Purple Bed Review and What You Need with your Purple Mattress

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Purple bed review 

Ever since that spunky Goldilocks hit YouTube looking for the perfect mattress, the Purple bed has exploded in popularity. It was popular within months after its Kickstarter launch. Why? Purple took an otherwise boring topic of mattresses and like bed itself, transformed it into something hip and new. Their ads are infused with fun and positivity, not with scare tactics or pressure like you get from visiting a mattress store or from old school mattress sales.

After all their motto is: NO PRESSURE. Not on your joints, your pocket book or from mattress salespeople. You do the research, read the reviews and then have a chance to sleep on it at home before you commit fully. Too bad we can’t do that with our spouse!! Ha ha!

Purple mattress ships to you free and has a 100 night return policy and 10 year guarantee. It has become a much loved brand so fast and is rated in the top 10 best foam mattresses by Consumer Reports magazine. There’s a reason it’s one of the best-known online mattress brands. Read on for a Purple bed review.

Note, the new Purple mattress is here but don’t worry they’re keeping the original! They came out with 3 new beds  in 2018 – each with a higher profile (thicker), a redesigned breathable cover and springs.

Purple Mattress Commercial

Here’s the famous Purple bed ad with Golilocks with over 60 million views on YouTube

Purple’s hyper-elastic polymer means that the first layer of this mattress is flexible. It can stretch, support and even stay firm too. In simpler words, it will be soft where you want it to be soft and firm where you are not stressing it. Imagine sleeping on a mattress that literally absorbs your body weight and that supports your pressure points so you sleep comfortably without pain. Although the purple stuff is soft to the touch, this mattress feels supportive – it’s not doughy. It’s in the middle range of firmness.

Purple Bed

Purple Bed
Purple bed picture copyright 2017 Newspapermom

Purple Bed Review: Best Mattress for Couples

Purple introduced an innovative mattress made with a hyper-elastic polymer layer that is literally purple. Is it worth it? What do others think who have already slept on Purple? This Purple mattress review will help you decide if Purple is the mattress for you.

After our initial adjustment (normal for any new mattress but especially applicable given this is a unique mattress unlike any other we’ve slept on) we found Purple to have unique benefits above other mattresses:

  • The hyper-elastic polymer layer acts as a shock absorber so when you’re partner moves you won’t get woken up in the middle of the night.
  • Supports all body types including one is heavy and the other person is lighter. My husband is 6’4″ and over 200 lbs and I’m almost 5′ 8″ and of about average weight.
  • Good for side sleepers, back sleepers AND stomach sleepers. I’m a side sleeper and he’s a back sleeper and we both sleep well on Purple.
  • Less tossing and turning because you’ll be won’t have to try and get comfortable. That means better and deeper sleep for both of you.
  • Temperature neutral so you can both be happy – even if one of you sleeps hot and the other person gets cold at night!
  • Comfortable: no sags in the center or wakes to cross when you want to sleep close.

types of sleepers couplesPurple is comparable to high end showroom mattresses that cost a lot more (and don’t let you sleep on it for 100 days then return for a full refund if you’re not happy with it). Here is a honest review of a real user:

As a previous temperpedic mattress owner, I can tell you that the Purple mattress is far superior. My husband and I can not get over how comfortable and cool we are at night. 

This lady loved Purple so much she wishes she could marry it:

I was pretty worried about the purchase because I’m a side sleeper…mainly because sleeping on my back HURT. The reviews weren’t very complimentary if you are a side sleeper. With the refundable trial period I thought, I can’t go wrong and I bought it…I LOVE THIS BED!!! I love it so much I don’t want to get out of it in the morning. It forms to the body but doesn’t feel like it is swallowing you. It does stay cool. My arms no longer go numb in my sleep, my back feels great and I actually seem to sleep on my back more now than my sides. My knees no longer hurt and neither do my feet…I have not had any neck pain for the last two weeks. I slept like the dead the first night and every night since. I used to toss and turn and I’d wake up a few times during the night. Not any more. I love this bed so much it was definitely worth every penny and since it was so affordable I didn’t have to finance anything. My preferred sleeping style used to be a side sleeper…now I’m not really sure because the second I hit the bed….I’m zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 

Purple Mattress Price

Here’s a quick table to show you the sizes, dimensions and prices for each size. Not that Purple comes in a twin XL (extra long) that features an additional 2 inches in length. It’s ideal for an adjustable bed. We have a twin for our daughter’s bed and it fits in a regular bed frame. Our bed is a California King size.

