in this photo.
On Purple pillow
Here is Stephen taking a picture for our video unboxing of Purple pillow. My hopes were so high since it’s made with the same gel as a Purple bed.
Purple Pillow unbox
To find out about the return policy I found the Kickstarter page and guess what? There are people who haven’t gotten theirs yet who are literally coveting these pillows!!! Others are raving about them. Guess what? I’m not a fan. You can buy my pair of Purple pillows for only $50 each but you gotta cover shipping, LOL!!!!
Purple pillows seem smaller than a regular pillow and they only come in standard size which doesn’t fit the regulations of our king size bed, as set by Stephen (I’m just waiting for the printed version of all the rules we must keep so he can cite then when I break one!!!).
Even though it’s not the perfect pillow for our bed, I think I found a place for it. The one place I like using a Purple pillow is on our Lovesac. Since Lovesacs are not a solid surface, they somehow work very well and are not too hard. They sink in a little and help maintain support for my head and neck. No more awkward half sitting up move I usually do when I don’t want to lie down all the way. In the past we’d plop down on the Lovesac and the pillows would fly into the air. Not anymore.
So tell me what you think. Is there a perfect pillow out there or should I give up my quest?
I asked my Facebook friends what their favorite pillows are and this is what they said:
Here are the pillows my Facebook friends recommended that I try:
Please tell me how to find a king size pillow that doesn’t turn into a pancake, is aesthetically normal or at least not geeky, that will last at least a year. Those are my requirements. That’s my mission in life and I can’t sleep as well until I find this elusive product.
Signed, a forty something sleep deprived suburban mom who is always searching for the perfect sleep…

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