Genetic Testing for Weight Loss – My Experience with Liv Genetics

Do you know that everyone is unique when it comes to weight loss? Genetics play a big role in how sensitive you are to different types of food. Everyone’s genetic structure is different (even in the same family) and it doesn’t change throughout your life. But if you don’t know what works for you, you’ll keep trying and failing at losing weight.

A few months ago I took a genetic test for weight loss. Why? I was so frustrated by not losing weight despite my push to exercise consistently and harder than I ever have before. Besides that, I tried to eat healthy, count calories, go on diets and yet my weight stayed stuck or I even gained. So frustrating! In fact, I got so frustrated, I practically gave up. 
Then I heard about this test. Right away I knew I wanted to take it, bought it, and could hardly wait to get the results!

A genetics weight loss test determines:

  • How long, frequently and intensely you need to exercise
  • What foods you need to eat (protein, fat and carb balance)
  • What supplements will help or not help you lose weight

Best Genetic Testing for Weight Loss

I looked at different genetics tests and most were very specific to one thing. Just diet. Just exercise. I really like this one because it’s one price and gives you a lot more information.
Genetic testing for weight loss reviews: as a comparison, a genetic test report from another company recommended things that are already common knowledge, such as: avoid fast food, limit red meat, and get adequate rest. The only specific conclusion they give was that if you follow the recommendations (which are common sense for everyone), you would weigh 9-12% less than the average population. Thanks, not helpful.
Another charged for each piece and focused more on food sensitivities.

Liv International Genetics Test

Here’s an overview of the steps you take (pretty universal) when you purchase your test. Pretty universal, except for the information is so much higher quality and specific to you. And they give you a free consultation, which is so valuable and helped me solidify what I need to do.
How it works:
Step 1: Order the kit here.
Step 2: Get the kit in the mail and follow the instructions to do a saliva test. Send the swab to the lab in the envelope they provide.
Step 3: Get an email with your results (it takes about a month).
You also get a free 20 minute consult to go over everything, which is a big deal. One on one help is so important. Just think of how much a nutritionist costs or a personal trainer or diets. You get so much information to guide you for the rest of your life in losing and then maintaining your weight.
Liv Genetics weight loss kit
weight management genetic test – photo of the genetics test box
The information you get seems simple but it comes from 100s of different tests they do to determine what you specifically need to do to lose weight. This test concentrates on the most researched and highly functional genetic markers that encode for fat sensitivity, insulin resistance, glucose balance, and your physiological response(s) to exercise. The results are simple to follow, customized and easy to implement into your lifestyle. 
genetics weight loss test
Here’s what the DNA sample part looks like:
DNA weight loss kit
If I had any criticism I’d say they could redesign the instructions to make them easier to follow. Some parts were a little confusing and I was afraid I’d do something wrong, but it worked out. Whew!
I was shocked to hear them tell me, “you have one of the best tests I’ve ever seen.” Here’s what I learned.

Genetics Test Results for Exercise

genetics test what to eat
Screenshot of the genetics test results, explanation

According to my test, 10% of the time I need to do low intensity exercise like walking. 90% of the time I need high intensity exercise or 120-145 heart beats per minute (bpm). However, I only need to exercise for 30-45 mins, 4x a week at that intensity.
Some people have to exercise for longer and for higher intensities, I guess that’s one reason they said I was lucky! They may have to jog faster or for longer to get the same results.
Now I know that I need to work out 4x a week for about a half and hour. I know my target heart rate. Or I do 2x a week for an hour. Once a week I do low intensity. No more spending 5 days a week at the gym!!! I like the gym but I don’t stress about it at all, I just focus on my goal.
Changes I made: I stopped taking one hour spin classes or doing high intensity workouts that get my heart rate up higher than it needs to be. Plus they’re  exhausting. Instead I focus on keeping my heart rate in the range of 120-145 bpm. 
Note: I like OrangeTheory Fitness right now. I dropped my membership from unlimited to 2 classes a week. Instantly saved money and time. They track your heart rate so I keep it in the heart rate zone from my test. 

