Living Scriptures Streaming Review

This post was most recently updated on April 6th, 2020

Have you wanted to buy Living Scriptures DVDs but found them too expensive? Well Living Scriptures Streaming is a new way you (or your kids) can watch animated Book of Mormon and other movies online or on their app. It’s also a study help for kids to help you teach Come Follow Me in your home. Your kids will learn and know the scripture stories as they watch these uplifting movies.

In addition, Living Scriptures that used to be only available on DVD, has restored and updated their videos for streaming, bringing them up to HD standards. The colors are more vibrant and the sound has been enhanced too.

Read my review and see what’s included in your subscription.

Living Scriptures Streaming

Living Scriptures Streaming

Living Scriptures has kiosks in Utah malls to sell animated Book of Mormon stories DVDs. We have a ton of them. My mom bought them for all of her grandkids and she gave them to us for Christmas and birthdays. We appreciated them but we don’t watch many movies on DVD anymore. They get lost, broken or the player wears out. They can also be a bit pricey.

So I’m happy that Living Scriptures has a streaming service so you just pay per month and access all of their content online. No clutter or things to store. I recently signed up to test it out…here’s what I thought…note that this is an affiliate link and I may earn a commission when you buy.

Living Scriptures Subscription – What’s Included

What you get with your subscription:

  • Living Scripture’s entire video library including: The Animated Book of Mormon, The Animated New Testament, The Animated Old Testament, Animated Hero Classics (about famous US presidents and people), The Modern Prophets, Visit Israel, Kids Ten Commandments, music videos, and more.
  • Their entire audio library of dramatized scripture stories, American history, classic family stories, and church history. This includes History of the Saints (this one is not animated and geared towards adults) – the first movie is a whopping 22 hours long!
  • Download to your device to watch offline so you can take it on trips – so you can continue to help your family honor the Sabbath while you’re travelling.
  • Play adventure quiz games and print activity & coloring pages.
  • Language audio options and language and scripture captions available to watch without sound.
  • Family Home Evening Lessons.

Living Scriptures Book of Mormon

Everyone knows Living Scriptures for their animated Book of Mormon stories and that’s probably the first thing most of us will watch first. However, Living Scriptures streaming has a great selection of over 100 movies. They mostly animated but there are movies like Freetown that aren’t. Plus, there are movies for adults as well as for kids on things like church history, Family Home Evening lessons and more.

For us, Sundays can be difficult. I can’t sit around reading scriptures or even taking a nap with a 5 year old. She wants to watch YouTube shows but it’s not wholesome entertainment that I feel great about her watching. When she’s so young she absorbs things and I’d like her to learn gospel principles. So this is a great option for Sunday. In addition to Book of Mormon stories, there are Bible stories, stories about church history, US history, the prophets and more.

Living Scriptures Review
Click the image to go to their website

How Living Scriptures Streaming Works

First, sign up for Living Scriptures streaming.

Download the Living Scriptures apps on Android, iOS, Roku or your internet connected TV, computer, tablet, or smartphone.

In the past you had to call to activate your service but they’ve since fixed that and you can complete the process online.

That’s it, you’re ready to start watching.

LDS Movies on Netflix

There are a few LDS movies on Netflix – but the selection is always changing and there aren’t that many. Unfortunately there are movies that are grouped in the category that I wouldn’t recommend or watch. There also is a VERY limited selection. I only found two movies on Netflix that aren’t on Living Scriptures Streaming but a lot that are exclusive to Living Scriptures Streaming.

Title On NetflixOn Living Scriptures Streaming
The Saratov Approachyesyes
Granite Flatsyesyes
The Cokeville Miraclenoyes
17 Miraclesnoyes
Mobsters and Mormonsnoyes
The Best Two Yearsnoyes
The RMnoyes
Baptists at our Barbequenoyes
The Singles Wardnoyes
Singing with Angelsyesno
Once There was a Beehive yesno
God’s Armynoyes

Living Scriptures streaming has 13 Book of Mormon Videos. Here are the other scripture videos:

Old Testament (12 Videos)

New Testament (24 Videos)

Church History Collection

Living Scriptures FHE

Living Scriptures has FHE lessons and videos that make Family Home Evening easy but meaningful.

