How to Stream The Fighting Preacher and Other LDS Movies

T.C. Christensen’s film, The Fighting Preacher, released July 2019, was release to streaming today on Living Scriptures. Christensen previously released  inspiring LDS films, including: 17 Miracles, Ephraim’s Rescue, The Cokeville Miracle and Love, Kennedy.

Want to watch The Fighting Preacher and other quality LDS films? You can try Living Scriptures streaming free for a month. If you want more details first, read our Living Scriptures review.

Living Scriptures is like the LDS Netflix, but the movies and shows are family-friendly. Like Netflix, they are always adding new content, so you get more and more for your money. Note: we may earn a commission when you shop through our link – thank you.

Viewers rated The Fighting Preacher film highly on Google with 90% saying they liked it. 

I think of these like LDS Hallmark movies. If you like the genre, you’ll probably like all of the movies. Netflix has r rated movies and even NC-17 content, which isn’t labeled as such since Netflix has their own rating system. What that means is that those under 17 (or any age), have access to films they otherwise couldn’t view in movie theaters. Which we don’t think is positive.

The Fighting Preacher Movie

Here’s a synopsis of the movie:

Based on a true story, The Fighting Preacher is an inspiring story about overcoming hatred with love. Now playing on Living Scriptures Streaming! Watch Now Willard Bean is the world middleweight boxing champion in 1905. But when Joseph F. Smith asks him to step away from the limelight and serve a five-year mission in upstate New York, the Beans immediately pack their bags and travel to the East Coast. They are surprised to find that the hatred that existed 90 years earlier is still alive and very present. Willard, a boxer who only knows how to connect with people through his fists, must learn that punching his way through his problems isn’t the best way to be a representative of Christ. He changes his approach and learns to punch people with love.

The Fighting Preacher Movie Trailer:

The Fighting Preacher was filmed mostly in Utah, but is set in upstate New York (where I served my mission). Honestly, I can relate to the story about how the negativity is still strong even today. Most of the believers went west. There is still hostility and it was especially strong in some towns we visited. 

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