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How Much is a Purple Mattress? Purple Mattress Q&A

This post was most recently updated on January 18th, 2020

I get so many questions about the Purple brand mattress and products that I decided to address them all in one spot in case you have the same questions. These were questions that were actually asked and answered by people who have purchased or are considering buying a Purple bed.

These are not paid or from the company. If you read reviews anywhere the percent of people who love this bed far exceeds those who don’t. I find that to be true because I ask everyone I know who has one and the answer so far has always been that they love it. However, everyone is different and so I’m hoping to help you decide it it’s for you.



How much is a Purple mattress

When I’ve asked people who didn’t like the Purple mattress, the top 2 reasons are: it’s too firm (more often) or it’s too soft (less common). In the end a mattress is an extremely personal decision and you can spend hours researching and still not be sure. The only way to really know is to sleep on one and start your 100 day trial knowing that you can return your mattress for a full refund should you not like it. That’s a huge advantage over retail mattresses plus the fact that it comes shipped to your door.

Note, I’m an affiliate of Purple and should you purchase through my links I may earn a commission.

Purple is truly unique among all of the bed in a box mattress brands so I highly recommend trying it but before you do, read through my commonly asked questions below.

How Much is a Purple Mattress?

First the basics. How much does a Purple mattress cost and where can you buy one? This chart shows you the sizes and prices of a Purple mattress. The links go to Purple’s website where you can purchase one. They are also on Amazon but I don’t recommend that you buy one there. Buy directly from the company for the best refund policy (the full 100 days). They have all the sizes and accessories.

Twin XL Dimensions: 37.5" x 79.5" x 9.5" $749
Full Dimensions: 54" x 76" x 9.5" $949
Queen Dimensions: 59.5" x 79.5" x 9.5" $1099
King Dimensions: 75.5" x 79.5" x 9.5" $1399
California King Dimensions: 71.5" x 83.5" x 9.5" $1399
Twin 38” x 75” x 9.25” $649

How much a Purple mattress costs depends on which one you buy (the size and model). As of 2018, Purple has 3 additional models besides the original: the Purple2, Purple3 and Purple4. They each come in a different thickness unlike the original that’s just one thickness (9.5 inches). They cost significantly more than the original but are higher end and manufactured to compete with other higher end beds in a retail setting. In addition, the new beds are delivered to you flat, in a box, by a company that will send two people to set up your bed and even take away your old mattress.

To see more details and prices of the new Purple mattresses, check my new Purple mattress review.

Purple Mattress on Amazon

Amazon is a great place to check Purple mattress reviews and for the other Purple brand products. I tend to trust Amazon reviews the most because of the “verified purchase” label and because it’s a 3rd party site.

Here’s what Amazon carries from Purple:

The Purple Bed - Queen Size MattressThe Purple Bed – Queen Size Mattress

The Purple PillowThe Purple Pillow

The Purple Platform Base - Mattress Foundation, Platform Bed Frame, Box Spring Replacement, QuietThe Purple Platform Base – Mattress Foundation, Platform Bed Frame, Box Spring Replacement, Quieton purple seat cushionOn Purple Seat Cushion

You can also find these Purple brand products on Amazon

So far Amazon doesn’t have any of the new Purple mattresses: Purple2, Purple3 or Purple4.

Is the Purple Bed good for hip pain or if you’re pregnant?

We’ve had one for about a month and I love it. At first I didn’t like it because it feels firm but then when I realized I wasn’t waking up with hip pain (I’m 6 months pregnant) I was sold. Also I noticed every time I sleep somewhere else, especially on an old spring mattress, when I come home the purple foam feel, feels that much better. Definitely takes time getting use to it.

I love ours. We have had it for a year now. It kept me comfortable through an entire pregnancy. I like that it sleeps very cool. In fact we had to get a warmer blanket this past winter because we were too cold! It did feel very firm to me at first, but I like sleeping on a firm mattress. I always miss it when we go on vacation.

We’ve had it since February. I loooove it! I was 8 months prego when we got it. I love the platform base you can fit full size bins under it for storage! It’s a great bed!

How firm is Purple Mattress?

On a scale from 1-10 Purple is about a 6, so medium firm. It’s not a soft bed but then everyone’s definition of soft and firm is different.

I don’t feel like it’s firm, just your whole body doesn’t sink into it…only the pressure points like your hips and shoulders. I think that’s what makes people think it’s firm. Firm mattresses do tend to hold up better over time than softer ones. Some people think adding more comfort grid makes the bed softer but that’s not true. It’s more like you float on the bed a little more with the new Purple mattresses. If you love Purple and want it softer, I recommend adding a mattress topper. My parents who are in their 80s did that and liked their Purple better, although most people will adjust and like the level of firmness.

Does Purple sleep hot or cool?

Purple is temperature neutral. That means it won’t heat up or cool down. However, compared to other foam mattresses, it sleep cool. That’s because most foam mattresses, especially memory foam mattresses, sleep warm. All foam gets softer when it warms up from your body heat so the longer you’re in bed, the warmer it gets. Not Purple though. You’re not sleeping directly on foam. You sleep on the comfort grid which doesn’t retain body heat.