Streaming Movies – History

Liberty’s Kids (40 videos) stories based on the history of the origins of the US

Liberty's Kids online

Plus movies about important people in US history such as US presidents and people like Harriet Tubman.

history movies for kids

Living Scriptures Streaming also has the amazing Signing Times videos that teach your children sign language and more!

They also have songs and music videos from the movies that your kids can listen to.

Living Scriptures Streaming Cost

There are two options: month to month or a 3 year subscription. The pre-paid annual option is under $100 a year. You can also choose the monthly option or to add DVDs to your monthly subscription. The DVD option offers more than any of the others because it has the sing-along activities, on screen scripture references and more. Note that the DVDs are only in English and Spanish (unlike the streaming that’s in many languages).

Here are the breakdowns:

Living Scriptures Streaming Prices

There is no contract with the month to month option and you can cancel at any time. It ends up being around 33 cents a day.

Please note that you have to contact customer service by chat, phone or email to cancel. At this time they don’t have an option on their website. I recommend that you use chat because they were a little slow to respond to emails. It’s a bit of a pain to cancel so make sure to stay on top of it. This is the biggest drawback to Living Scriptures but a lot easier than the old way.

Devices Living Scriptures Streams On

You can either live stream when you have wifi or download the whole library to your device to listen to in your car. You can watch Living Scriptures content on your…

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android
  • ROKU
  • Chromecast
  • Kindle Fire
  • You can mirror with AppleTV
  • Watch from their website (your computer)
  • Use AirPlay on an iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Living Scriptures Streaming Review

Overall I’ve been very happy with my Living Scriptures streaming subscription and their library of films. It offers so much content both LDS and Christian which teaches good values and character. With the streaming service I’ll probably donate all of my Living Scriptures DVDs and just go digital.

I love the selection they have – it’s probably the biggest LDS movie collection there is besides the church itself. Plus they’re available in English, Spanish and Portuguese (although that’s just for the Book of Mormon and Old Testament/New Testament movies).

With all that they offer and the 24/7 access you might wonder if this service is only for members of the LDS church. While a lot of the movies are for an LDS audience there’s so much Bible and US history that I believe it appeals to a wider audience. I can see it working well for other Christians and homeschool families.

The best part is you can download the movies to your iPad or device and watch them on airplanes, road trips and when you don’t have the internet. You’ll love that ability to watch as many movies as you want on the go, even when you don’t have wifi. That guarantees wholesome entertainment or educational movies no matter where you are.

Could be Improved: Ability to find new movies

If I had any complaints about the service it’s that it’s tough to discover new movies. You do get an email when they add more content but it’s difficult to find sometimes. I would like a complete and updated list of everything to make it easier. However, I’m amazed at just how much they add and feel like my subscription will only continue to grow in value. I love that they have recently added History of the Saints because I learn so much from that show and can’t always watch it when it’s on TV.

Improving: Customer Service

Truthfully, Living Scriptures didn’t have the best reputation before this because they have independent salespeople who could be high pressure (because I’m sure it paid very well). People signed up for long term contracts and couldn’t get out of them. I don’t blame them for being mad! With the new streaming option you don’t have any pressure, no contract and you deal directly with the company. It’s affordable. I still think they could improve overall but this is a huge improvement.

 Living Scriptures Streaming

I recently read Greg Trimble’s new book for dads, he said parents we don’t teach the gospel or anything else effectively by lecturing or through “gospel lessons” – children learn truth best through stories. Living Scriptures streaming is full of gospel stories that will teach values and help your children learn the scriptures.

“When teaching your kids, the delivery is everything. They don’t want to hear you preach. They don’t want a lecture or a sermon. Instead of telling them that you’re going to teach them something…ask them if you can share with them a story that relates to the thing you’d like to teach them.”

My conclusion? We are excited to find so much selection for this price from Living Scriptures Streaming. We love that it’s so educational and uplifting!


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  • I thought $10 per month sounded like a good deal. But I had the option to buy a whole year for a one-time payment of $95. Better, right?
    Well, we live outside of Idaho Falls and don’t have the best internet service.
    While it is sufficient for Netflix and Hulu the vast majority of the time, it’s not good enough for Living Scriptures.
    However, when I went to them asking for a refund, they said “No”.
    What fabulous service!
    So, make sure your internet is up to the chore before you lay it all out at once. Once they have your money, it’s too late to complain.

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