We Tried Purple Pillows, Here’s What We Think

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Purple Pillow Review

Note: Purple has improved their pillow since I wrote this review. I have the new version and plan to update this review after trying it.

We tested the Purple brand pillow to see what we think. Note: I purchased the pillows from the OnPurple website so I could write this Purple pillow review.

If you read my blog you may know that I love Purple mattress and many of their products (but not all of them). To see what I think about Purple mattresses, read my Purple mattress review (we have 2 of them at our house, a king and a twin XL). I like the Purple mattress protector too, but Stephen doesn’t like it. I like the sheets so far (he doesn’t). So I was excited to try out the pillows! We purchased two Purple pillows when they were first launched on Kickstarter.

I’ve been on a long quest to find the perfect pillow. Purple isn’t it. For me this is the perfect pillow – better than Panda or anything else I’ve tried – and over the years I’ve tried A LOT OF PILLOWS.

When I heard Purple was coming out with a pillow I got my hopes up. Since we loved the mattress and the pillow is made of the same purple stretchy stuff, we thought the pillow would be wonderful too. Plus if you read the reviews, people LOVE this pillow…one customer actually said…

“this is easily the best pillow in the world. You won’t be disappointed.”


OnPurple pillow review

We agree about Purple pillow and here’s what we think: both of us don’t love it. I really wanted to but I didn’t.

Let me tell you why.

Purple pillows could be enjoyed or even loved by kings or queens because these pillows double as a weapon. Attacked in your sleep? Just throw your pillow at the intruder and they will run away in fear! I wanted Purple pillows to save the day (or night) by creating a killer pillow. Well, it wasn’t quite what I had in mind.

Right now Purple pillows only come in standard size. Even if we did like it, we would need a king.

OnPurple pillow insides
This is what the inside a Purple pillow looks like without the cover or booster.

People on the Kickstarter page are mega Purple fans and so many love Purple pillows

It goes to show you how everyone is different and pillows in particular are highly subjective.

~ Got them yesterday and slept beautifully last night. They are totally different from any other pillow I’ve ever had. I am in love, but I’m going to give it a bit and see how I feel about it once my excitement dies down.

~ 20+ days of purple pillows. I love the support on my neck and absolutely love the way when they do not disturb me while I lay on my stomach side or back. I already complained that size is too small as I do tend to roll from time to time.. also I do sometimes slide my arms under the pillow in my sleep(old habits die hard) which wakes me up in the night as pillows are heavy. I am loving the pillows so far and have been happy waking up without any neck pain. Thanks purple.. I will try losing my old habits of rolling too far or sliding my arms under my pillow.

The reviews are glowing overall, so I must be in the minority, one of the few who didn’t love it.

Purple pillow booster
The Purple pillow booster – got to love that it’s actually purple. So curious, does anyone actually use this??

Will Purple Pillows Ever Go Flat?

Purple pillows are WEIRD. Why did I have such high hopes for it? I was convinced that they’d never ever go flat or lose their shape.

I counted on a Purple pillow being amazing, based on the fact that I believe that it will never go flat. Since I HATE flat pillows. Another reason I have great faith in the pillow is that our baby mattress was made from similar material and never showed a bit of wear. I expect it to last for years. Again, that purple stuff in the middle is practically indestructible and that’s what most of the pillow is made from. There’s no surrounding latex or memory foam. Still, if you don’t like it you don’t care…

Apparently we aren’t the norm…look at the reviews…Unboxing a Purple Pillow

Stephen and I created a Purple pillow unboxing that’s on YouTube.  We had a lot of fun and as usual Stephen makes me laugh. In this case he also made me blush. You can watch the video here:

What You Get

Purple pillows come in a nondescript box that gives little clue what’s inside. Knowing Purple this will improve. The box has mini Purple mattress like plastic rolls. Inside the package is the followingOnPurple pillow case white:

  • 2 Purple squishies which are fun to squish and a stress reliever, plus they give you an idea of the stuff inside the pillow
  • A white pillowcase in a stretchy fabric like super soft PJs – comes enclosed in well designed bag
  • The pillow itself which is really a big piece of the purple matrix that’s on the mattress
  • A separate air mattress that you blow up to adjust the height – same size as the pillow and fits into the cover
  • Everything comes in a roll like the mattress and the packaging is a lot of fun

Here’s the plastic ziplock type bag with a single white pillow case made of very stretchy and soft material. I’m going to guess it’s the same material the sheets are made from. Just as an FYI, the sheet sets come with 2 pillow cases, along with a flat and a fitted sheet.

The dark purple blow up sort of air mattress part has holes in it. It’s called the adjustable air booster. You can use it to adjust the height of the pillow but I don’t know why you’d want it any thicker than it is! Great idea but it doesn’t really work and it’s awkward stuffing it in the pillow cover.

Pillow Sizes

Right now the pillow only comes in one size only – standard.