In 2018 Consumer Reports rated the coolest mattresses and Purple was in the top 5.

If you’re looking for a cooling mattresses either smart mattresses like Eight or they’re made of special cooling foam (and are more expensive) or you can get a cooling pad. Or there’s the Bed Jet which is like a fan for your mattress.

We have had ours just over a year and we love it! It’s firm but still really comfy and I don’t like firm usually. I’m 30 weeks pregnant right now and it’s been way better than our other mattresses during pregnancy. Also it doesn’t keep my warm like memory foam did.

I like it. We purchased it and I was unsure at first. But after a couple weeks and it inflating ( it is shipped and you have to open and let it get shaped ) i Like it . I love that it is cold and I don’t sweat. I get hot easy and hated that on my other mattress.

I love mine. So comfortable. I never get hot in it I would in my old bed. I paid twice as much for the last bed that was a pillow top. After 4 years it had a spot that it sunk in. Dh and I are not big people to do that. Purple is warranty for 10 years.

Even a co-sleeper says she doesn’t sleep hot: I love mine because I don’t have sore hips from sleeping on my sides, I co sleep and I don’t get hot and sweaty and there are no ruts after a year of having the mattress like my expensive pillow top mattress.

I hated the Purple cushion. Could I still love the bed?

I’m in the same boat. I don’t love the Purple seat cushion. However, it’s very good in that it doesn’t get indents and can stand up to daily use (like a wheelchair for example). The stuff in the mattress is used in all sorts of other products because it’s so durable. However, I find that people either love or hate the cushion. I gave mine to someone and they hated it – they actually gave it back. Still, many people love the cushion and it gives you an idea what the top layer of the mattress will be like.

We LOOOOOVVEEEE ours! My husband is 6’5 290 lb Asian man and I’m not small lady either. We haven’t had any issues with this bed! We got it when I was 6 or 7 months pregnant and it was the best sleep I had had my whole pregnancy. We love crawling into our Purple Matress every night! 

How Long Does it Take to Adjust Sleeping on a Purple Mattress?

Purple says give it at least 2 weeks but since you have 100 days in which to try and get a full refund (no shipping charges or restocking fee) then you can give it as much time as needed. Just know that it Purple is just unique and so it can take a little bit of time but once you adjust most people LOVE it.

It has taken me three weeks to get used to it.
But the benefits are:
-I sleep better on it than I did on my last mattress.
-My body feels better when I wake up.
-I used to feel the need to pop my back all the time. I now don’t feel that need anymore.

How is Purple for stomach sleepers? 
I’ve surveyed people and every single person has said that they are happy with Purple – even if they weigh over 200lbs. and sleep on their stomach.
I am a tummy sleeper and I weigh a little over 200 lbs. I love mine!! 
My hubby is 300 lbs and he loves it. I sleep on my tummy and love it.
I also sleep on my tummy and I’m over 200. It’s so comfy. 

I’m a tummy sleeper and a plus size lady and I LOVE my purple.

Is Purple Mattress Good for Bigger People?

Yes! However, you may want to go with one of the newer Purple mattresses (the 3 or 4) if you’re heavier, the original is great too. I spoke to a woman who’s son is over 300 lbs and loves the original. My brother who is bigger also loves the original.

My husband is 6’6″ and 260lbs so not a small man and he loves it and you don’t get the big divets like our pillowtop or memory foam mattresses did.

Does Purple Mattress have offgassing?

Of all the mattresses I’ve tested Purple has the least smell. I only say that because it’s the only one where I’ve been to the manufacturing facility to see them being made. It doesn’t smell – even when they are melting down the purple stuff. If it were plastic the stench would be awful. Instead it’s made from mineral oil. It doesn’t have that typical off gassing smell at all and isn’t made in China. There is a slight smell to it which is tough to describe but it’s totally unique to Purple.

It has a faint smell from the purple polymer, but it is not strong at all.

Does everyone love Purple? 
No, not everyone loves Purple mattress, but most do!

Had one… hated it!! 

We donated it. We had it for almost the entire trial period. My husband liked it but he can sleep on the ground and be comfortable so his opinion is void ? anyway, I didn’t like it because I felt like I was sleeping on the ground like at ground level. My other mattress came up to about mid thigh and the purple was below my knee height. I thought it was weird. Even sitting up in bed I had I raise my head to look at the tv and before it was eye level. Plus, I woke up everyday with my back hurting.

Will a Purple Mattress help lower back pain?

Of course it depends on what is causing your back pain. There are some things a mattress can’t fix (like scoliosis) but you can prevent your mattress from making it worse and some people say it really helps their back. My friends bought one and they were HIGHLY SKEPTICAL because the husband has severe back pain. I waited several weeks to ask them how they liked it – and they LOVED it. It really helped Mark’s back pain. I hope to do an interview with them about it.

