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The New Purple Mattress – 3 New Beds with More Gel, Springs

This post was most recently updated on February 14th, 2018

It’s been an intense month at Purple. They not only were they acquired but they’re now a publicly traded company as a result of that sale. Consumer Reports named Purple mattress as a top 10 pick in a recent issue. In addition, today Purple announced the new Purple mattresses!

I’ve been waiting for this announcement since I heard rumors about it a few weeks ago. Today it’s finally public! Purple has been testing different mattress models at Mattress Firm stores on the east coast. The tests were positive and now you can buy any of the new models and have them shipped to your house.

I got to go to Purple’s headquarters in Alpine Utah to check them out. I got a chance to lie down and try each one out. I like #4 best honestly. They’re bouncier than I expected but I will get into the details below…

3 New Purple Mattresses

At first I was sure the names of these mattresses were code names, but they are real.

The names of the new mattresses are:
Purple 2 (2 inches of purple gel)
Purple 3 (3 inches of purple gel) *most popular
Purple 4 (4 inches of purple gel) I call this Double Stuff since it has double the gel that the original has

The first one or original could be called the #1 then the new one starts with #2. Here’s the #2:

Purple 2 mattress

So far this is the most popular, probably because it’s in the middle of the two new Purple mattresses.


new Purple mattress 4

This is my favorite.

The number corresponds to the inches of the purple grid on each mattress. Each Purple bed is also a higher profile which is something I hoped for. It was an adjustment to go to a 9 inch high mattress when our last one was 12 or 13 inches tall. That also comes with extra weight. These are going to be very hard to move!

new Purple mattress 3

New Purple Mattresses: What Changed

Hybrid Mattresses
Besides the height and amount of purple stuff on each mattress, other things are different. These are hybrid mattresses which means they’re a mix of foam and springs. As with the original there’s no memory foam.

In Home Delivery
The new beds come with FREE white glove delivery in all 48 contiguous states. The new Purple mattresses are heavier than the original so moving it can be hard on your back. You no longer need to wonder how you’re going to get your mattress from the box to your bed. They’ll do it for you and take away your old mattress.

Foam perimeter
In the original model, the gel extended end to end. With the new models, there’s a foam border to add more edge support and structural stability. If you sit on the edge of your bed you’ll have more support and your bed will feel bigger because you won’t feel like you might slide off. You can sleep on the edge! Note: I never had an issue with edge support but this is an improvement.

Higher Profile
As mentioned, these beds start at 11 inches, a full 2 inches taller than the original. Purple 3 is 12 inches and Purple 4 is 13 inches.

The new Purple mattresses have springs or pocketed coils inside made of 13.75 gauge, 2-ply Polypropylene pockets. Also nice that the steel is 95% recycled.

new Purple beds

The new Purple beds are heavier but probably not as floppy as the original thanks to the springs. The new Purple 4 kings are over 200 lbs!!

Updated Cover
Instead of an all-white cover the new beds have a white top with Purple stitching and gray sides. It has the word Purple sewn in and is thicker than the original mattress cover. You can still feel the grid through it but not as much as the original. The design is totally new and the cover no longer zips off. If you need to clean the cover they recommend spot treating them.

Higher Price Tag
Along with a higher profile, the new mattresses are a much more expensive price. The most popular Purple 3 starts at $1,899 for a twin XL and a king goes up to $2,699. They’re going for a higher end more luxury market with these new beds. I was told these beds are selling well at Mattress Firm and that employees claim they could sell them for $1,000 more. So it all depends on what you’re comparing to. If you compare to a regular bed in a box bed you’ll think the prices are crazy high. If you compare to a retail store, you’ll think they’re an incredible value.

It seems like a trend that boxed mattresses are coming out with higher priced models that are similar to prices you’d find in retail stores. Mattress Firm charges about $80 for a return and you have 30 days. So the advantage is no salespeople, comes to your door and you can try your new bed for much longer.

As of right now there is no full size but the rest of the sizes are the same except there’s no full size: twin XL, queen, king and California king.

Oh, and there are still raw eggs but no Goldilocks 🙁 – we’ll miss you Mallory Everton! There’s still the big bear with the weird voice though if that makes you feel better.

