Ghostbed vs Purple – and the Mattress Winner Is…

This post was most recently updated on December 17th, 2019

Curious about the difference between the popular Purple mattress and Ghostbed? Me too. The two companies have been long rivals and unfortunately have even been in a lawsuit over the Purple powder issue. I’ve wanted to sleep on and test out a Ghost bed mattress for over a year now. I got a Purple mattress from the company right when they came out and we’ve slept on it for almost two years now, so I definitely have more time sleeping on Purple.

This post has been long overdue and I have a lot to say…so keep reading! Note that we may earn a commission when you shop through our links.

Ghost vs Purple

Ghostbed vs Purple
Ghostbed mattress Photo Copyright 2017 Janet Thaeler


Purple vs Ghostbed
Purple Mattress Photo Copyright 2017 Janet Thaeler

I didn’t want to get a free mattress from Ghostbed because I didn’t want to feel any pressure to give it a positive or negative review. Also, there is a volatile history between these companies. So I tried to find ways to get a Ghostbed without asking for a review mattress. 

When friends told me they bought a Ghostbed I asked them if I could come over and watch them open it and lie down on it. They forgot to (maybe on purpose?) but just recently I got to borrow a Ghostbed and sleep on it (with a mattress protector on the whole time, of course). I’ve had it for a few weeks now. Finally! Now I feel like I can speak to the differences.

Foam Layers and Sleep Temperature

First, the composition of the mattress. You have to be aware of this fundamental difference to make a judgement if you’ll prefer one bed over another.

Purple is made with stretchy purple stuff on the top layer, then it’s all foam. The grid like top makes it very unique. The fact that it has ZERO MEMORY FOAM does too. Purple isn’t a bed that you sink into, it’s one you lie on top of. Think of it as cradling your body more than enveloping it.

Ghostbed is foam and memory foam only. So it has a slower response time – if you push down on it – it takes longer to bounce back. So if you like memory foam, you’re going to automatically lean towards a Ghostbed. If you don’t, you can eliminate it. I wouldn’t call Ghostbed a classic memory foam mattress – it has a good blend so you don’t sink in too much (although it does get softer over time. The GhostBed also has Synthetic rubber latex which they say is primarily for its stability in delivery and processability. Normally latex adds some bounce and longevity to a mattress. Natural latex is popular for eco-friendly mattresses, but in this case it’s not enough to be noticeable.

Memory foam is known to sleep warmer than other types of materials. Purple says they’re temperature neutral. I found Ghostbed to be normal when it comes to temperature regulation. However, Ghostbed has a new Luxe model that’s made to sleep cooler. I haven’t tried it so I can’t comment on it.

This is too subjective to call a winner…


Purple mattress is the shortest mattress I’ve reviewed or slept on that’s over $200 (I reviewed an 8″ mattress). However, it’s not a tall mattress and that was immediately apparent to us. It’s 9.5 inches thick. I’m hopeful/confident that they’ll come out with a thicker model that you can order online.

Ghostbed is a thicker mattress and it’s 11 inches thick. While online mattress brands are usually not as tall as showroom type mattresses you find in a mattress store, Ghostbed comes a lot closer to having that tall, luxury profile.

Ghostbed wins.

Ghost vs Purple Bed

Prices and Sizes

Here are the dimensions and prices of a Purple bed:

Size Price
Twin XL Dimensions: 37.5" x 79.5" x 9.5" $749
Full Dimensions: 54" x 76" x 9.5" $949
Queen Dimensions: 59.5" x 79.5" x 9.5" $1099
King Dimensions: 75.5" x 79.5" x 9.5" $1399
California King Dimensions: 71.5" x 83.5" x 9.5" $1399
Twin 38” x 75” x 9.25” $649

Here are the sizes and prices of Ghostbed:

Size Price
Twin Dimensions: 38” x 75” 58 lbs $795
Twin XL Dimensions: 38” x 80” 62 lbs $650
Full Dimensions: 54” x 75” 78 lbs $775
Queen Dimensions: 60” x 80” 89 lbs $795
King Dimensions: 76” x 80” 112 lbs $975
California King Dimensions: 72” x 84” 112 lbs $995

If you go on price alone, the Ghostbed cost wins. Every Ghostbed mattress costs under $1,000. Right now they have a special of $100 off plus 2 free pillows. The Purple queen comes in at $999 and it’s above $1,000 from there. They don’t discount but occasionally run promotions where you get a free seat cushion or sheets.

Ghostbed has both a twin and a twin XL where Purple has only a twin XL. When you put 2 twins together you get a king. Put two twin XLs together to make a California king. Twin XLs are a little longer and that makes them ideal for a split king adjustable bed frame.

However the resale values and sales (I don’t have data here) point to Purple being more popular overall. Again, this is subjective.