Size Price
Twin XL Dimensions: 37.5" x 79.5" x 9.5" $749
Full Dimensions: 54" x 76" x 9.5" $949
Queen Dimensions: 59.5" x 79.5" x 9.5" $1099
King Dimensions: 75.5" x 79.5" x 9.5" $1399
California King Dimensions: 71.5" x 83.5" x 9.5" $1399
Twin 38” x 75” x 9.25” $649

Purple Discount Code

Get a FREE Purple Product when you buy a Purple Mattress. The $100 savings is automatically applied so there’s no discount code needed. Overall Purple mattress doesn’t discount or offer discount codes for their products. Rather they often give freebies with a mattress purchase. So they’ll throw in a seat cushion, a Purple pillow or sheets. Sometimes they discount if you buy a Purple power base and a mattress together. That’s the only time I’ve seen them offer a discount.

What Makes Purple Bed So Unique? The Stretchy Polymer 

The Purple mattress is 9.5  inches thick. Here’s how the different layers break down. Basically it’s a foam mattress with a top layer that has airflow so that you sleep temperature neutral. That means this bed won’t get hot as your body heat responds with the foam.

Finally comes the upper and visible “purple” hyper-elastic polymer layer. This layer is like a honeycomb or grid and it’s what keeps the mattress cooler. The other layers are for support. Note: Purple does not have any memory foam in it at all. It’s all high density foam and the polymer layer. So you won’t sink in a lot. Instead it will cushion your body. It’s truly unique among mattresses. Plus I LOVE that it doesn’t have any off gassing or smell to it. I’ve developed a sensitivity to the made in China mattresses that have a lot of chemicals. I wake up with a headache and watery eyes, so I try to avoid them and appreciate that Purple is made in the US.

 Purple Mattress Sleep Trial

warrantyYou can try Purple (actually sleep on it) for 100 nights and if you’re not happy, they’ll refund every cent (all your money back).

No questions asked.

Purple offers a full refund if you don’t like the mattress for any reason. They will even have someone pick it up at your house. No you don’t have to get it back into the box.

 I want to Try it.

Purple Mattress Warranty

Purple offers a 10 year warranty. Most mattresses are made to be replaced every 5-7 years. That keeps the cost down – plus people are more demanding of their mattresses now and refuse to sleep on one that is awful. In the past, the high cost of a mattress meant people hung onto them for dear life!

What Others Say About the Purple Bed

See What Others Say About Purple

Purple mattress star reviewsImage result for emoji star

 Over 8,000 5-Star Reviews 

What to Expect from Your Purple Bed

Here’s what you can expect from your Purple…

Super Comfortable

Cradle your body and cushion your sharp points (like knees, hips shoulders and elbows). They’ll be cushioned like eggs in an egg carton. Purple is the color of kings and queens and Purple will help you sleep like one.

Body Alignment

You need to align your back and not disrupt the natural curve of your spine while fully supporting your back. Purple helps do this. If your mattress is too soft you’ll sink on your hips and shoulders. If it’s too firm your shoulders will be too high compared to the rest of your body, throwing off your alignment.

Purple spine alignment

Give it 30 Days 

As mentioned before, it may take your body some time to adjust to Purple. That’s normal. You’ve probably been sleeping on old style spring and foam mattresses so this will feel different. It took me about 12 days and my husband less than a week. We kept the old mattress in the hall just in case. Thankfully we found a new home for it – in the dumpster!

Best Mattress for Hot Sleepers

Overheating is a common complaint with a lot of mattresses. That’s because memory foam which many mattresses are made of, responds to body heat. At first it’s comforting and hugs your body tight. Later it feels suffocating because it’s trapped your body heat and there’s no escape. Then you toss off the covers and wake up in a sweat. That’s no fun. Again, the design allows for airflow – not just because it has some fancy mesh fabric. There’s airflow between the columns of the purple polymer and the cover is mesh so it’s breathable.

Mattress companies add gel or other features to cool a mattress but here’s the problem: most are memory foam. They might feel cool to the touch but wait until you fall asleep. You can add gel and it will help but memory foam by definition (if it has a high memory foam content) will get hot. Purple has zero memory foam. It is truly temperature neutral. The grid system allows airflow and there’s not a layer of foam next to your body that can trap heat and keep you too warm.

Low Motion Transfer

The famous egg test demonstrates this well  – motion doesn’t transfer. The egg doesn’t break. You can add a lot of disturbance and eggs just absorb into the mattress undisturbed. That’s the same with you. If your partner has crazy dreams or just likes to wake you up for no reason by the sheer weight of their body turning, you have nothing to fear. Again, this is why this mattress is best for couples.


When you aren’t paying huge commissions, retail store rental and overhead you can cut a lot off the price of a mattress and still have a high quality product. I know Purple says they’re going into Mattress Firm but let me tell you something about mattress salespeople: they are hungry. They want to eat. So why sell you a $1,000 mattress when they could upsell you on a $5,000 one? They have no incentive to sell an online brand like Purple.

Also, don’t’ forget that Purple has a payment program so you can pay as you go.

