KAYA Mattress Review – A Higher Quality 11 inch Hybrid Bed


KAYA mattress review

First, what is KAYA mattress? KAYA mattress is made by KAYA Sleep. It’s the newest hybrid premium mattress to join the online mattress phenomenon and is a premium US-made hybrid mattress. Looking at the quality of its build, it’s mostly suitable for those who are ready to buy a higher quality mattress online. They’re priced a little more compared to other boxed mattresses but you get quality construction for that little extra.

The mattress has high density foams and includes over 1,000 pocketed coils as well as cooling technology. KAYA is transparent about the build of their mattress, as they openly share the mattress specs with consumers via their website, which I really like. A lot of brands tend to avoid sharing this information for different reasons (such as it makes it harder to compare mattresses or know the quality). This transparency is certainly positive because the quality of a mattress is all in the specs!

Like other online mattress brands, you buy the top mattress and either need box springs, a platform or base to put it on.

What makes KAYA different from other online mattress brands?

  • Available in a variety of sizes and one of the rare online beds that offers a FULL size as well as a Twin XL (which is ideal for a split king size adjustable bed).
  • KAYA has a higher 11 inch profile (most are 10 inches).
  • Hybrid mattress with over 1,000 pocketed coils to add structure and support.
  • 20 year warranty.
  • 120 day trial (most boxed mattress brands have a 100 day trial period).


Hybrid design mattresses have become increasingly popular over the years. In most cases, they offer more cooling because of air passing through its coils, more support and durability to keep the mattress lasting longer, and are becoming easier to compress in a box with advancing technology.

11 inch hybrid mattress online

Kaya mattress learn more


Below is a breakdown of each layer:

KAYA mattress memory foam

Cooling Cover: KAYA’s cooling is embedded in their cover using a ThermoGel technology, so the cooling occurs close to the sleeper’s skin to adapt to their body temperature. Its cover is knitted as a single piece so it has seamless feel.

Top Layer: This layer is 1-inch thick with a 5 lbs-dense responsive foam. Contrary to common believe that ‘density’ means ‘firmness’, the density refers to the quality of foam. Its uncommon to include a 5 PCF dense foam layer in a mattress, so this layer is quite unique in quality and will perform better over time.

2nd Layer: The second layer includes a 2-inch thick, 4 lbs-dense memory foam. Including this layer with the first layer would makes it ideal to compliment each other for comfort purposes. The memory foam is also supposed to relieve pressure points.

3rd Layer: The third layer sits between the second and base layer and acts as a transition layer. It is a 1-inch thick, 2 lbs-dense foam.

Base Layer/4th Layer: The base layer includes over 1,000 individually pocketed coils. Each of the coils are top grade steel, and are also recycled. Pocketed coils are supposed to allow more air to flow through the mattress. Therefore, having over 1,000 of them in the mattress would make it a more comfortable sleep and more breathable.

5th Layer: The last layer is a 1-inch thick 1.8 lbs-dense foam that is meant to protect the mattress from damaging the floor.


KAYA mattress firmness

There’s a reason that most boxed mattresses are medium firm. While every individual has their own particular preference of comfort level, a medium-firm mattress tends to be prefered by most people. This helps cut down on costs.

How firm is a KAYA mattress?

  • KAYA is a medium-firm mattress.
  • On a scale from 1 to 10, (10 being a cement floor), KAYA stands at a 6 out of 10.


Durability: KAYA’s mattress would be highly durable because of the high quality materials they include. Therefore, it is likely their mattress will years longer than other mattresses out there and will perform better as well.

Motion Transfer: If you sleep with a partner, motion transfer is an important feature to pay attention to. KAYA offers practically zero motion transfer due to the combination of foams and pocketed coils where each coil is independent of each other and is wrapped with foam.

Edge Support: The fear of rolling off while sleeping or sliding off while sitting makes drooping edges inconvenient. The KAYA mattress offers zoned support, with a higher density of pocketed coils around the edges, providing a world class edge support.


Price: Priced at under $1000 for a queen size ($200 less with discount). The prices below are with the discount applied at checkout on our website. That is an ideal price point for this quality of materials and a great value. Please note that mattress dimensions aren’t standard sizes, every company makes them slightly different. The sizes and prices are listed in the table below. 

Size/Dimensions Price Buy
Twin - 38 x 75 x 11 $725 BUY
Twin XL - 38 x 80 x 11 (ideal to use on a split king adjustable base) $735 BUY
Full - 53 x 75 x 11 $890 BUY
Queen - 60 x 80 x 11 $985 BUY
King - 76 x 80 x 11 $1,195 BUY
California King - 72 x 84 x 11 $1,245 BUY


The twin XL is a full 5 inches longer than the regular twin. Two XL twins equals a slightly wider king. This makes it ideal for a king size adjustable base that is split so each side moves independently. One person can be in the up position and the other flat or down. You won’t wake the other person if you move around a lot while you sleep, since they are separate beds. Adjustable beds can help with snoring and even sleep apnea. Higher end models have comfort features like massage.

Most people use 2 twin xl fitted sheets and the rest of the bedding such as the comforter, blankets or duvet are king size. Or use these highly rated Dreamfit split king sheets.

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Warranty: KAYA offers 20 years of warranty.

Trial Period: KAYA has a 120-day risk free trial period.

Free Shipping and Returns: KAYA offers free shipping and returns.

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