Food Coach Greg Recommends on his YouTube Channel

I’ve recently binge watched YouTube videos from bodybuilder Greg Doucette, known as Coach Greg on YouTube. He’s fun to watch with his tough love style, but it can take a lot of videos to get to the details that I was craving. I want to eat high density, low calorie foods like he recommends.

You can buy Greg’s cookbook for $100 on his website, but that’s pretty steep and for now I’m starting with the foods he recommends on his channel.

The motivation for this was from my brother who’s a bodybuilder and already strong and lean. He’s always trying different eating plans and to get his waist size down. But with the advice from Coach Greg he lost 18 lbs. Weight he never needed to lose. But I was inspired that I could lose more than 5 lbs. if I follow it.

The idea is to go slow and not to go fast for weight loss.

3 Weight Loss Tips from Coach Greg

He builds his weight loss advice on the following key points. This is for long term weight loss.

  • Eat more low calorie, dense foods like vegetable and fruits. Eat a salad before meals to cut calories. 1 lb of spinach is only 100 calories. He’s more for frequent meals during the day but it’s more important that you get the calories under.
  • Do cardio every day. Like these free OrangeTheory home workouts. He says not to do HIIT. Rather, if you’re doing a workout on a treadmill, reduce the speed and keep the incline up and go longer. Don’t hold onto the sides.
  • Burn more calories than you eat. You need a calorie deficit to lose weight. He is all about counting calories and weighing/measuring food so you lose weight. a head of lettuce is a lot to eat and has maybe 100 calories but a candy bar that’s smaller and will leave you feeling hungry is 3x that!

Greg acts like it’s so easy to find the food he uses in his videos, but I haven’t found that to be the case. It’s hard to find if you follow his methods. So I compiled a list of foods Coach Greg loves and mentions in his videos, to hopefully make life easier for you, too. We may earn a commission when you shop through our links.

Foods Coach Greg Recommends

This video has his protein ice cream recipe. It uses an unusual ingredient called guar/xanthan powder which is a thickener.

Coach Greg’s Salad Recipe

Greg likes to fill up on low calorie salads and wraps. This isn’t exact, but he’ll add pickles, raspberries, tomatoes, red onions, spinach, peas, romaine and ice burg lettuce. For his dressing, he has a mix of Dijon Mustard, Kraft Sweet Onion, a Low Calorie Syrup (he uses Mrs. Butterworth’s sugar free, or you can use Walden Farms), Guy’s sugar free BBQ sauce, Parmesan Cheese, 8 oz Chicken Breast, and Splenda (this is in his Top 5 Veggies video).

The Secret to Long Term Weight/Fat Loss and Keeping It Off Explained by Coach Greg

Here’s my favorite video from Coach Greg:

I spent quite a bit of time rounding up and finding these resources so I could refer back to them and start eating better again. The fall is always my down fall and I don’t mean in weight. It’s Halloween season and chocolate bars are on sale. It’s tough to resist Snickers calling to me!! But filling up on the kinds of food that Greg makes is the key to not craving junk. And it takes some planning ahead if you’re not in the habit of eating like this.

Hope this helps you, too!

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