Return Policy, Trial Period, and Warranty

First, I’m going to point out that most warranties are for manufacturing defects and that’s about it. No one wants to come pick up and dispose of a mattress that someone has slept on for 10 years. Plus one person’s idea of what’s extreme and another person’s is very different. You usually have to have severe indentations of several inches deep to qualify. All in all I think they’re largely worthless except if your mattress was made wrong or has a defect. Again, my opinion…

Purple trial and warranty

Purple mattress has a 100 night warranty initially and a 10 year full replacement warranty.

Ghostbed trial and warranty

Ghostbed has a 101 Night Sleep Trial Period and a 20-year warranty.

Ghostbed wins.

Better Bureau Rating

I think this is telling. I’m pretty sure Ghostbed used to have an F but as of this writing, it’s a D. Not good. Here’s Ghostbed’s Better Business Bureau rating. Some complain of Ghostbed return process being difficult.

Interestingly, one of the complaints was over the rivalry between Purple and Ghostbed:

Ghostbed misled me through fake advertisement and paid reviewers to dissuade my purchase of a purple mattress. After long research and their lawsuiy, i had the courage to purchase a purple mattress. I waitedonths before purchase and even considered the ghost bed as a replacement. I am very happy with my purple purchase and really upset these social media manipulators tried to scare me put of my purchase. They also banned me for liking purple from their social media websites and pages.

Purple mattress has an A rating on the Better Business Bureau. There was mention of the powder issue and manufacturing or shipping issues but overall a much stronger rating than Ghostbed.

Purple wins.

I polled some moms on Facebook about Ghostbed (because I already know much more about Purple). I got some positive, a lot of neutral and one negative review and I’m citing it mostly because of the return part.

Worst experience of our life as a mattress!! The mattress never filled out even after weeks, wherever it was folded it stayed indented. We read ‘recommendations & thought we were purchasing the best. Trying to return it was chaos. They finally returned our money & said to keep it but it was so bad that we took it to the dump. Hope u have better luck!


Both companies offer:

    • Pillows (here’s my Purple pillow review)
    • Mattress protector
    • Bed foundation (Ghostbed frame matches and has a look like a box spring, while Purple has a basic metal bed base)

which you can use by itself or drop into any headboard/footboard bed frame.

  • Adjustable beds, although Ghostbed’s is significantly less expensive and seems to have most of the same features of the Purple powerbase)

In addition, Purple offers

  • The world’s most stretchy sheets
  • A seat cushion made of the stretchy stuff


I found the two beds very similar firmness – about a medium firm. I expected Ghostbed to both mattresses to be softer than they are but overall I like the firmness level of both mattresses.

Funny Names

Both mattresses have funny names! Purple is named Purple because it’s the color of royalty and you’ll sleep like a king or queen on Purple. Ghostbed is named because the owner was afraid of ghosts hiding under his bed as a kid. Both are fun and playful. I think it’s funny there’s another mattress brand named after a ghost – Casper!

Where They’re Made

Both mattresses are made in the USA.

Replacement Cover

I love this – both Purple and Ghostbed have removeable and replaceable covers. It’s an important feature. If you spill or the cover gets gross you can unzip it and wash it. Or if you decide to sell your mattress you can replace the cover first. They usually come with a price though – $100 to $200 from what I know.

Offgassing or Mattress Smell

This one took me off guard. I found zero off gassing or smell with a Purple mattress but I found it to be an issue with Ghostbed. Since Ghostbed is made in the US I didn’t think off gassing would be much of an issue. I couldn’t smell anything in the room at all when I slept on it. However, I’ve become very sensitive to the particular mattress off gassing smell. If a pillow has it I won’t ever sleep on that pillow again. If a bed has it I let it air out and it hasn’t been an issue long term. For me the symptoms are waking up with a particular headache and watery/achy eyes. Unfortunately, even though I used my own pillow (my favorite pillow), I woke up with the tell tale sign.

I find it ironic given Ghostbed seems to be associated with the Purple mattress white powder issue and talks about possible health effects (of which I’ve experienced none), however I had an immediate reaction to Ghost bed or I would’ve slept on it more nights. I just can’t handle that smell and how I feel in the morning after sleeping on a Ghostbed.

Winner: Purple.


Honestly, even though on paper it looks like a tie, I prefer Purple to Ghostbed by a long shot. But I have friends who love their Ghostbed. My problem with Ghostbed is I’m sensitive to chemical smells. Also, I missed the effect from the stretchy stuff – it has low motion transfer which means I don’t wake up at night when my tall/bigger husband moves or gets out of bed. That used to be a big source of sleep deprivation for me that’s largely gone once we got a Purple mattress. We still have issues with snoring and so the adjustable bed is on my list with that anti-snore button, however the price is pretty steep for a Purple powerbase. It’s more likely I’d go with this one (neither brand likely makes their own adjustable bed, most get them from Reverie anyway).

Ghost purple

What about you – what mattress is the winner? Purple or Ghostbed?

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