How to Clean your Oven With Baking Soda and Vinegar

+ My Secret Weapon for Oven Stains

Are you looking for how to clean your oven without strong chemicals and that still works to remove oven stains? Is going all natural for oven cleaning worth it? With the right products, you can clean your oven without the use of harsh chemicals. 

This method is a natural, chemical free way to clean your oven. It’s also cheaper. This solution itself costs about $2 and it actually removes baked on food that has turned black inside your oven. 

While this method is nontoxic and doesn’t have harsh chemicals, it will take some scrubbing. So put on your cleaning gloves and let’s get started!

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How to Clean an Oven

Cleaning Supplies Needed

Make sure that you have these common household items before you begin. I get most on Amazon.

You can watch the video to see how to clean your oven with baking soda and vinegar. To be honest, it’s not easy if your oven is really dirty. It’s better to keep up on the task or prevent it from getting so bad in the first place. 

You can get nonstick mats for the bottom of your oven. Just don’t use aluminum foil. It can stick and it can also mess up the heating properties of your oven. 

How To Clean Oven Without Oven Cleaner

Here’s how to clean your oven without oven cleaner. This method is more green and doesn’t need harsh oven cleaner.

Watch the video to see me clean an oven with baking soda and vinegar or just to get the satisfaction of seeing a dirty oven get cleaned. It’s very rewarding to see your oven sparkle after you’re done cleaning it.

This is an electric oven but it will work on a gas oven too. Be sure to unplug it if it’s electric. You can remove the oven door to make it easier to reach inside. I’ve done it. I just followed the directions in the manufacturer’s guide, which you can usually find online.


  1. Put on some cleaning gloves. 
    • This is actually optional because these cleaning ingredients are natural so you do not have to worry about your skin coming into contact with any harsh chemicals.  
  2. Remove metal racks. 
  3. Use a small container and mix baking soda and water together. 
    • The ratio does not have to be perfect in order for this to work effectively. I add a little water at a time until I get a spreadable consistency, which is on the thinner side. 
  4. Using the scraper on your scrub brush, scrape away as much excess debris as you can.  
  5. Suck up all the grime with a vacuum. 
    • This is my secret weapon. The Dyson Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner  is very handy. The attachments on a regular vacuum will also work. 
  6. Using your scrub brush, spread the mixed paste all over the inside of your oven, including the inside of the door. 
    • Get this into every nook and cranny. Leave it on for at least thirty minutes, the longer the better. 
  7. Spray vinegar over the baking soda.
    • You will notice it begin to slightly bubble, which means it is working. Cleaning vinegar and white cooking vinegar both work.  
  8.  Using your scouring pad, start scrubbing off the vinegar and baking soda mix. 
    • You will notice the grease starting to come off right away. Use your bucket of water to wash off the scouring pad as you go. I prefer paper towels for this part because you can just throw them away as you go.
  9. Take your pumice stone and scrape off any areas you missed
    • Dipping the pumice stone in water and scrubbing off excess debris is a miracle worker.  
  10. Spray the oven with water and wipe clean with a rag.
  11. Clean the metal racks with vinegar. 
    • A pumice stone is the quickest way to get all the grime off. Your stone will break up as you go. Just keep using up all the pieces until it is gone. 

clean oven with baking soda and vinegar

How To Clean Oven Without Chemicals

The oven is one of the hardest appliances to clean. This is a natural, chemical free way to clean your oven. You probably have most of these items in your home already. If you are dedicated to chemical free cleaning in your home, this is one of the best ways to clean your oven.  

Oven cleaner can be caustic and bad to breath in. It’s not environmentally friendly. You may be allergic to it. Baking soda and regular white vinegar is less irritating, although vinegar can have strong fumes. But at 3%, which is what most grocery stores carry, it just smells like dill pickles. You can open a window if it bothers you. 

Why Not Use the Self Cleaning Oven Button?

self cleaning oven

I know many people have self cleaning ovens, but not everyone does. Even if you do, your manufacturer’s guide may advise you to not use harsh chemicals on it. Or, you may have a self cleaning oven but choose not to use it because it makes your whole house smell for hours.

I always run my Venta airwasher air purifier, humidifier and diffuser when I use the self cleaning feature. Using self cleaning also gets very HOT which makes your entire kitchen hot.

Last of all, there are strong fumes from the process of burning oven stains off. In rare cases, the heat from the cleaning cycle has actually damaged the oven. 

How to Clean Oven Stains on Bottom of Oven

If you have any stubborn black stains on the bottom of your oven and have more time to let this sit, use this method.  I wish it was easier to do on the sides, back and top of your oven! But gravity makes it difficult.

Hope you enjoyed this method. Remember that ovens and appliances are made of different materials. So what works for one, may not work as well on another.

What scratches a cheaper steel may not scratch another. I believe in buying easier to clean, quality appliances that will last for years. The less grooves and ledges the easier they are to clean.

I’ve cleaned enough cheaper made appliances to know that it makes a big difference. So choose your oven wisely if you’re getting a new one. And keep up on the cleaning. Otherwise, I hope this helps you!

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