Best LDS Audiobooks from Deseret Book and a Free 30-Day Trial of Bookshelf PLUS

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Looking for LDS Audiobooks? Then you’ll want to know about the new Deseret Bookshelf PLUS unlimited audiobook and ebook subscription. It lets you listen to audiobooks AND read ebooks, unlimited, for one low monthly fee. That includes new releases, books by general authorities and even non-LDS books for adults, teens and children. It’s something the entire family will find uplifting.

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I’ve been listening to LDS books on the Bookshelf PLUS app for over a month now (and reading them too). I was initially planning on just testing it out for 30 days and cancelling, but I’ve since decided to continue my subscription – I LOVE this service! I squeeze in listening and read time. The things I’m learning have enriched my life and most of all given me a firmer desire to be closer to Jesus Christ and live his gospel. I decided to continue to be a subscriber. I really can’t endorse it more than that. 

Deseret Book has just released a new LDS audiobook subscription called Bookshelf Plus. They have always had the Bookshelf app which is free to read books you’ve purchased or select books which are free. Bookshelf Plus is a new service they added to the Bookshelf app. It’s a subscription service like Audible but for LDS books. While they do have books that aren’t specifically LDS, tLDS Audiobooks Deseret Bookhe majority of the books are from LDS authors. In addition to LDS audiobooks, there are over 1,500 ebooks you can read.

Bookshelf PLUS is available on both Apple and Android devices. For now it’s not available on Kindle.

I’ve also found books to help me answer questions about LDS church history and get background for my primary class lessons. It’s made me a lot more confident so my stories and the information comes alive when I share it because I know it so much better. It really helps the kids relate to my lessons better when I know more about the events and when they can feel my enthusiasm for the stories. Read my review of Greg Trimble’s new book to learn more about how stories are an ideal way to teach truth.

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The audiobooks are ideal if you’re busy but want to listen to spiritual or entertaining content. I find it easier to find time to listen to a book than it is to find time to read. Some of my favorite times to listen to a book is in the car, on road trips or right before I drift off to sleep. I really like that Bookshelf PLUS has a feature that lets you can download a chapter at a time instead of the whole book (so it won’t burn through your wifi).

Some Early Favorites

As a beta tester of the app I’ve listened to several books. One of my favorites is called Unstuck by Robert Reynolds who lives in Las Vegas. Reynolds is the manager of the group The Killers and Brandon Flowers so he’s in the entertainment industry. He’s not your stereotype type of Mormon but he talks about how everyone needs Christ and overcoming the small sins that we repeat. He talks about following Christ in your everyday life. There are themes of repentance and forgiveness. I love how real and relatable he is.

Another favorite is Born That Way? About a woman’s struggle with same sex attraction. Her honesty is incredible and her walk with Christ is inspiring. If you or someone close to you struggles with addiction, this book has so many concepts that can help. It gave me the desire to be born again in Christ. The first 3 chapters especially have been on my mind since I read them.

I’ve since listened to Worth the Wrestle by Sherri Dew and if you’ve ever had unanswered questions or doubts, this book is so helpful and inspiring!

lds audiobooks with Bookshelf Plus
You can tell which LDS audiobooks are on PLUS by the yellow ribbon across the book cover image. 

Cost of LDS Audiobooks on Bookshelf PLUS

The PLUS app costs $6.99 a month for Platinum members of Deseret Book. Otherwise it is $9.99 a month. It’s a lot less than Audible or any other audiobook service that has LDS books. PLUS also has a 30 day FREE trial so you can try it out.

This chart explains how the pricing:

Cost of Deseret Book Bookshelf Plus

Popular LDS Audiobooks for Everyone

I’ve been listening to LDS audiobooks through PLUS for over a month now. I really love to listen to books at night before I go to sleep. They help me calm down and end my day in a positive way.

There are titles by Hugh Nibley, Brad Wilcox, Michael Wilcox, Truman Madsen, General Authorities and other favorite authors. If there was a drawback of the app it’s that it’s tough to find what titles there are if you don’t know the exact name or title. There aren’t categories that make it easier to discover new titles by theme (yet). The biggest challenge for the app is book discovery. It’s easier to actually go to or visit a Deseret Book in person and look up titles you see that interest you or jog your memory, than it is to find them on the app.

There are books to help you build your faith, soothe you after the loss of a loved one, entertain you with clean books, and help inspire you to be a better person.

To help, I created a sample of the bestselling LDS audiobooks you can listen to on PLUS, arranged by interests:

The Church History Buff

  • History of Joseph Smith by His Mother (the Revised and Enhanced version)
  • The Joseph Smith Papers, Volumes 2 and 3
  • Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith
  • Joseph Smith: The Choice Seer
  • Joseph Smith’s First Vision
  • Life of Joseph Smith the Prophet
  • Joseph Smith, Martyr, Prophet of God
  • Joseph Smith as Scientist
  • History of the Saints: Signs, Wonders, and Miracles
  • Lucy Mack Smith

LDS Youth

I listen to Fablehaven in the morning as I drive my daughter to school. My buddy listens to John Bytheway with his teens. – Damian

  • Fablehaven, Fablehaven Volume 2, 3, 4, 5 by Brandon Mull
  • The Candy Shop War
  • Dragonwatch
  • The John Bytheway Complete Collection Volumes 1-3
  • Tennis Shoes among the Nephites and volume 1, 3, 6-10
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Dating
  • Dating 911
  • Trusting the Savior in a World that Doesn’t: Life Lessons for Youth
  • Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo

Mormon Doctrine 

  • James E. Talmage’s Jesus the Christ Lecture Series
  • We Seek After These Things: The Thirteenth Article of Faith
  • The New Testament on Women
  • The Truth About the Gospel of Judas

Books on the Atonement 

  • Christ in Every Hour
  • Just Hold Me: Embraced by the Savior’s Love
  • The Broken Heart: Applying the Atonement to Life’s Experiences
  • The Infinite Atonement
  • I’ll Never Do It Again and Other Broken Promises That Need the Continuous Atonement
  • Jesus of Nazareth, Vols. 1-4

LDS Fiction

  • Children of the Promise, volumes 1-5
  • The Vicar’s Daughter

The Great and The Terrible Audiobook

The Orphan Keeper

A Fine Gentleman

The Work and The Glory

The Great and the Terrible


Click here to start listening to these great LDS books. Or search the list of audiobooks and ebooks on Plus here (it’s easier than searching inside of the app).

All of the scriptures and recent conference talks are always free to listen to on PLUS.

As I mentioned, one of the best ways to fit uplifting books into your day is to listen is in the car. A lot of my time is spent there either running kids around or running errands (less so now that Bjorn can drive himself). You can use your smartphone, your bluetooth car radio OR buy portable bluetooth speakers, like these:

If you want more LDS content for children, Living Scriptures now has a streaming service…read my article about Living Scriptures streaming here.
Do you have Bookshelf PLUS? Let me know what books you want to listen to.
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  • Hi David,
    We shared our subscription. My son downloaded the Deseret Bookshelf app and then used my username/login and he had access to everything. I think you can share with immediate family. I’ll confirm with Deseret Book and update if that’s not the case.

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