New Purple Hybrid Mattress Review – 9 Reasons It’s Our Top Choice

This post was most recently updated on January 10th, 2021

Update, we’ve been sleeping on a Purple hybrid – 4″, king size bed for over a year now and it’s still our favorite. Read more to find out why.

We finally got our new mattress, slept on it for several weeks and we’re ready to do a new Purple 4 mattress review! Updated in 2019, it’s now called the Purple Premier Mattress.

Previously we had the original Purple mattress for 2 years. Here’s what we think about the Purple Hybrid Premier…

Top 9 Reasons we Love the Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress

Again, this Purple 4 mattress is now renamed to the Purple Hybrid Premier.

To start out, let me summarize why Purple is still my favorite mattress:

  1. The top comfort grid layer is flexible, not a rigid surface like most mattresses.
  2. The comfort grid is a flexible, almost indestructible, long-lasting polymer that doesn’t break down like foam will. They call it Hyper-Elastic Polymer™.
  3. You get airflow so you won’t get too warm as you sleep. Don’t take my word for it. Purple is rated as one of the coolest sleeping mattresses on the market by Consumer Reports.
  4. Cradles your pressure points.
  5. If you sleep with someone else (or a pet), you can’t feel them move around like on most mattresses. The polymer layer is like a shock absorber. When my husband moves around or gets up, it no longer wakes me up. That’s why I think it’s the best mattresses for couples.
  6. There’s no memory foam at all in Purple, you’ll feel like you’re almost floating on it rather than sinking in or feeling hugged by your mattress. I’m not a fan of memory foam mattresses since my hips sink in too much and forms a crevice where body heat gets stuck. So I get so hot it wakes me up.
  7. Has pocketed coils (springs) for integrity and better edge support than the original Purple bed. Plus more breathable.
  8. Upgraded cover is thicker, has gray siding and is more durable than the original and it’s designed to be stretchy so it can move with the mattress and as you move.
  9. Thicker mattress – the Purple Hybrid Premier 4 is 13″ thick and we like the higher profile and look compared to the original.

Note: This is not a paid post but we were given a new king size Purple hybrid mattress yet we may earn on sales at no cost to you if you buy through our link. After trying several mattresses (bed in a box mattresses), some more expensive and some less than the Purple mattress, this is the one we choose to sleep on. We’ve been sleeping on it for over 4 years now.

Purple Hybrid Premiere Mattress Review

Purple 4 mattress review

After over 2 years of sleeping on Purple, we got rid of our Purple mattress – and we replaced it with – a new Purple mattress! We’re a little sentimental about our original Purple mattress after so many nights of really great sleep. 

The new Purple is perhaps the most unique mattress there is. It really can’t be compared to other all foam or foam/spring (hybrid) mattresses. It all comes down to the top layer which is all polymer.

Since hearing about and seeing the new Purple mattresses, I wanted one. I was ok with ours UNTIL I visited the Purple showroom in Utah and tried out the new beds. Then I went through withdrawals and suddenly the bed I loved just wasn’t enough any more! This my friends is how it all starts. That and the fact that they have 0% financing. I did actually buy a Purple 4 mattress because I gave up hope that I’d ever get one, but that’s the day mine from Purple arrived because I started losing hope that our mattress would ever arrive.

Purple Premier Price Includes Free Delivery and Set Up

The Purple hybrids come delivered to your home with free in-home delivery. It is packaged in a flat box and is covered with a plastic mattress bag. It’s not rolled in a box then decompressed like the original Purple is. UPDATE: they’ve since figured out how to roll the mattress and put it in a box like the original. I’ve also heard it’s a much smoother delivery process. 

This bed is very heavy – it weighs more than the original Purple (by more than double) at over 200 lbs. Without delivery it would be really hard to get this  this mattress onto your bed. Another bonus is that they’ll take away your old mattress for you. So you get a new mattress put on your bed, in your bedroom AND they take away your old bed taken away so you don’t have to lift a thing. Wonderful! If you have stairs you’ll be even happier that they handle this for you.

Purple’s 3 New Mattress Models

The new Purple mattresses are totally different from the original. I thought the names were actually code names because the actual names were secret, sort of like software releases. But they were serious when they said they’re called by number names. They are:

  • Purple Hybrid (2 inches of purple polymer)
  • Purple Hybrid Premiere (choose from 3 or 4 inches of purple polymer)

Here’s our family review of the Purple 4 (now called the Hybrid Premier 4 inch mattress, on YouTube.

Purple Hybrid Premier Features

While priced higher than some other bed in a box mattresses, this bed could easily sell for an additional $1,000 when stacked up against comparable quality brands! To me, it is by far superior to any other bed in a box mattress I’ve tried, even one that costs much more.

Here are the layers inside a new Purple mattress. This is the inside of a Purple 2. Notice the top grid that allows airflow, the coils and the edge support on the sides.

Purple 2 layers

Here are some of the features of the Purple Hybrid 4″:

Thicker. Looks very high tech and stylish. Extra material adds weight and that calls for more structure to support the weight of the polymer (which is heavier than foam). 

