Lagoon and Other Utah Employers Who Hire 15 Year Olds

My son got a summer job at Lagoon last year when he was 15 years old. He worked in the food department in the cafeteria. It was the best thing! He learned customer service skills and he learned to work, plus he made friends. For a 15 year old he made decent money. For my son it was a good experience and he’s going to work at Lagoon again this year.

Really, it was the easiest job to get. We filled out an application online and he got an email for an interview. We took in the paperwork, showed up for the group interview time and he walked out with his first job. He stayed the entire summer and got a bonus at the end.

This year he repeated pretty much the same procedure and got hired again. I told him it’s not normal to get a job this easily. I hope he appreciates it!

He didn’t start until he was 15 but Lagoon hires as young as 14 years old. They can’t do all of the jobs but there are plenty that they can do. But mostly they have restricted hours (how many hours they can work a day or per week and they can’t work as late as older kids).

The season starts in March so you have to apply early. If you want a shorter employment you can apply in the fall to work Frightmares which runs in September until the park closes in October.

We got Bjorn a UTA bus pass for something like $75 for the entire summer (don’t wait because they sell out fast) and that’s how he got to work most days. He had to work an occasional Sunday when there wasn’t bus service but otherwise it worked great. Just know that in the beginning of the season everyone wants hours so it’s easy to trade. Later on it gets harder as more kids drop out. You can pretty much count on your teen working holidays like Memorial Day.

Every week Bjorn gets an email with his work schedule. So it’s not easy to plan ahead a lot but there’s an online board where you can post jobs and you can try requesting time off ahead of time. Only problem is he’s not great at planning anything ahead of time.

List of Utah Employers Who Hire 14 and 15 Year Olds

BESIDES LAGOON: Do any of you know somewhere that hires 14 year olds, turning 15 at the end of summer, between Farmington and Clearfield?

Here’s a list of places that other moms mentioned – if you have anything to add to the list, please let me know and I’ll add it.

American Nursery Services – they stock the plants in the garden section of Home Depot stores
Golf courses
Movie theater
Cherry hill hires 15 yr olds for grounds work
Papa Murphy’s Pizza in South Ogden (not sure about the other locations)
Black island farms (confirmed – they can hire younger for farm work)
A bagger at a grocery store, paper route
“My husband is a recreation supervisor for Farmington and they are hiring 14-year olds to help with baseball and soccer right now.”

summer jobs in Utah for teens

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