Watch Edited Game of Thrones Episodes with VidAngel or Unedited on Amazon

This post was most recently updated on May 6th, 2020

You used to be able to rent Game of Thrones on VidAngel (filtered so you can skip the gratuitous violence and profanity).

You can Watch Game of Thrones Seasons 1-8 EDITED. They filter to reduce profanity, violence and other content. Some people wonder, after you filter the show, what’s left to watch? According to VidAngel, not as much as you think. If you apply all filters, some episodes lose about 10-15 minutes, some only 4.

HBO started the epic medieval fantasy show that shows two powerful families — “kings and queens, knights and renegades, liars and honest men — playing a deadly game for control of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, and to sit atop the Iron Throne.” The series was filmed in Northern Ireland and Malta. Game of Thrones TV series is based on a best-selling book series called “A Song of Ice and Fire” (available here).

HBO won’t provide online streaming rights to Netflix for Game of Thrones, so it’s not on Netflix anymore. You can get it on DVD on Amazon. Or, you can rent episodes of Game of Thrones Episodes by show or season on Amazon.

List of Game of Thrones Episodes you Can Stream Online

Click the links below to go to that season on Amazon.

Game of Thrones Season 1

Game of Thrones Season 2

Game of Thrones Season 3

Games of Thrones Season 4

Games of Thrones Season 5

Game of Thrones Season 6

Game of Thrones Season 7

Game of Thrones Season 8

How to Watch Game of Thrones Online – FREE!

Here’s how to watch Game of Thrones all episodes FREE.

If you have Amazon Prime (which is $99 a year and has a ton of benefits including free 2-day shipping), you can add a subscription to HBO. There is a FREE 30-Day Trial so it will not cost you a cent as long as you cancel in time.

They have many more popular TV shows and blockbuster movies to choose from too!  No cable necessary so it’s great for cord cutters. It has all the same shows as HBO and can watch on Amazon Channels anywhere, anytime. Read the terms here.

  • Video subscriptions don’t have any setup or cancellation fees.
  • There is no minimum duration—as long as you’re an eligible Prime member, you can start and cancel HBO at any time.
  • “Premium channel subscriptions you have with your cable or satellite provider, and standalone subscriptions you’ve purchased directly from the subscription provider are separate services, and cannot be used with Amazon Video.”
  • Go to the Game of Thrones page on Amazon.

Here are the links to get Prime and HBO free for 30 days:
Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial and then add a 7 Day HBO Free Trial


Game of Thrones on Netflix

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