Coils. I know they said they wouldn’t do this but they did. Still, with that much weight the mattress would be so floppy it might never be possible to move it without a forklift so they had to do something. They’re individually encased springs and noise-free. They are flexible to bend with the gel and cushion your body.

Edge Support. Purple put foam around the perimeter of the new mattresses. And, especially with Purple 4, you need it otherwise you might just roll off the edge when you got too close. The gel would compress and you’d be on the floor. So this is a welcome addition.

In-home delivery. As I talked about earlier, Purple offers in-home delivery and pick up service as part of the cost of your mattress.

Motion transfer is still so low we doubt you’d feel it in an earthquake. Purple can handle up to 10 on a richter scale of your partner moving and you’re unlikely to feel a thing. We thought the Purple mattress 1 was already stellar at preventing motion transfer (how much you feel someone else move next to you on the bed). The Purple 4 is superior. This is the #1 reason I loved Purple in the beginning and it’s even better now with the Purple 4. 

Amazing sleep. It’s tough to describe the feel of the Purple mattress. It’s not a soft bed but it’s not hard either. Having more polymer sort of gives this feel that you’re suspended on your mattress, and yet you can feel it. If you love memory foam or want a soft bed, Purple is not for you. It’s supportive and cushioning and there’s nothing else like it.

The Purple 4 is ideal if you’re heavier and a side sleeper or have particularly heavy/large shoulder, hips or other body parts that would just sink and get warm with memory foam mattresses.

Purple 4 bed

Purple Mattresses Have NO Memory Foam

As always there’s ZERO memory foam in Purple so it’s not going to get soft with body heat and start a slow roast. I just turned on the mattress pad heater to high and I was fine.

First Thing I Noticed – The Purple Bed Sleeps Cool

Three hours after it was moved into our house I got into bed and brrrrrr! It’s winter and the temps are lower but I felt like Elsa from Frozen had waved her wand under the covers. This is good news for anyone who sweats and night, has hot flashes or is hot and flashy. You may not find a bed that sleeps cooler. However, it was especially cold from being outside and was not like that after the first night. 

The top layer isn’t a solid surface. There’s a stretchy cover and then you hit the grid. Since it’s a grid it allows for airflow and that dissipates body heat very nicely. They call it temperature neutral. It’s a dream for anyone who gets sweaty but you’re not going to need extra blankets.

Here’s what they say: “the Purple Smart Comfort Grid promotes airflow and dissipates body heat so you don’t sweat the bed.”

13 Inches Deep

After a 9.5 inch original Purple, 13 inches seems really tall. You might need to get a stepstool to get up on top of your mattress. But it looks nicer on the bed frame. It’s grandiose! To compare: the Purple 3 is 12 inches high and the Purple 2 is 11. 

new Purple mattress cover close up

Weight of the Purple Hybrid Premier 4″ 

This is important because you need to be able to support the weight of the bed AND the person or people who sleep on it. So get one of those black Purple bed frames because it’s very sturdy. You can drop it inside of a regular bed frame for a nicer look. If you decide to buy or have a frame, make it can handle the combined weight your weight (or combined weights of who sleeps on the bed) and the weight of the mattress.

Here’s what the Purple bed base looks like inside of a frame, it floats…

As always, Purple doesn’t recommend using box springs and doing so will void the warranty. They don’t provide the support you need. The absolute best choice, IMO, is the powerbase or Purple brand adjustable base (link goes to my Purple Powerbase review). It will fit all of the new Purple mattresses, as well as the original. 

Purple Sheets, Mattress Protector and Bases Fit All of the Beds

Purple mattress sheets are so stretchy it’s not a problem to add a few more inches. The sheets are likely the most stretchy sheets in the universe! To us they feel a bit like sleeping inside a pair of nylons. Too stretchy! However the mattress protector rocks. It’s silent and it protected our bed so well even after 2 years and a snow white cover that shows every little spec – it looks like the day we got it. Good thing the new covers zip off too – just be aware that the darker part might bleed onto the lighter part. We’re going to guess that’s why Purple recommends spot cleaning it. 

The Purple mattress protector from Purple is excellent. You can easily fit it on your mattress because it’s made of stretchy material that’s waterproof on one side and soft on the other. It has gathering around the entire mattress protector so it’s easy to put on and stays put. I highly recommend that you use a mattress protector and put it on before anyone sleeps on your mattress. Protect your investment! Like I wouldn’t dream of not having a case on my $800 phone, I wouldn’t let my $3,000 mattress go unprotected.

Sleep Higher 

While you’re not exactly suspended in air, there is a sort of weightless feeling with all Purple beds that’s probably most pronounced with the Purple 4. They say it’s zero gravity sleeping. I didn’t have any problem moving around and it did have a sensation like you are kind of floating on top. It’s tough to describe. That’s why it’s a good thing you can try it out in your own bed for a few months. 

