Evermore Park is the #1 New Utah Attraction for Families

Last night we attended the grand opening of Evermore, a park in Pleasant Grove, Utah as invited guests. The opening has been highly anticipated and years in the making. So many actors, builders, musicians and other professionals have been working to build up to this night. Besides just people there are animals like owls, snakes and a horse (that children could ride).

Evermore is located at
382 South Evermore Lane
Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062

Right off Exit 275. It’s surprisingly close to the freeway but once you enter, you feel miles away from this life.

Evermore Review

Evermore Park owl guy

What is Evermore Park?

Evermore is an immersive theatrical park that’s open year-round. It’s designed as an old-world, gothic-styled European village and has characters you can interact with and even get quests from. It’s a place where you can leave regular life behind and let your imagination and playfulness come out.

Evermore is an incredible experience that’s ideal for all ages. It’s a wonderful family activity. It would be an incredible date night. The theme of the park changes every few months but there’s an overall story happening that you can explore by talking to characters and paying attention. You can identify official characters (because some guests get so into the live action role play that they look like they could be employees) – they  wear a golden Evermore Coin necklace.
There’s music, performances and activities waiting for you…

Should I Dress Up?

Yes. Everything is more real if you play along. Dress up in costume, create your own character and participate in the challenges that the characters give you if you ask. Three times a year the theme will change but when we went it was called Lore.

Evermore Park selfie
The park is expanding and you can see construction everywhere but it doesn’t take from how it feels. It feels like you’re a part of it and that you’re somewhere else in a new land.
Come as a participant in a large game and you will be enthralled. We got our tarot card reading in the gypsy tent, saw the alchemist, talked to ghosts about their lives and otherwise participated in it all.
Evermore Park wizard
This is a participatory park not one where you expect to be entertained. We walked so much my feet hurt the next day. It was crowded but it felt so intimate. The different elevation, statues, tents and the details all make the experience.
My daughter and her friend’s daughter loved the leaf guy and they played together for at least 20 minutes. The characters were amazing – so much so that they felt like they were friends. I hope it always has this openness even as it gets more crowded. I expect it to evolve over time and I want to see the steps to get there.
The park is barely beginning – they have 21 acres to fill when it’s completed.
Evermore lady with dragon

