BIG Guide to Beds that Come in a Box Mattresses With Free Shipping and Trials

This post was most recently updated on September 14th, 2020

Looking for a new mattress with free shipping? The newest mattress trend is to buy online, actually sleep on the mattress in your own home and make your decision. Bed in a box type mattress companies are more innovative (with extra features and new materials) and less expensive than old school mattresses that you buy in a mattress store. There are no salespeople and you can read online reviews from people who have actually slept on the bed. Most mattresses offer free shipping for both deliveries and returns.

Today it’s far less common for people to keep their mattress for 10 years or more. Rather studies say that you should replace your mattress every 5 to 7 years but you will sleep better and have less back pain when you switch your mattress every 5 years.

The mattress that you choose makes a huge difference in your sleep quality.

According to a study by The National Sleep Foundation, about 9/10 people rated that having a comfortable mattress (92%) and/or comfortable pillows (91%) important in getting a good night’s sleep.

Other data from Sleep Like the Dead shows that overall satisfaction levels for bed in a box mattresses and mattresses purchased at a mattress store at about the same – just over 80% are satisfied with their purchase after sleeping on the bed.

The best part of online mattress brands is that they have perks that mattress retailers don’t offer. We’ve listed over a dozen mattresses that you can check out that have the following benefits:

  • FREE shipping
  • FREE in home trial period – most 100 days or more – meaning that you get a full refund if you return it within the trial
  • Reasonably priced and/or have a Payment Plan to let you buy now and pay later
  • Warranty length and terms

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Best Beds that Come in a Box Mattresses

Mattresses with FREE Shipping, FREE Trial Period. Payment Plans and Warranty information.

These are the top mattress brands that are sold online. Most are latex and/or foam but there are a few memory foam mattresses also.

Mattress Brand Name Shipping Trial Run Payment Plan Options Warranty Options
Idle Sleep Mattress – Choose from med/soft gel memory foam options or hybrid models (the hybrids can be split firmness so one side is different, medium to firm). Compare Idle Mattresses. Super long trial and excellent financing terms. Plus, get 20% off and 2 FREE pillows when you use our link. FREE  18 Months As low as ZERO% for 60 months Forever warranty
Purple Mattress – Unique top layer of stretchy polymer cradles your pressure points for the best night’s sleep.  FREE  100 nights Get as low as ZERO% for 6 months, flexible monthly payments, no hidden fees. The Purple Mattress has a 10 year warranty. Details.
Nectar Mattress – a premium feel mattress with memory foam with a long trial – 1 year! FREE shipping and returns. Fewer than 3% return their Nectar mattress. Ships in 1-5 days.  365 day free trial 6 months no interest or credit check required. Forever Warranty. For the life of the mattress for the original owner
Plushbeds – Choose from a variety of luxury mattresses made right in America. FREE – Claims it is fast and within 7-9 business days 100 Night Money Back Guarantee Offers financing for mattresses with PayPal Credit. 25 year limited warranty
Eight Sleep – Smart beds that have sensors embedded that will warm or cool your mattress to your taste along with apps that track your sleep. If you love tech, you’ll love this mattress. Free Shipping & Returns 100 Night Trial Financing available through Affirm. Not applicable
Tuft and Needle – This is a universally comfortable mattress with Adaptive™ Foam. Softer like memory foam without as much sink. Shipping is FREE within the lower 48. 100 Night Trial No payment plans are offered. They accept credit cards though. 10 year warranty
Casper –  Supportive memory foam and a springy comfort layer come together to create one perfect sleep surface. Free shipping! Not applicable Financing through Affirm. Pay 0% financing over 6 months. 10 Year Limited Sleep Warranty
Avocado Green Mattress –  Features 100% natural latex rubber, pure JOMA New Zealand Wool, certified organic cotton & up to 1,330 pocketed support coils. No chemical adhesives or toxic fire retardants. Free shipping and set up is offered for $99! 100 Night Trial Financing is available through Affirm. 10 Year Warranty
Saavta – These mattresses are built with a distinctive high quality feature known as ‘coil on coil’ construction. No free shipping offered. 120 day return policy PayPal Credit and accepts all major credit cards. 15 Year Warranty
Nest Bedding –  A leading source of affordable latex mattresses and CertiPUR-US Certified Foam mattresses. Free shipping 100 Night No Risk Trial Financing through Affirm. 3, 6, or 12 month financing. 10 Year Warranty for their Mattress
Dream Foam Bedding – Offers various mattresses made of high quality latex foam. Each mattress forms to your body. Free shipping, but subject to change 90 Night Trial Not applicable. However, prices are reasonable. 10 Year Warranty
Ghost Bed – Experience a new way to sleep with the Ghost Bed. It’s 100% made in the USA and a 5-star rating. Shipping & handling is FREE for all 48 continental states! 101 Free Trial Pay monthly, no credit required. 3 Year Structural Warranty
 Yoga Bed is a 4-layer gel memory foam bed made in the US. Queen is $699 and comes with two (2) free Memory Foam Pillows.  Free  101 Nights  Financing through Affirm  10 Year Warranty
Puffy Mattress has a Cooling Cloud 3″ Memory Foam top. Softer memory foam mattresses you’ll sink into. Free 101 Nights  0% financing through KLARNA  Lifetime
Brooklyn Bedding – founded in 1995 and have made showroom quality mattresses for other brands. Many styles/firmness levels/thicknesses available.  Free shipping/returns 120 Night Trial  Starting at $66 a month with Affirm  10 Year Warranty
 Leesa mattress – 10″ all foam mattress.  Free shipping/returns  100 Night Trial  Financing through Affirm  10 Year Full Replacement Limited Warranty

