FRAUD: The Dangerous Trampoline I Bought on Amazon and How I Lost $300

Even though this happened last year, I’ve been too mad about it to write about it until now. I’ve been a loyal Amazon shopper since at least 2012(7 years) but it doesn’t matter.

They didn’t address this fraud and I was out $300 and a considerable amount of time and work. In addition, I lost the $100 I paid to have it assembled.

I’m convinced I would’ve won in small claims court but I didn’t have the energy to fight it. 

Zupapa trampoline fake on Amazon

What I Ordered on Amazon: ZUPAPA Trampoline

What I ordered (this is the actual title): Zupapa 15 14 12 FT TUV Approved Trampoline with Enclosure net and Poles Safety Pad Ladder Jumping Mat Rain Cover, Blue (12)

trampoline order amazon

It has over 800 5-star reviews on Amazon (though Fakespot says a lot of them are fake). This is an affiliate link but if you’re going to buy one, don’t buy it from Amazon, buy it from the Zupapa website.

It was on sale when I bought it. I should’ve known the price was too good to be true. But somehow the listing for Zupapa and the fake were the same. However, a Zupapa trampoline is more like $700, not $300. That should’ve been my first clue that something was wrong. 

The trampoline I was expecting has a 10 year warranty on the frame and a 2 year warranty on the jumping mat and springs. The one I got had NO warranty and a 30 day return policy (Amazon’s return policy) with you paying the return shipping cost to China. Which let me tell you, is as much as the trampoline. 

I spent considerable time researching to find the right trampoline and I felt confident. It needed to be able to support enough weight that my husband and daughter could be on it at the same time. He alone exceeds the weight limit on most trampolines.

This was a Christmas present for my 6 year old. Our last trampoline blew away in a wind storm despite having weights that were supposed to prevent such mishaps. We really missed the exercise and outdoor time we had when we had a trampoline so I decided to buy another one.

Since this was a Christmas gift, the 30 days Amazon gives you to return an item was up before the present was even opened. We didn’t jump on it until the spring when things thawed out. 

I hired someone to assemble it because I’m terrible at things like that and I wanted the trampoline to be SAFE. As much as trampolines could be. 

What I got: a Cheap KnockOff Brand from ZOKEO

ZOKEO trampoline fraud

What I got instead of what I ordered, is another brand trampoline altogether. I can’t find the name but the instruction book was the first clue. It didn’t say Zupapa. The supplier name is ZOKEO which is similar enough to Zupapa that I didn’t notice. Somehow this seller has perfect reviews. 

You can almost see the sprayed on brand name that isn’t Zupapa. Can you see that the support legs are cheap and that the entire thing is already bowing? This is a safety hazard waiting to happen!!

The photos are all of Zupapa brand trampoline and warranty. Even today you can order this trampoline from ZOKEO and get a totally different product.

See how the legs are completely different from Zupapa? No wonder they didn’t have the replacement parts!


Note to self, always confirm that the listing company is the same as the supplier. Sometimes they have different names but are legit. Make sure to do your research. 

They are not authorized resellers of Zupapa trampolines. In fact, they are likely located in China. 

The trampoline was awful – the poles were cheap and already giving out and bending after a month of light use. Our daughter could’ve been severely injured. 

One day when we were outside my husband ordered us off the trampoline and said THROW IT AWAY, it’s NOT SAFE. He couldn’t believe it and thought it was a miracle that it hadn’t collapsed already.


It was missing screws, which I tried to get from ZOKEO before I realized they were frauds.


When that didn’t work I went directly to ZUPAPA, not realizing that they wouldn’t have my order because they had nothing to do with this transaction. EVEN THOUGH ON AMAZON I ORDERED A ZUPAPA BRAND TRAMPOLINE.

This is the first time I start to think maybe I’ve been a victim of fraud…

They admit they don’t have the parts to the trampoline I got because they’re completely different than the product I was sent.

Confirmed. “It’s an imitation brand”.

After a lot more emails, ZOKEO agrees to a refund. I’m elated!!

But my hopes are dashed when I learn how much return shipping will be if I can even get it all back in the box…here’s their response. A $20 REFUND. For some reason shipping to California is going to take a long time???? By the way, it’s now JUNE. 

It’s like going to a shoe store and trying on a pair of Nike’s and getting home and realizing that inside the shoe it was a brand that you’ve never heard of that’s a cheap Chinese knock off and the store doing NOTHING to help you. In real life, they’d go out of business if they did that. Even if it wasn’t their fault.

The fraud version of the trampoline has NO WARRANTY. Terrible customer service (first they offered a refund and then reneged on it and offered to refund me $20).

Amazon was pretty useless in this process. I got a ruling back from them that denied my claim. So I appealed. They denied it again. Later, I got a confirmation of a refund but no recourse when nothing happened. 

Realizing that this was not going to get resolved, we threw the trampoline in the trash and cut our losses. 

Unfortunately this is something that happens a lot on Amazon. And if are pretty much on your own. I still order from Amazon but I’m more wary when it comes to bigger purchases.

Granted, this is my first and only bad experience in all of these years of being an Amazon customer. However, I was sorely disappointed that I had no recourse and instead of the fraudsters being shut down or paying, they are still allowed to continue to dupe customers.

I consider myself a savvy consumer. I thought Amazon would have my back when I had evidence of the fraud. But no, they did NOTHING.

To this day we don’t have a trampoline. We don’t like throwing our money away. We’re also convinced that next time we will have to do an in-ground trampoline. It’s just too risky with high winds and stakes that bend in the wind!

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