I LOVE it. I’ve had it two weeks now and I wake up not in pain anymore. My lower back I used to be in so much pain waking up. Now I can get up and function. I also feel like I get a deeper sleep. The mattress feels cool and I don’t move around as much as a used to. It’s AWESOME! And if you don’t like it they just donate it and give your money back so you have nothing to lose.

I have a disc problem too so I’m so thankful this is helping. Cuz back pain is awful! Especially with having small children we have to chase and bend over for!

LOVE IT! I will never go back. I have insomnia, and I feel like I sleep better now with a purple. It also helps my lower back pain tremendously!

Is Purple Good for Couples?

Well, that is answered in my Purple bed review. I call Purple the best mattress for couples, but here’s what another mom said:

Best mutual sleeping experience with both my husband and I. PLUS, I can actually sleep in my stomach comfortably! 

Love mine. It was the only mattress with all my pregnancies I didn’t have to use a million pillows to prop me up. (Didn’t use any for my belly). Hubby and I liked it so much that we got the pillows to go along with it.

What platform should I use with my bed? 
 Purple has a platform but you can use any platform other than box springs – like a foundation or other base.
We went and talked with the company and they would not honor the warranty because the slats in the bed, (under the box springs) were too far apart. They needed to be close as 3 inches apart. Ours were not, after reading the fine print on 2 different mattress stores it was all the same. 3 inches apart. So my husband built a new slate system and then purchased the Purple bed. Last night we both slept great!
You can use the basic Purple bed base and drop it into a frame (remove the slats) for a better look overall than just a metal frame. Like this:
Read my post about mattress platforms.
Can I use a box spring with my Purple Mattress?
Purple doesn’t recommend that you use traditional box springs with your Purple bed. It needs something more supportive. Using box springs will void your warranty. You only need the mattress layer and a platform underneath it that can support the weight of the mattress plus the combined body weights of whomever will sleep on it.
How does Consumer Reports rate Purple?
In their 2018 ratings, Consumer Reports tested boxed mattresses and Purple was highly rated, ranking in the top 10 for foam mattresses (if you like memory foam, check out Casper):
Does Purple really allow returns? How does it work?
Although you cannot rebox and ship your mattress back Purple will refund everything you spent if you are within the 100 day trial period. They’ll ask that you donate the mattress and get a receipt to prove it. In some states it’s really difficult to find a charity that will accept your mattress. Or you may not have a way to transport it – Purple mattresses are very heavy! So you can opt to have someone come and pick up your mattress for you and they’ll give you a receipt that you can use to get your refund.
Be sure to contact customer service immediately if you’re sure you want to return your mattress (don’t wait). The return policy is generous and they stand behind their product! Best of all you can donate your mattress to a charity and get a refund – so you can do good while still getting what you need for the best sleep.
It was too hard for my husband and me. But I love their return policy. We donated it through our church and still got a full refund!
 Someone wrote a love letter to her Purple, ha ha.
Dear Purple Bed,
I think back on the day you first came into my life. I fell in love immediately. There was much anticipation as you were still wrapped up in shiny purple plastic when the FedEx truck delivered you. I could hardly wait to unroll you and lie with you for the first time. I have slept on many beds in my past. Some of those beds were lumpy and bumpy, or sagged in the middle, or too hard, or too soft. Some had springs that would poke me in the ribs during the night. But I was in heaven when I finally had the chance to lie with you. You are undoubtedly the perfect bed for me. You are so comfortable with your firm memory foam core and squishy purple top. You hug me in all the right places all night long and never, ever poke me in the ribs. You are not too hard or too soft. Sleeping with you is like sleeping on a cloud. I love you so much and I hope I never have to give you up. You also make my bedroom look amazing! Your brand new gray comforter and matching pillows look so chic, and your new sheets are so soft and comfortable! You have also helped me so much in my decluttering efforts. When I decided to get rid of my queen-sized bed and upgrade to your king-sized greatness, I was able to let go of some old things I had been holding on to in order to make room for you in my life. With your large storage area I was also able to put more things away and make my room look far more organized. Now I have finally been able to get moving boxes out of my house, all because of you. You really have changed my life and I am proud to say that I love you. I will never leave you and go back to my old bed.Love, AmyPin for later:Purple mattress Q&AAnd be sure to read my full Onpurple mattress review

2 thoughts on “How Much is a Purple Mattress? Purple Mattress Q&A”

  • I need to know if a box spring is needed, what is the life of the mattress, does the King. REG COME IN DIFFERENT THICKNESS

  • Hi Michael,
    No you don’t need a box spring. They’re not ideal for supporting the weight of heavy foam mattresses. Instead something like this works: https://amzn.to/2HA4ZWO
    (I picked this one because it’s a full 18 inches off the ground and a great price). To make a nicer look, you can remove the slats and drop it into one of these platform frames: https://amzn.to/2HW2jCn

    The life of the mattress is not known but at least 5-7 years. After 2 years ours was as new. The regular king DOES NOT come in different thicknesses – only the new models do.
    Hope this helps!


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