Purple Mattress Warranty and Sleep Trial

You still get 100 days sleep trial to see what you think of your new mattress and get a full refund should you decide to return it. It still has the 10 year warranty, which as with most mattresses, is mostly for defects in the mattress. The sleep trial is VERY IMPORTANT. There’s nothing like sleeping on Purple for several nights (at least 2 weeks unless you’re waking up in pain – I never had pain) to decide what you think. Expect it to feel different and if you’ve been sleeping on the same bed for 10-20+ years, you’re likely to notice that. The older and more accustomed you are to a certain feel the longer your adjustment may be. Remember it took 12 days for me. However, the Purple 4 felt great from day 1. I sleep like a rock! I just wish I had more time to sleep!

Not sure if the Purple 4 is for you?

Purple Hybrid Prices

Here are the prices for the Purple Hybrid mattresses. As for Purple mattress discounts, you’ll see them at the top of the page. They always give a free Purple product of your choice when you buy a mattress – which is a great deal since most their products are $100 or higher.

Size Weight Price
Twin XL 38”x80” 105 lbs $2,499
Queen 60”x80” 168 lbs $2,799
King 76”x80” 204 lbs $3,499
CA King 72”x84” 202 lbs $3,499
Full 54” x 76” x 13” 145 lbs $2,699

As always, Purple offers financing so you can pay by the month. You skip the first month’s payment and can choose the length and see the interest rate within seconds. Just choose Affirm at checkout. I qualified for 6 months interest free. The post I linked to will walk you through the process and show what I would’ve paid for the Purple 4.

As for the other new Purple mattresses…

Any questions about the Purple Hybrid Premier or any of the new Purple Mattresses? We’re happy to help, just leave them in the comments. 

Difference Between the Purple Premier and The Purple Mattress

Want to know the differences between the new Purple mattresses and the original or Purple 1? We compared the Purple Hybrids side by side (or on top of) the original Purple mattress.

The Look and Cover

First, look at them. The look couldn’t be more different. The #1 is very white with a gray backing. It’s thinner than the thickest #4 mattress. The original is 9.5 inches tall and the new Purple starts at 11 inches for 2, 12 inches for 3 and 13 inches for 4. The new mattresses have the label on 3 sides that say the number and a few features of the mattress. 

The new Purple mattress covers are totally different, with a multi colored wave design. It’s a different white hue with a wave of gray. There is Purple piping. Unlike the original Purple cover, the top cover is stretchy and one piece. It doesn’t have the geometric pattern with gel-infused bubbles. Instead it’s one piece that bounces back into place when you pull up on it. There’s the word Purple embroidered into it. This is so you don’t restrict movement of the gel stuff underneath. I noticed that you can still feel the grid but since the cover is a little thicker than the original, it’s not quite as noticeable. It looks like there’s a separate piece maybe removeable or foam topper on it but it’s actually the polymer on both.

After 2 years and having a mattress protector on the whole time, our Purple mattress looked like it could pass for almost new.

Motion Transfer

As discussed above, both are very good at preventing motion transfer but the more purple stuff the better it gets! You won’t feel your family dog or partner moving around or getting up to go to the bathroom at night!

Edge Support

The new Purple mattresses have better edge support overall because you’re not just relying on the gel. There’s now a layer of foam around the perimeter so you can sit on the edge or sleep near the edge without feeling like you’ll fall off (or actually falling off the bed). 

Springs/No Springs

The new Purple mattress has springs and the original doesn’t. This may be a surprise because if you saw the first Purple commercial they came out against springs. However, they need them now and now that Purple’s a publicly traded company (no longer a startup) things change. What hasn’t changed and has gotten better is the overall quality of their mattress.

New Trend: Luxury Mattresses from Online Mattress Companies

Purple hybrids are luxury mattress while the original is the value mattress. So in a way you can’t compare them but everyone is asking is, is the extra cost worth the money? That’s for you to decide but before you do, please realize that boxed mattresses are changing. They’re growing up and they have more money to work with.

A lot of bed in a box brands have their economy mattress and then come out with a more premium model. Casper has the Wave, The Essential, and The Casper. Except they have new names for each one. They might call one the classic and the other a luxe. Leesa has the Lessa and they’re upper end mattress is called Sapira. Purple must really love the name Purple because they’re all named Purple. It makes it a little tricky to distinguish between them though.

Which Purple is Best for You?

If you’re on a budget and want to have the cushion effect, then the original Purple is great for you. It’s easier if you’re a college student, in the military or just move a lot. The queen is about $1k and you usually get a free pillow with that. If you don’t need the extra features and don’t care about the extra height, then why not stick with the original?

If you’re looking for a long term solution and a higher quality mattress and you if you sleep with someone who moves around a lot (and wakes you up) we think you’ll love the new Purple. The queen varies in price depending on what number Purple you get.

new Purple 4 mattress

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  • Hello! Are you still happy with your purple 4 mattress? I’ve read some of the reviews where people say after 6 months their mattress is starting to sage and that’s not covered under the warranty. I thought something like that would be covered but I guess not. I’d love your feedback. The ‘zero gravity’ / no pressure points is what is causing me to lean to this mattress. Thank you! Kerrie

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