Just like the mattress, the pillow is dusted with a cornstarch type white powder. Don’t let this freak you out. You don’t have bad dandruff. It’s simply there so when the pillow is rolled up the purple stretchy insides don’t stick to each other. Once your pillow is out and lies flat, you no longer need the powder.

You can see the powder here (this was taken at the factory – I went for a tour yesterday). I know a lot of people have freaked out about the powder but it’s pretty much gone now. You could wash it off if it bothers you that much, and/or use a pillow protector (which I recommend anyway). Here’s what I think about the white powdery substance.

white powder on a purple mattress

Purple Pillow Cost

Purple pillows are $99 each.

Purple Pillow Warranty

and come with a 1 year warranty

Pillow Sleep Trial

You can try the Purple pillow in your own bed for 100 nights.

Not sure if you’ll like it? Me neither. Pillows are so personal that it’s one of those things you need to try out to decide. Mattress stores won’t let you do this but Purple offers a 100 Night, No Pressure™ Guarantee. That means you can sleep on it for 100 nights. During that time you get a full refund if you don’t love it. Yes, you get all your money back, including shipping!

The Purple Pillow is also on Amazon now…

The Purple PillowThe Purple Pillow

The Purple Pillow is HEAVY

I already mentioned these are heavy pillows. Heavy=good in the Purple universe. So if you’re a sumo wrestler or just weigh a lot you have found your perfect mattress brand!

The actual pillow weighs about 500 lbs. – just kidding – but it weighs A LOT. Purple likes things heavy and the pillow is no exception! It comes in a white zipped polyester cover in white.

This funny review talks about how heavy Purple pillows are:

Just got my pillows! Ok, so NO KIDDING they are HEAVY! I like the information inside: “It’s heavy because it’s made from the highest quality materials.” Maybe I’ll try that quote out next time I step on the scale. 😉 Looking forward to sleep-testing tonight!

OnPurple pillow unzipped

You Need a Pillow Protector

I highly recommend that no matter what pillow you buy or have, that you buy a pillow protector (this is the one I bought and love). It’s especially needed with a Purple pillow because it means you can wash the pillow cover rather than the one that holds everything. You keep out dust, mites, smell, etc. I bought a set for my teenage son because…well teenage boy smell. Even though this pillow sleeps cool if you sweat at night you really don’t want that getting into your pillow. You also don’t want watermarks from sweat or moisture on it.

Purple pillow review summary:
Please guys, go back to the drawing board. This pillow needs some foam or other material. It needs to be lighter and thinner. I like the idea of adjustable but not with the air mattress thing. I’m going to try to make myself sleep on it several more times in case I change my mind.



Can you wash the pillow cover?

Yes, you can remove and wash the cover. The main part of the pillow (The Hyper-Elastic Polymer™) is 100% waterproof. You can clean it with warm water and mild soap (like dish soap).

Does the pillow sleep hot?

Actually the grid system makes it quite breathable and it will sleep cool.

Do I need to use the pillow booster?

For most people, the pillow is tall enough on its own. The exception is if you don’t use it to sleep on a Purple mattress and have a mattress or surface that you sink into. In that case you might want to use the booster. Instead use it as a floatation device for your child’s doll at the pool this summer. Think of that as a free bonus.

Will this pillow become a pancake like my other pillows?

That shouldn’t ever be a problem. As this reviewer said, “Keeps my head cool and supported without becoming hard, doesn’t pancake out and I’m sleeping like a baby now.

Are the Purple Pillows fit for a king or queen?

My opinion is no. The good news is you can put the 100 night’s challenge to the test. If you don’t love it, you can return it for a full refund. Either way, I’d love to hear what you think. Cast your VOTE by leaving a comment.

If you are curious and want to try them yourself:

In the meantime I’m still searching for the perfect pillow and starting to give up hope.

Signed, a mom with a mattress and blender addiction.

3 thoughts on “We Tried Purple Pillows, Here’s What We Think”

  • Terrible pillow…. floppy, heavy, flat, hot, just bad. Add that to terrible customer service that never returns your money if you send it back. Buy a real pillow from a good company if you want a good nights rest…

  • Yeah I’m not a fan either. I’ve heard really mixed things about customer service. I couldn’t return my pillows because I bought them on Kickstarter. So I have no personal experience but have read a lot of reviews left by other Purple customers. Here’s my favorite pillow (but I don’t know what your preferences for a pillow are).

    Brooklyn Bedding brand (my favorite) http://amzn.to/2x0LikY and for some reason this seller is selling for way cheaper than in stores where I got mine. I then ordered another one online. Doesn’t clump like the Panda pillow we have. The hotel brand I love is called Pacific Coast and it’s here: http://amzn.to/2xCCUZx and it’s very light and feathery which I didn’t think I’d like but really did. They are like personal clouds.

    I’d love to hear what you end up liking. Also, you should get your money back – good luck and don’t give up.


  • I hate mine I was never offered a refund a 100.00 never received the case so i stuck besides it weighs 25 or more pounds lesson learned i got reaped off and I work hard for my money…Christy carter ‘# single mother who knows the struggle

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