Genetics Test Results for Diet

what to eat genetics results
My tests gave me my macros, which are 25% fat, 40% protein, and 35% carbs. This surprised me because I thought that I was much more carb sensitive than I am.
I also need to reduce my portions and keep in mind that a serving is a palm size amount of food. For fats, it’s only a thumb’s size. It’s a lot less than I realize!
My favorite way to get protein is through Liv International’s vanilla protein powder (go to the site and click “products” on the top right to learn more). I love it in just water because it dissolves completely (no clumps) and tastes good to me. So I drink it and that’s a fast/easy breakfast. I take it on trips, no blender or blender bottle needed (like with other brands I’ve tried that taste awful if I don’t blend them with ice).  
Changes I made: I try to get protein in and I know that a diet like Keto isn’t the best choice for me since it emphasizes fat. I’ve never had the willpower for keto. I try to eat healthy carbs. My calories are set at 1500 per day. I’ve been as low as 1200 so that’s actually a relief! I know my macros so I can check recipes or food to see where I’m at.

Genetics Test Results for Supplements

Turns out that I’m one of the 35% of the population who will be helped by taking CLA, which helps fat loss. Everyone else is wasting their time/money because it won’t help them. Taking LEAN from Liv International every day. 3 capsules a day gives me 2400 mg of CLA.
Liv Smart also recommends drinking their greens drink, Green 20. I’m better at drinking it when I feel like I’m about to get sick or just got off a plane and need to boost my immune system. Liv Skinny is a powder I add to my protein to help with sugar cravings.
Changes I made: I take Lean every day and my body fat is going down. I can feel the difference over time if I don’t take it. I also drink protein and Liv Skinny to keep me full and reduce cravings for simple carbs. This is huge! I used to eat a candy bar most days after breakfast because I craved it so much. I can drink protein and cut that way back. I’m not into extremes but I was extremely addicted to sweets!

Why Exercise and Diets Don’t Work the Same for Everyone

A lot of people work hard to lose weight and spend a ton of time in the gym but never lose weight. You can exercise too much and your body produces cortisol and other things that stop you from losing. It can cause belly fat (have you seen people at the gym who never seem to lose weight?, that’s why!).
Every diet/exercise program doesn’t work for everyone. Trainers or classes you take at the gym often push you to work hard when you may not need to push that much to get results. It can even work against you. Again, not everyone is the same. I’ve paid $50 an hour for a trainer and saw results but it was tough to maintain and expensive. As I get older I find I can’t push myself that much more every time.

My Results so Far – 2 Months In

Sleep and keeping my stress levels down are important. So is mindset. I love this book and listen to it on CD in the car (because my car still has a CD player). Emotional stress is interpreted by your body as a threat and it responds by holding onto weight as a protection. You learn why restricting yourself backfires and makes you want more.
Some parts of the book are a bit out there for me but overall it helped me understand things I’ve heard before but more comprehensively. I still haven’t done the visualization part consistently though. Consistency and boredom with the same old is a struggle for me.
It’s hard to believe that it’s only been a few months since I learned and started to implement what I learned from this genetics test. It seems so intuitive now. I know what I need to do and it’s not hard. I don’t get swayed by every diet out there or get discouraged.
Psychologically it’s been worth every cent to get this information. I’d really gotten discouraged when nothing was working! I resigned myself to being heavier than I want to be! Still, I’ve saved myself a lot of time and money already. 
Now I’m fitting into clothes that I haven’t fit into for years. Clothes I almost got rid of because I had no hope of wearing them, fit me now! I feel slender and like myself again. Last I checked I’d only lost 3 lbs so I decided not to weigh myself now and go by how I look and feel. Whatever works for you, do that!
My husband comments on how I’ve stayed in good shape. Even my daughter said I look good. The best part is, I’m not stressed about my weight anymore! I look forward to getting to my goal weight and staying there.

In case you didn’t know, Liv International has an MLM model, but I don’t like to have pressure to reorder or to work through a distributor so they set up a RETAIL model. Yes, you order everything online through their website. No points or autoship required. Hooray!

If I could change anything I wish I would’ve ordered this test before trying their products. Plus I would’ve taken this test years ago – it would’ve saved me so much grief!

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