The Non Toxic Baby Mattress We Love Most

This post was most recently updated on February 14th, 2017

2016 UPDATE: we used our non toxic baby mattress until our daughter grew out of it at age 4. Then we gave our mattress to some friends who were having a baby. Amazingly enough, it looked brand new as if it had never been slept on! Best mattress ever! However, the company that made them has stopped making them so I no longer know where to buy the best baby mattress.

Today, our daughter sleeps in a twin size bed with a Purple mattress.


Non Toxic Baby Mattresses

Beware of Baby Mattresses Made in China 

Did you know that certain baby mattresses could be harmful to your baby? I read an article that freaked me out a little bit. The headline is: Flame retardant linked to cancer found inside baby mattresses. Yes, your baby’s mattress could be toxic. A baby could spend about 12 or more hours a day lying on their mattress in their crib every day. Or, if they don’t sleep well, less (ok, trying to be a little light-hearted here).

If you are looking for another mattress option for older kids and grown ups, Purple mattress is my go to mattress. They are manufactured in the same factory as IntelliBED, made in the USA (Utah), and are also nontoxic.

The article states that the chemical called tris was found in “significant amounts in 11 baby mattresses sold recently by national and local retailers under the Babies R Us, Foundations and Angeles brands.” Not all of Angeles that were tested had the chemical but that’s enough to scare me!

The Salt Lake Tribune did some tests of their own and it points to problems specifically related to baby mattresses made in China. “The Tribune tested 27 mattresses. All of the mattresses containing chlorinated tris had one thing in common: labels saying they were made in China or imported from China. None of the tested mattresses made domestically contained significant amounts of any form of chlorinated tris.”

And if that doesn’t freak you out, “A 2011 study led by Duke’s Stapleton found forms of chlorinated tris in six portable crib mattresses purchased between 2000 and 2008.”

IntelliBED Non Toxic Baby Mattress

I met the owners of IntelliBED over a year ago when I was pregnant with Alexis. They’re a local company, in Utah. They told me a lot of the benefits and some of the research. Honestly I didn’t take the risks very seriously. I thought just about any mattress would be fine. After doing the research I no longer feel that way. Please don’t buy a cheap baby mattress at Walmart. The cheap ones have covers that rip and don’t hold up well but the toxicity is what really concerns me.

I’m really glad we got an IntelliBED baby mattress. Note: I did pay for the mattress but got a partial trade in exchange for my review.

Unlike the other Intellibed mattresses, their baby mattress is very simple. It comes in a simple organic cover that you can zip off and throw in the wash. You can replace the cover if needed. There is no foam, no memory foam or latex layers. It is simply the medical grade gel with an organic cover over it. Super simple. Breathable. It wouldn’t provide enough support for an adult (we weigh a lot more) but this mattress is perfect for a baby or toddler.

best toddler mattress

We joke that Alexis has the best mattress in the house, but I think it’s true. Now I’m glad to know that our baby is sleeping on an ItelliBED. They use more natural, hypoallergenic and non-toxic materials, including their organic mattress pad. She’ll sleep on her mattress for many years and it won’t pick up odors. Best of all, I feel assured that it’s safe.

IntelliBed non toxic baby mattresses are about $400 so it is an investment. Just know that it is virtually indestructible. You’ll never need another baby mattress. If you plan to have a lot of kids or grandkids this mattress will last through all of them and you can even give it away or donate it when you’re done. It’s that good.

Now I’m curious…are any of the brands of mattresses we sleep on toxic too? Check out my review of Purple mattress – the non toxic mattress for adults.

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