Evermore Park Questions and Answers

What is Evermore?
Evermore Park is a theme park. It feels like a movie set where you pay to enter another world and are immersed in the story of the place.  There’s a very strong theme. You could film a movie here!
In the daylight it’s mostly men in cloaks, faires and the like. After dark there are more scary creatures, but nothing too scary for the whole family. Mostly the lights, music and ambiance change to a darker scene.
evermore park lore
Walking in, it’s like a Halloween village. Jack o Lanterns line the walkway. Characters walk around whom you can interact with – like a man with a pony or a ghost or knight. Each has their own story and you won’t learn about it until you stop and talk to them. It’s not like Disneyland where there are long lines either. Somehow, despite the crowds, it felt very organic to interact with the characters.
Evermore park witch
Is there food?
There are concessions (the caramel apples are wonderful and back off near the exit they had soup in a bread bowl for sale). They plan to open a restaurant one day and I’d get reservations immediately because from everything I’ve seen so far it’ll be incredible.
Right now there’s only a small selection of food. Drinks were pricey at $2.50 for a bottle of water. There is popcorn for $2 for a small box and pistachios. I didn’t really get the pistachios. The food was sort of random and didn’t really fit the rest of the experience but this is just the beginning.
Are there rides?
No, there are no rides at Evermore, it’s simply the experience with the props, landscape and people that make it a theme park. I read that they plan to make a train ride but no others. If you want some of the backstory behind Evermore, read this article about the creator.
Although there aren’t rides there are games. Axe throwing and archery had especially long lines as the night went on, so go do those first. You can play chess in the tavern and there are other games. There were plans to have rides, theaters and virtual reality but so far it doesn’t look like there are any plans to offer that.
Evermore Park archery
How long should I plan on staying?
We were there with 3 kids, a baby and 2 adults and we stayed for 4 hours. Our friends stayed another hour later than we did. It stays open until midnight on weekends and we had an hour drive home so we left about 10.
Is Evermore too expensive?
Some people say that Evermore is too expensive and while it isn’t cheap (it’s a highly professional, curated experience not a community event), it’s worth what you’ll pay. You pay more to go to Lagoon or other parks. This is a multi-million dollar production and so it’ll never be cheap to go because it’s never been cheap to put on this level of a production. Tickets are $34 for adults and $19 for children (get tickets online, here).
They had flamethrowers and other performances. A man wandered around playing a violin with glow sticks on his bow. I’m not sure how much it would cost to do axe throwing or archery on its own but think of it like live entertainment, a show and an adventure.
I hope they have season passes because I’ll want to go several times a year. Most theme parks change the decor and add something for an upcoming holiday but Evermore transforms 3x a year.
You can pay for face painting ($10). While you can take pictures and video they prohibit professional photography and plan to have a photo pass or option in the future. There are so many places to take pictures so be ready. One of our favorites was the stone arch. It’s lit up at night in for a Game of Thrones type look.
Evermore arch
What should I bring? 
There’s plenty of room for strollers, wheelchairs, etc. They say no outside food but I’d bring water. On the day we went it was warm but as it gets colder you’ll want to hang out by the open fires and wear warmer clothes – like heavy capes and/or fur.
Wear sturdy shoes that can get dusty. I bet there will be less dust as they finish the park but for now you’re mostly walking on dirt roads and spaces.
The theme right now is English, Victorian, Celtic and Fantasy so if you dress up, try to follow that theme. There were witches in some of the tents but I don’t think you’d feel as part of it if you dressed up as say, a hot dog (my daughter came as a spider which delighted the characters).
Here’s the spider costume we got and we used black eyeliner on her lips . I couldn’t find my blackberry lipsense which is black and stays on for hours. We used costume temporary tattoos for the spider web and my fangs. The fangs came off after a few hours but I loved them because they weren’t uncomfortable. You can’t feel them at all. Note: the links to these costume accessories may result in a commission should you purchase from them.
There’s a bond that happens when you can let go of stress or cares and be fully into an experience. Children love make believe and playfulness and Evermore has more of it than any park I’ve been to.  I saw people using their phones – to take pictures. I didn’t see them checking email or Facebook. Even while you’re waiting you’re in another world.
Even if Mickey is in costume at Disneyland or you get your picture taken with a Marvel superhero at Universal Studios, you don’t often feel like you get to know the character. Shrek at Universal was the best at this but Evermore is that. Everyone with the E medallion on is part of the show and everyone works together to create the whole.
Evermore knight
If I had any complaints I want them to tell us more at the ticket booth. They want you to discover things on your own but we didn’t know about the challenges until it was almost time to leave (from other people who gave us clues). I wish we would’ve gone in knowing that we should find certain people and what kinds of challenges there were or how they worked. It felt way too mysterious and nebulous. I heard there are objects you can look for but we didn’t know that until we got home and I read it in an article. I wish I’d known because that would’ve been fun for the kids too.
Here are the published rules for Evermore:
– Children must be accompanied & supervised by a ticketed adult at all times.
– Guests are allowed to dress up in costume when attending the park.
– Masks, unless worn for medical purposes, may not be worn by guests 13 or older.
– All individuals and bags may be subject to search.
– Alcohol, drugs, fireworks, tobacco, and weapons of any kind (or objects that may be used as weapons) may not be brought into the park.
– Prop foam or plastic weapons allowed (if deemed safe by security).
– No Outside Food or Drink Allowed.
– Pets, other than approved service animals, may not be brought into the park.
– Guests must not touch actors under any circumstance.
– Guests must not impersonate a member of Park staff.
– Commercial video recording and photography are prohibited.
– Any activity deemed unsafe by our staff is prohibited.
– Guests are expected to abide by requests made by Park staff.
Overall, I highly recommend Evermore. Bring your family. Have a fun time. Forget the rest of the world and get introduced and be part of this one.

Evermore Park Video

Here’s a video my friend and I made about our visit to Evermore (Fall 2018)
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