Rent out Your Room, Basement, Garage or Driveway With Neighbor

This post was most recently updated on July 1st, 2019

Utah Moms, are you interested in a way to make money renting out extra space storage in your home? Or, are you looking for an alternative to high priced public storage units? Meet your new Neighbor!

Have you ever heard of Airbnb where you can rent out your home or extra rooms or stay in someone else’s home? Airbnb is an alternative to hotels. Well, a Utah company has an alternative to public storage units. It’s called Neighbor.

Basically, is a new online marketplace that connects people with unused space to those in need of storage. You can lease extra rooms in your home, or even your driveway, shed or other storage space. They recently contacted me to work with bloggers to help get the word out.

Neighbor is ideal for

  • Utah homeowners to turn unused space (like an unfinished basement, closet or garage) into extra monthly income
  • Finding storage space near you for around 50% cheaper than public storage units and without long contracts

You can rent space as small as 5×5 (part of your closet) or as much as an RV parking spot.

How Neighbor Works

I tried out Neighbor to see how it works. First, I created an account. Then I listed some storage space in our basement that we’ve never used. The space is totally empty and is made of concrete. I described it and included the measurements (it’s not air conditioned and anyone renting it will have access with notice). Next, I uploaded a photo of the room and set a price of $50 per month. I set the terms and answered the questions. Neighbor then gave me a suggested price based on the information I provided. To complete the registration process I was required to verify my email and phone number as well as upload my driver’s license.

Here’s one picture of the space I listed:

extra space storage utah

This is what the dashboard looks like. You can see the first email I got from an interested renter.

I actually didn’t think anyone would be interested and was only listing my space to see how the whole system worked. There’s no way Stephen wants more stuff – especially someone else’s things in our house for any price. I also wasn’t sure if anyone near me would be interested since I live near Ogden and Neighbor is more popular in Salt Lake and Utah County (but growing even out of state).

The next day I already had an inquiry (by email) and they were serious about moving their things in immediately! I had to explain that I was testing the system and unfortunately didn’t have the space to rent. Honestly, I was shocked at how fast and easy the whole process was.

Tips for Finding Utah Storage Space

● Search for storage locally and in the surrounding areas to find the most competitive price, then contact the person listing their space

● Communicate effectively with host once the reservation is placed

Tips for Renting Out Your Utah Storage Space

Hosts can make $20-200 a month 

● Make sure the space is clean – just like listing your home for sale you want to take nice pictures that showcase the space that you have to rent

● Upload 3-5 photos of the space (photos taken on a phone should be done horizontally to avoid having the image flip) – you can even include a video

● Offer a good detailed description of the space

● Be responsive to renters when they contact you

● Price your space competitively

● If you have enough space then consider listing multiple spaces of differing sizes

Most Demanded Space Size is the following (varies depending on how large your space is) and if it’s an indoor or outdoor space:

  •  10×10 – $40-60
  • Outdoor Vehicle/RV/Boat – $60-100
  • Indoor Vehicle/RV/Boat – $80-150

Neighbor Video

Neighbor was recently featured on Good Things Utah. You can see the video on their Facebook page here about how they got started and how it all works. In exchange for brokering the transaction, Neighbor keeps a small percent as a transaction fee.  I’m also an affiliate of Neighbor and think it’s a great concept!

I really love finding creative income sources like this. If you have an empty basement and want to Rent out your space in Utah or if you’re looking for temporary storage for your stuff – check out Neighbor.

What do you think? Would you like to try Neighbor? Let me know if you have any questions I can help answer!

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