Pressure Cooker Soup Recipes and My Favorite Thai Soup

This post was most recently updated on October 11th, 2019

I use my pressure cooker A LOT. In the summer when I want to cook and don’t want to heat up the house I make whole chicken to use in recipes. In the winter I use my new pressure cooker to make soup. Keep reading for some favorite pressure cooker soup recipes. It’s also wonderful to cook beans – that can otherwise take forever to cook.

Now that it’s soup weather I decided I couldn’t wait until Christmas to get my pressure cooker so I opened it early. I bought a 6qt pressure cooker I got on Amazon. It’s just the right size for our small family. I would double the recipes if you have a larger family. We have 4 people and they don’t eat a lot, so it’s just about right for us.

Here’s what mine looks like:

6 qt pressure cooker
This pressure cooker doubles as a rice cooker and slow cooker.

I like that you can brown meat or vegetables in it and it won’t make a mess because the pan is so deep that it won’t splatter everywhere. That’s important to me because I hate cleaning up when grease splatters on my stove! I love that you can put fresh or frozen ingredients in. My plan is to slice and freeze a lot of carrots, celery and onion. Those take the most time to chop and prep.

My only complaint is it takes some time to get down how to use it – it’s not super intuitive. But after getting the hang of it, an electronic pressure cooker will make your life easier!

This all started when I had too many tomatoes, borrowed my mother-in-law’s pressure cooker, made fresh tomato soup, and got hooked. I had to have my own!

My Favorite Pressure Cooker Soup Recipes (So Far)

This is what I made in my new pressure cooker last night: Slow Cooker Thai Chicken Soup with a recipe from FoodieCrush. It’s really yummy, it just needs some more kick (I’ll add some hot pepper from the garden). You can make it in a pressure cooker or a slow cooker (crock pot). Next time I’m going to do the pressure cooker method because I don’t like to have to time things out. I was going to be home anyway but it’s a lot easier to just get it done fast.

Doesn’t it look yummy?

Source: Foodie Crush blog
Source: Foodie Crush blog

 You can click for the recipe, but here’s what you need:

Pressure Cooker Thai Chicken Soup

Crock pot or pressure cooker that has a “slow cooker” setting.
Red curry paste – you can find it at Smith’s in Farmington in the Asian cooking aisle or on Amazon with my link
coconut milk – I get mine at Trader Joe’s in Salt Lake, the light version
chicken stock – my favorite kind by far (link goes to Amazon – they have a fish version too). I have seen it at Costco, but I perfer to order it with Amazon Prime so it’s delivered right to my door.
fish sauce
brown sugar
peanut butter – I like fresh ground at a health food store or Smith’s
chicken breasts
red bell pepper
fresh ginger – mince all of it and freeze any leftovers.
frozen peas
lime juice – if you don’t have fresh limes on hand, I love True Lime powered lime
cooked white rice (optional)

My next recipe is for Minestrone soup. I like to make it the day before because the flavors meld together better with some time. It’s based on a recipe from a pressure cooker cookbook called, Great Food Fast that I purchased with my pressure cooker.

pressure cooker cookbook


Pressure Cooker Minestrone Soup Recipe

Pressure Cooker Soup Recipe - Minestrone
Minestrone soup – fast – in a pressure cooker!

from Great Food Fast Cookbook

2 T olive oil
1 onion, diced
3 carrots, coarsely chopped
2 stalks celery, coarsely chopped
2 zucchini, cut into thick half moons (I omitted this because I didn’t have any on hand)
3 cups fresh spinach leaves
4 cups vegetable stock or broth (I used chicken broth, linked to above)
1 28 oz. can diced tomatoes, with liquid (I used fresh tomatoes I had from my garden, seeded)
3/4 cup shell-shaped pasta (I used macaroni)
3 T tomato paste (I freeze what is left for next time)
2 bay leaves
1 T Italian seasoning (or to taste – I added more)
1/2 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp pepper
garlic salt to taste (not in original recipe, you could also use fresh garlic and cook it with the vegetables)
1 14.5 oz can kidney beans (could use white beans instead), drained and rinsed

Heat oil in the pressure cooker, set to high (or brown on mine) until sizzling.

Add onion and saute until lightly caramelized, about 5 mins.

Add carrots and celery and saute for 1 minute.

Add everything else except the kidney beans. Securely lock the pressure cooker lid and set for 6 minutes on high.

Quick release the pressure. Stir in beans. Remove the bay leaves. I added some fresh Parmesan cheese before serving.

Last of all I LOVE this keto friendly Zuppa Toscana soup that comes together in just 15 minutes. You can literally dump everything in frozen, cook for a few minutes and add cream.

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