Get the RISK-FREE 100 Nights Trial

Purple Mattress Complaints

There’s not one size fits all when it comes to a mattress or any product. There are bound to be some complaints. The main complaints are that it’s too firm or too soft. One even complained that it was too cold.

My husband and I really wanted to like this bed, but as back sleepers who need a firm mattress, this is not for us. Went back to our very firm previous mattress which is now in the guest room, and felt much better. I liked the feel of the purple topper, but I think the underlying foam is just not dense/firm enough, at least for us

Review of Purple bed

Recap of Purple Bed Review

I know you’re looking at a lot of mattresses and comparing them. You’re comparing purple mattress vs leesa or purple mattress vs ghostbed. These are not unique mattresses compared to Purple. To recap Purple is ideal for couples because it is temperature neutral (to accommodate different preferences). The purple stuff on top makes it so you’re not as disturbed when your sleeping partner rolls over or gets out of bed. It’s a supportive bed that is comfortable for various types and weights of sleepers. Last of all, Purple is a very comfortable mattress.

If you have back pain or just love the idea of a high tech bed that has a massage and no snoring button, check out the Purple adjustable bed or Powerbase. If there was a powerbase when we got our Purple we would’ve opted for a split king so we could operate the bed separately. But we’ll have to wait until we’re ready for a new mattress.
Purple Bed Recommends These Ways to Get the Most from your Purple Bed

5 Things Purple Recommends to Go with Your Mattress

In addition to optimizing our Purple mattress, we’re constantly optimizing our room for sleep. I think as we get older and life gets more demanding, we treasure our sleep more at about the exact time sleep becomes more elusive.

Here are essentials to go with and maximize your Purple mattress.

Purple Mattress Protector

You sweat, your skin cells fall off, you spill drinks, blood, pee from your animal or kids gets on your mattress. This causes smells, bacteria and other problems that you cannot wash out. If you want your mattress to last you need to protect it and that means getting a mattress protector. Buy a mattress protector and put it on before you even sleep one night on your new mattress. Especially if you sleep with a pet. 

Purple came out with a mattress protector. You can find it on the Purple mattress protector. We now have this mattress protector and I love it. It fits all the Purple mattresses, is quiet, easy to get on/off and does the job. Plus, after a few years we removed our mattress cover and noticed the bed looked as new as the day we bought it. There wasn’t a single stain or spot on it. We were amazed!!

  • Won’t make your mattress uncomfortable, but still liquid proof
  • Stretchy mattress protector leads to deeper, better sleep because it’s flexible like the polymer
  • Quiet and breathable so you and can sleep through the night without that plastic moving sound
  • Protector will absorb liquid, but will never leak through
  • Some people are reporting that Purple requires you to use their mattress protector on their new mattresses to make the sleep trial and warranty valid

Purple mattress protector

Purple Bed Platform (Instead of Box Springs)

With Purple you don’t use box springs. You just get the top layer and you’ll need something to put it on. Purple doesn’t sell box springs and using them can void your warranty. While I used to think that was a bit ridiculous I now understand why you need to use a platform base or bed frame. The reason you need a platform that Purple bed framePurple is heavy and needs strong support that box springs cannot provide. If you use box springs they could start to bow or warp over time, negating the effectiveness of your Purple mattress.

Purple’s bed base or platform is 16.5 inches tall, which is 2.5 inches taller than standard foundations. That adds some loft to your bed and frees up space underneath to store things (not allowed in our house).

The Purple Platform Base weighs about 45 lbs., so it’s lightweight and easy to move, yet it supports a lot of weight. Know that the new Purple mattresses are very heavy so you need something that will support you, anyone/animals who sleep with you AND the weight of the mattress.

Warranty and financing – Purple bases come with a lifetime warranty and financing is available.

Other Options

Or, you can find a simple platform like this one for less on Amazon (it claims to support over 2,000 lbs). Or this interesting king platform bed that lifts up. This one has under bed storage and is much fancier than the simple platform base Purple carries. For a twin (kid’s) room I recommend this bed base with under bed storage.

What is a bed platform for?

  • Stops your mattress from sagging (easier on your back)
  • Squeakless base so there is no noise when you move around
  • Extend the life of your mattress and keeps your warranty valid
  • Supports your body weight – up to 4,600 lbs.

Purple Powerbase Adjustable Bed

Instead of a regular bed base you can get a high tech Purple powerbase. It has a remote control and app. The king is a split adjustable bed that requires two twin size Purple mattresses. The massage settings, antigravity and stop snoring buttons are most intriguing to me. Don’t sleep flat! Open your airways, help prevent snoring, alleviate back pain/strain by getting a bed that moves so you can get the best sleep of your life.

Note that you’ll probably want to drop the Powerbase inside of a headboard/bed base that has sides and is more decorative like the ones I linked to above. You can remove the slats and just drop the Powerbase inside or the bed frame.


