Neat Steam Cleaner – the Best Steam Cleaner Under $200

Dupray released the Neat steam cleaner this year (2018). In its first week on the market it made Amazon’s list of best selling steam cleans and sold out within a few months.

If you haven’t used a steam cleaner let me warn you: it’s addicting. Cleaning is fun because you will start seeing all the things you can clean that you never noticed before. Just add steam, wipe and it’s gone. Once you try steam cleaning it will take your home to another level of clean – it’s hard to go back! 

Note: we may earn a commission if you shop through our links. The Neat Steam Cleaner is made by Dupray and sold exclusively on Amazon. It’s the only steam cleaner Dupray sells exclusively on Amazon. We already have the Tosca (which is more a professional steam cleaner from Dupray) so I wondered if we’d use the Neat.

We do.

A lot.

It’s lighter weight and has a built in handle at the top and for that reason we grab it for faster jobs. We actually use it more than the Tosca. I find the Neat ideal for the times when I don’t want to bring out the big guns (Tosca). You can clean your oven with the Neat, but it doesn’t get as hot and takes more effort. So for that and larger surfaces I use the Tosca. They work basically the same but I’ll go over the differences below.

Neat steam cleaner review

Neat Steam Cleaner For a No Chemical Clean 

You know how if you use harsh cleaners or antibacterial soap can lead to antibiotic resistant bacteria? Or how it can hurt your skin or be difficult for people with allergies? Steam cleaners don’t leave residue and unless you’re allergic to water/steam, you won’t have to worry.

No chemicals are necessary to get things really clean – only steam. All you do is add water and wait for it to heat up. It gets hot enough to kill germs and bacteria. Blast off dirt, grime and build up. Simply spray or wipe over a surface clean it then use a cloth to wipe everything off.

Like the Tosca, you can use tap water without damaging the Neat, however, you can’t drain the minerals that will build up out of the bottom. You have to flush it out. There’s also no indicator to tell you when you should flush it. They recommend that you flush it out after about 20 hours of use to get the most life out of the product.

A built in funnel means no funnel is needed – you can add water directly in a sink or bathtub. Simply fill it up, plug it in, and wait for the orange light to turn green (5-10 mins) and you’re ready to start cleaning. One button only – so it has a very simple design.

Neat steam cleaner


The biggest concern I have with the Neat is that the outside is made of plastic. It seems really durable but of course it’s not going to be as durable as a steel exterior. The boiler (inside) is made of steel – just like the higher end models. The cap is made of steel with a plastic top.


At first I didn’t use the accessories very often but now that I’ve had a steam cleaner for several years, I use them more often than not. So I was happy to see that the Neat has the same quality brushes as the Tosca. They’re exactly the same (even interchangeable with the Tosca). Lower priced or cheaply made steam cleaners have the worst accessories that fall apart. They’re usually made of cheaper plastic and you have to refill them more often. They don’t get as hot so don’t kill as many germs and bacteria.

Accessories Included with the Neat

  • 5 small nylon brushes
  • 1 steel brush (use the steel brush for ovens or any tough jobs where you won’t worry about scratches).
  • Floor tool for steam cleaning tile or other floor surfaces (not wood) and pads.
  • Lance
  • Washcloth
  • Squeegee tool (for windows).
  • Triangle tool with bonnet (to get in corners) or for large surfaces like shower walls or countertops.

The tools are smaller and not as high quality as the Tosca. They’re still adequate to steam mop your floors but you can’t attach a microfiber cloth to the floor tool and it’s just not as high quality. But again, I’m comparing the Neat to a much higher priced model.

Today I hardly ever clean without using an accessory. So, just a reminder, these do not have a suction in them. So, you just put the steam on it, and then wipe it up with a cloth. The Dupray Neat comes with this microfiber cloth, and it’s fine but it’s white and it’s going to wear out and you’re going to need more. Even for one job, I usually go through a couple.

Norwex cloths are the best – I think it’s worth it to spend on them because I use them so much and the quality is so much higher than any other brand I’ve tried. They’re heavy duty, so they last and last.

Dupray neat with nylon brush
Neat steam cleaner with nylon brush – buy a Neat here


The Neat is a lower price than their other models at under $200 (it fluxuates some and has changed so I don’t list the exact price – check the price here). So we wanted to know if it was any good considering how much less it is. Did they skimp on the accessories? How well are they made?

Continuous Steam

Now, there’s another feature that I totally love, and that the Neat has continuous stream. You just press down on the button and it stays down. In the past, you had to keep pushing down on the button. Your finger can get kind of cramped. So, the Neat has this great thing where you can move more freely.

Steam Temperature

The Neat heats up to 275 degrees, and it takes about seven minutes to heat up.

Tank Size and Cleaning Time

The tank holds about a 1/2 gallon (54 ounces) for about 50 minutes of cleaning time. The machine weighs about 9lbs without water in it.


You get a 3 year warranty on the Neat but a lifetime warranty on the steam boiler.


Some of the drawbacks of the Dupray, or my wishlist, is that you can’t see how much water is left. There’s no indicator. You just kind of wait until the steam isn’t as strong. Then you need to wait for it to cool down before you remove the cap and add more water.

bottom of neat steam cleaner

Drawbacks of the Neat

There’s a learning curve to steam cleaning but once you get it down, it’s amazing. If I could change anything it would be to have an accessories bag or some way to hold or store the accessories. I’d like a longer nylon brush (like a toilet brush type of brush with holes for steam to come out).

In conclusion, I really love the Neat Steam Cleaner. Compared to any other steam cleaner near this price range, the Neat blows them out of the water in many ways. Quality and number of accessories. Design and style. Quality construction. Lifetime warranty on the boiler.

Lastly, please note that we’re not responsible if you develop a steam cleaning addiction! Don’t touch the steam near where it comes out. And never steam clean barefoot – the steam is very hot and can burn your toes.

Video Review of the Neat Steam Cleaner

See the Neat and how to use it in this video review I did with my friend:

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