How to Save 5% on Everything you Buy at Target

This post was most recently updated on July 25th, 2019

Deal alert! Right now if you sign up for a new Target REDcard (debit card or credit card) through July 27, 2019 and you’ll get a coupon for $40 off of $40+. You have to be a new Target cardholder to get the deal. 

Your coupon will be mailed to you. Some exclusions apply. Coupon can be used through August 31, 2019. Sign up HERE.

We’re long time Target Red card holders. My husband isn’t the kind of guy to sign up for cards. He’s super picky. However, he loves Target and we both have a Target REDcard.

No coupon codes needed, it gets you 5% off every time you use it, even online. Plus you get an extra 30 days on returns. And you can give 1% to school of your choice!

Target RedCard save 5% off at Target

What is Target RedCard?

There are two versions of Target’s RedCard: a credit card or a debit card version. We use it as a debit card because you’ll never pay interest.

For the credit card, you need to be able to pay it off every month (or you can put it on auto pay) because the interest rate is over 20% (ouch). 

Both are only good at Target stores and online. However, it can be used to buy gift cards for other businesses. 

You connect the debit card to your checking account. Then when you pay with your Target REDcard it comes out of your balance. It’s great for your budget! You don’t have to remember to pay a bill. Just know that it may take a day or two to come out of your account.

The best part is you save money and you don’t have to remember anything – no coupons needed. However when you use coupons you get the savings on top of the 5%. Yes, even on coupons through Cartwheel.

Apply online here.

Target Redcard Free Shipping

You get free 2-day shipping on what you buy online at when you use your RedCard. Some market exclusions apply but it works on most items.

Save 5% at Disneyland

For example, if you’re going to Disneyland or a Disney park, you can save 5% when you buy a gift card with your Target RedCard. Then you save 5% on your food and souvenirs! Also, use it on the rest of your travel because you get the discount when you buy Airbnb and Uber gift cards too.

See the complete list of ways to save 5% on gift cards here.

Common Questions about Redcard

How to make a Target Redcard payment 

Obviously this only applies to the credit card version because if you have a debit version, it just comes out of your bank account, like a check or regular debit card.

For the credit card you, can pay in store (best thing ever). Go to Guest Services counter and have your card or a billing statement and make your payment.

How to pay my Target Redcard online

You can check your balance, make payments and see your statements at

Where to buy Target prepaid Redcard

Target discontinued the prepaid Redcard.

What credit score do you need for a target redcard 

You need at least a 640 credit score for the credit card version.

To sum up, if you’re a frequent shopper at Target (love how you can buy groceries but also electronics and other things) we recommend the Target RED Debit Card.

There are no monthly or yearly fees. It doesn’t report to credit agencies and you don’t need to set up any special bank account. It just saves you every time you use it. Plus, we like that it saves you money at Disneyland!

Sign up HERE.


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