New Purple Mattresses: What’s the Same

What stayed the same? Not a lot but here’s the list:

100 night trial and 10 year warranty
You can still return your mattress within a 100 day window and get a full refund. The warranty looks to be the same also.

CertiPUR-US certified polyurethane foam – 2.0 density. Again, there is no memory foam which is true to their brand.

White Powder
There is still white powder added to keep the gel from sticking to itself when compressed. The company maintains that the powder doesn’t travel through the layers and this time the gel is buried much deeper inside of the mattress.

Purple still has a budget friendly payment plan to help you spread the cost to monthly payments instead of all at once.

I’m curious if the new beds work well on the powerbase and that’s something I’ll have to research and update this post when I find out.

purple mattress layers

All of the new Purple mattresses work with the Purple powerbase.

I always recommend that you get a mattress protector. We have Purple’s mattress protector and love it. It’s silent, stretchy and easy with elastic all around for an easy fit. Using a mattress protector will extend the life of your mattress and keep spills and stains at bay.

Discount Code for Purple Mattress?

I’ve yet to see Purple discount their mattresses. I don’t see coupon codes or even the typical sales you see with other brands. Instead they offer freebies with the purchase of a new mattress, so you’ll get a mattress protector, bed base or sheets.

Purple Mattress Financing

The price tag for the new Purple mattress is higher but like the original you can get financing with Affirm. That means you buy now, pay later for Purple. You get an instant approval and your mattress gets shipped to you while you continue to make monthly payments. This makes a mattress more affordable for you because you don’t have to come up with the total amount at once.

Purple Mattress Shipping Time

According to their website, the new mattresses have started shipping but they are ready to ship in 2-3 days. There are often delays on popular products so if you’re interested don’t wait to order – it could take some time! When they launched the original there were waiting lists for months.

Question: What do you think of the new Purple mattresses?

Watch for my full review when I get a new Purple 3 mattress!


2 thoughts on “The New Purple Mattress – 3 New Beds with More Gel, Springs”

  • https://www.docdroid.net/2fNuYfl/purple-innovations-v-honest-reviews-et-al-utdce-17-00138-02881.pdf I am really shocked and appalled that someone who postures themselves as a mommy would put so many children’s and families at risk by continuing to push this dangerous product when you know darn well it’s full of toxic powder. You have the report in your hand and instead of doing the responsible thing, you continue to be more concerned about your affiliate paycheck than children and families. Shame on you. I will be sharing your site with all the mommy blogs and showing them this.

  • Thank you for sharing my post, I appreciate it and your concern for everyone’s health.

    My husband and I sleep on a Purple mattress and we have slept on this product for 2 years. So has our daughter. I have no shortage of free mattress choices – I have more than I could ever use which I keep because I want to review them. If I had a concern I could easily switch out the Purple for something else. But I don’t and haven’t. Not because of money (who cares what I sleep on??) but because I sincerely love the mattress. It’s the only one I can sleep on with my husband and not be woken up at night when he moves around. When we stay at hotels we get separate beds. This was a serious issue that caused a lot of sleep deprivation our whole marriage until we got a Purple. Show me a mattress with the gel stuff that does this as well without the white powder, send it to me and I’ll promote it.

    We have 2 Purple mattresses, a Voila (which I’m also an affiliate of and really like) plus a mattress from Ikea (it seems just fine).

    I’ve read countless reviews from many sites as well as Amazon, the BBB, etc. I’m exposed to Purple mattresses a lot and had their pillow (until I sold it because I hated it. It has white powder).

    Obviously I have no reaction and have shared my experience. That’s what it is – my experience. That’s what I share on this blog. I linked to studies and blog posts so people can make up their own minds. Normally I don’t talk about studies here. It’s recipes I love, products that have improved my life, etc.

    Here’s what another mom says about it https://dengarden.com/interior-design/Purple-Mattress-Review-Is-the-Purple-Powder-Toxic Consumer Reports didn’t mention it, Sleep Like the Dead didn’t, the BBB had no reports of issues – only an allergic reaction to the polymer. That doesn’t negate if someone does and I’m open to the possibility. If I had issues with the powder I would share that, but I haven’t. I use my own name and stand behind what I’ve written. I noticed that from all of the negative comments that I can’t find real names, no last names, no photos…

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