Purple powerbasePowerbase Features:

  • Preset positions will lay you down after you fall asleep, wake you up gently, and adjust your partner if their snores are keeping you up.
  • Built in massage with 5 settings (my favorite feature).
  • USB plugs so you can work in bed (ideal for pregnant moms on bed rest!).
  • An anti snoring button that raises your head so you open up your airways and stop the sound.
  • Anti gravity button to take the most pressure off your body. If you sleep in a Lazy Boy to keep pressure off your back, this is for you.
  • An app to control and a remote control (you get 2 with the king).

We went to Purple’s headquarters to try it out. Here’s our video:

Purple Bed Sheets

Purple brand sheetsPurple recommends certain types of stretchy sheets to give your Purple mattress the flex and stretch it needs to perform at it’s best. Sort of like trading your cotton tshirts for some with spandex in them when you start to sweat at the gym.

The Purple bed sheets are the perfect height and fit for your Purple bed. We haven’t had them slide around at all, even under the Purple mattress protector. They stay put.

From Purple: Make sure you have stretchy or loose sheets; if your sheets are too tight and creating a drum-like effect over your bed, it can keep you from sinking into the Purple grid and getting all the benefits from it. Also try a thinner and/or stretchier mattress protector. Most mattress pads don’t have a lot of give to them or they’re quite thick, which, again, can hinder the benefits of Purple. 

Just to be clear you DO NOT HAVE TO USE PURPLE BRAND SHEETS. I actually prefer jersey knit sheets like these. I find the Purple sheets too stretchy but other people love how soft and stretchy they are.

Purple brand sheets are very stretchy to accommodate the movement of the top layer of your mattress and to get the maximum benefit from your Purple mattress. My only reservation is that they do not look as crisp as cotton and make it a little harder to make the bed. They do make your bed warmer so are ideal for Winter months.

  • Includes: (1) Fitted Sheet, (1) Flat Sheet, (2) Pillowcases [F/FXL/Queen/King/California King]
  • Includes: (1) Fitted Sheet, (1) Flat Sheet, (1) Pillowcase [Twin]

Note: the sheets come in 3 colors: white, slate and sand. They do not come in the color purple…

Warranty: 1 year

If you don’t think sheets make a big difference, read this:

When Purple recommended different sheets, I disregarded the recommendation because I didn’t think it would make much difference. I can’t believe the difference. I would rate the mattress as a 3 star with regular sheets, and 5 with the new sheets. My hips were starting to hurt and I was considering returning the Purple. However it’s like a different bed with the Jersey sheets. I would guess a lot of people don’t take the time to by Jersey sheets because many probably figure, as I did, that it wouldn’t make that much difference. I’m stunned. 

Purple Mattress Pillow 

Purple brand pillowsTo be honest, we don’t love the Purple pillows. They’re overly heavy and small. We need king size pillows and they only come in one size. Instead I love these shredded memory foam pillows. Most of our pillows have been changed to this brand and they last really well and are so comfortable with no off gassing (smell) like I’ve found with other memory foam pillows. Still, many people RAVE about Purple’s pillows so you may like them more than we did.

There you have it, everything you need to perfectly complement your Purple bed! Anything I missed? Please comment and let me know.

6 thoughts on “Purple Bed Review and What You Need with your Purple Mattress”

  • Great article! Thanks for the info! 1mo Purple bed, Purple frame, and Purple Pillow owner here and I agree! Love the bed, love the frame, love the company, meh oh the pillow. May return the pillow after this 100 days, adding in the included inflatable support to see if there’s a difference.

  • Happy you love your Purple (like we do). Hoping they’ll rework the pillow. I’m curious to hear what you think after you make your decision whether to keep it or not!

  • My purple pillow has a really strong chemical smell. Is this normal? Will it go away? Other than that, I love it so far and can’t wait to unwrap my purple mattress!

  • Tonya, I didn’t notice an odor at all on ours and I’m sensitive to odors. However, I attended a furniture market and talked to some retailers about off gassing. It all depends on how long the materials sit or are wrapped. So I could get one that’s fine and yours could have an odor.

    You love the pillow? I really couldn’t stand it! Still, I’m glad you’re happy with yours. I’m hoping they come out with a new version!

  • I read that after several months to a year, the bed starts to sink in at some places. I am very much considering buying one but those reviews are troubling.

    Any idea?

  • We haven’t experienced that. We had our first Purple for about 2.5 years and it was as good as new. We’ve had the Purple4 for about 6 months, no issues. I’ve heard people say that but I have a tough time believing it based on my experience plus seeing the gel at the factory. They use the seat cushions for wheelchairs because they don’t compress like other cushions. I’ve also read a lot of reviews and haven’t seen complaints. I’m sure it’s possible but I think other beds will sink in faster. Most within 3 years it seems like.

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