Flo Vitamins – Do They Help with PMS?

My quest is to make my periods less a mess. Emotionally. Physically and just the stress of the monthly things we put up with as women. As I’ve gotten older this is more of a struggle. So, being a problem solver, I wanted to know what would help my periods. I want them lighter. More even moods. And easier.

First, I want to tell you that PMS products like this can CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Keep reading to see what I decided works best for me. 

Flo Vitamins

Flo vitamins

The first thing I tried is MixHer HerTime Classic (I may earn a commission on purchases, I don’t care if you use my link for helping you find this product or not, I believe in it, regardless. This just made me spend the hour writing about it to help others).

You just mix the powder in water and drink it down. You drink it 3 days before your period starts and then 7 days through (even if your period is shorter than seven days). Easy and IT WORKED. However, it’s a bit pricey and so I decided to subscribe to save money. But I couldn’t get the website to work and finally, in desperation, I decided to try Flo. 

Flo Vitamins are gummies, so they’re soft and you chew them. Take 2 a day. They’re supposed to help alleviate cramps, bloating, acne & mood swings. I leave mine out on the counter so I don’t forget. They are happy looking with great packaging…so I hoped they worked too! I’ve been taking them for about 2 months now.


Flo Ingredients

Flo gummies contain Chinese herbs as well as vitamins: chasteberry, dong quai, and lemon balm, and Vitamin B6. Normally, Chinese herbs don’t taste good or it’s a pain to take them. Flo makes it much easier and tastier.

Flo Taste

At first I liked the taste but over time I like the taste less. It started to taste a little like maple syrup to me and are overly sweet. No big deal though. I take them, no problem. I just don’t love the taste. 

Flo Vitamins Cost

If you subscribe, it’s about $25 a month for Flo vitamins. I do like that they have a Happiness Guarantee, which lets you try Flo risk-free for 2 months to make sure these vitamins are right for you.

HerTime in glass

Does Flo Work?

Flo does help with my moods, cramps and generally makes my period easier to handle. I still got sore breasts and a little moodiness but better than without Flo. So, yes it works. However, it didn’t help as much with having a lighter period. It’s still not as long, but I have more heavier days than when I took MixHers’ product.

MixHers did what I most needed – it evened out my moods and made my period lighter and shorter. It worked from the first month too. So by day 2 my life was back again! Read my MixHers HerTime Classic experience here.

HerTime Classic has different ingredients than Flo. It has Siberian ginseng, Chinese licorice, giant kelp leaf, dong quai, and white peony root for hormone balance. So both contain dong quai and some B vitamins. 

It’s geared towards menopausal woman and the woman of childbearing age. It has more vitamins too: Vitamin D, various B vitamins, and folic acid. 

But it TASTES AMAZING. I have the watermelon flavor and it’s good even without the benefits, just as a refreshing drink. I don’t get sick of it. It’s yummy. However, sometimes I don’t have water and just chewing a gummy is easier, so for that reason I like Flo better. But I only need to drink HerTime 10 days a month, instead of taking a gummy every day. 

Hormone Balance

I recently had my hormone levels checked with a blood test. My doctor was genuinely impressed that my progesterone and estrogen levels looked so good. I’m sure they weren’t before. I had 2 miscarriages and had to take progesterone to maintain a pregnancy. 

Flo Vs HerTime Classic

I feel lots better. I don’t go through the emotional upheaval that’s hurt my marriage. I’m much more even tempered. So to me, both products are WORTH IT. However, HerTime is better for me, by far. After I finish my last jar, I’m going straight back to HerTime.

Use my link and the discount code JANETT to save 10% on your MIXHERS HERTIME CLASSIC order.

I credit these products for helping even out my hormones naturally and make my periods SO MUCH BETTER. I will buy this product until I don’t need it anymore, no question. The cost is WORTH it. 

So if you know a woman who struggles every month, I absolutely recommend these (especially MixHers). They are lifesavers. 

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