This list is updated frequently but prices and terms may change. Sleep trial may be different than listed if purchased through Amazon. Warranties differ by company, check website for details.

Compare: the Price of a Queen Size Mattress

Nectar mattress photo
We’re taking the 365 day Nectar Mattress challenge!

To make it easier to compare prices overall, we’ve priced out a queen size mattress for each brand. There are many features that go into the prices but overall, the density of the foam is not the most important factor.

According to research from “Sleep Like the Dead” “Memory foam mattresses, regardless of their density (low, medium or high), have about the same owner satisfaction rate – around 80%”. Consider that some are very expensive and may add a few years onto the life of your mattress but likely not enough to justify paying thousands of dollars more for.

Pay for the features that are important to you, such as technology (Eight Sleep is a leader for smart beds). Your needs, including weight, firmness preferred, height, back issues and other considerations like that are most impactful.

Purple mattress $999

We are fans! Read our Purple Mattress Review. The only drawback is it’s tough for them to keep these babies in stock.

Idle Mattress – $749 for the plush gel memory foam

Nectar Mattress $795

Plushbeds – several varieties to choose from

Eight Sleep $1,050.00

Tuft and Needle $600

Casper $950

Avocado Green Mattress – $1,399

Saavta – several options to choose from

Nest Bedding  – several options to choose from

Dream Foam Bedding – depends on the mattress as there are many mattress types to choose from

Ghost Bed – $750

Amore Bed – $875.00

Puffy Mattress – $950

Yoga Bed – $699 on Amazon

Brooklyn Bedding – varies

Leesa – $840

Before you Sleep on it – Protect Your Mattress

No matter what mattress you buy it is an investment. Consider how much time you spend sleeping and how important sleep is to your overall health and well being. The best thing you can do to extend the life of your mattress is PROTECT your mattress. Protect it from spills, bacteria, dust mites, etc. before you sleep on it for the first time to prolong the life of your mattress.

If you sleep an average of 8 hours per night, multiply that by 365 days and that equals 2920 hours of sleep a year. In 5 years you will be on that baby for 14,600 hours!

Next after protecting your mattress, you need to rotate your mattress or flip it, depending on the type. It’s like tires, they need to be rotated to get more even wear!

Mattresses with Free Shipping and Free Trials

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