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This post was most recently updated on August 20th, 2019

Sad Update about Provo Fireworks: Sadly, Provo Fireworks no longer exists due to the fact that the owner, Duncan, died suddenly on November 21, 2018 from a massive pulmonary embolism. Duncan loved the business he built and the friends he made in sharing his love of pyrotechnics. I so wish we had the energy and business sense to run this company at the very least in his honor but a lot of the “know how” of the website and customer database is unfortunately gone with Duncan. 

I got to know Duncan and he was great to work with and a fun guy. My heart goes out to his family and all who loved him. May you find comfort.

Provo Fireworks

You can buy just about anything online – mattresses, flowers, even homes! Did you know you could also buy fireworks online? Fireworks can’t be sent by mail. Instead, you either pick them up or have them delivered. Provo Fireworks is an online fireworks store that carries aerials at near wholesale prices.

They have a HUGE selection of fireworks – more than the tents. Plus they order so many that they can get prices down very low for very high quality fireworks.

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Provo Fireworks

Planning a 4th of July, Pioneer Day or New Year’s Fireworks Party?

If you’re the pyro of the neighborhood or the grandpa who loves to wow the grandkids, Provo Fireworks is a great option. They sell fireworks for the major holidays where fireworks are allowed.

Order Online – and get FREE Delivery

If you live from Nephi to Ogden you can get FREE delivery on orders of $75 or more. Otherwise you can pay a delivery fee ($8 to Ogden) or pick up your fireworks in Provo at the Provo Fireworks warehouse.

Types of Fireworks

Provo Fireworks offers high quality fireworks online for the Provo Orem area. While they focus on fireworks sales in Lindon, Spanish Fork, Vineyard, Pleasant Grove and American Fork, they deliver all the way up to Ogden and down to Nephi.

“We pride ourselves on being an inexpensive alternative to tents with high quality fireworks at near wholesale prices.”

Here are some of the fireworks they carry:

  •  76 different 500 Gram Aerials that start as low as $19
  • 500 Gram Aerials
  • Pushing the Limits
  • Star Destroyer
  • Go Long
  • Pyroclastic

Go to ProvoFireworks.comuse code NEWSPAPERMOM to save 5%!

buy fireworks online Utah

Are Fireworks Legal in Utah?

Yes, fireworks are legal in Utah. But be aware of any restrictions your city may have. You can light off fireworks on the following days:

You can legally light off fireworks between the hours of 11am and 11pm, with some exceptions on actual holidays when you can light them for longer.

  • Independence Day, July 1-7 (from 11am until midnight on July 4)
  • Pioneer Day, July 21-27 (from 11am  until midnight on July 24)
  • New Year’s Eve, December 31st (from 11am  until 1am January 1)
  • Chinese New Year’s Eve (from 11am  until 1am the next morning)

buy fireworks in utah

Fireworks Salt Lake City

Remember that Salt Lake City and many cities in Utah are very dry right now. Check your city’s website for any fire restrictions and always have a bucket of water nearby. Be smart! Don’t light fireworks near dry fields and please clean up any mess left behind when you’re done 🙂 Conditions make the risk of wildfire extremely high, many areas will not allow fireworks. Check for local restrictions before lighting fireworks.

Fireworks Safety Tips from the National Council on Fireworks Safety

  • Use fireworks outdoors only.
  • Obey local laws. If fireworks are not legal where you live, do not use them!
  • Always have water handy (a hose or buckets of water).
  • Only use fireworks as intended. DO NOT try to alter them or combine them.
  • Never re-light a “dud” firework (wait 20 minutes and then soak it in a bucket of water).
  • Use common sense when using fireworks. Spectators should keep a safe distance from the fireworks. The person lighting the fireworks should wear safety glasses.
  • Alcohol and fireworks do not mix! Have a “designated” person light fireworks.
  • Only persons over age 12 should be allowed to handle sparklers of any type.
  • DO NOT ever use homemade fireworks or illegal explosives; they can kill! Report illegal explosives to the fire or police department in your community.

For more information, check the Utah Fire Marshal.

Fireworks Utah

I’ve been working with Duncan and it’s amazing how ProvoFireworks is growing and how much people rave about the quality and customer service. I’m so glad Duncan reached out to me – otherwise I wouldn’t know about this!

I LOVE provofireworks! Saw their sign over at the Target in Orem back in 2014 and have been buying from Duncan ever since. Last year a firework didn’t work and he replaced it within just a day or two. This year I requested he add a shorter fuse line (30 ft instead of 90) and within what, an hour? he had it on his website. Freaked my family out with Buzzards Roost (seriously the best 500 gram) because we had no idea how big it would be. Free delivery over a certain money amount sure beats one of them firework stands.

I’ve never written a Facebook review before but this is totally worth it. I’m sad that I’m moving away after this July otherwise I’d keep coming back!

Thanks Duncan!

This post will be updated each holiday. Check back and please share with your friends in Utah!

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