Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner vs Mcculloch Steamer

Steam Cleaners are the best, non toxic, all purpose cleaning machines because they kill germs, bacteria and microorganisms like mold and dust mites. They’re perfect for no or low chemical cleaning. 

Best of all, it gets your home to a new level of clean. You steam clean clothes but you can also steam clean your house. Here, I highlight some of the most important differences between the two steamers. The video at the end of this article goes into much more detail for those who want to know more, including a side by side cleaning demonstration. 

Where to Buy

This is where you can find either steam cleaner. They’re both top selling steam cleaners on Amazon and well-respected brands.

Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner

McCulloch MC1375 Steam Cleaner

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Dupray Steam Cleaner vs McCulloch 

The steam cleaners we compared are the Dupray Neat and the McCulloch MC1375. They are both between $150-200. The price varies. I know you can get a handheld steam cleaner for around $40 but it’s not the same. It is good for a few minutes of cleaning or details because it can only hold a little bit of water.

If you do bigger or longer cleaning jobs, you just can’t beat the workhorse that a regular steam cleaner is! I have 2 steam cleaners and a handheld one. 

Dupray neat steam cleaner
Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner

Unlike a carpet cleaner that sucks up the dirt and water, a steam cleaner loosens dirt and messes with steam. That steam turns to water which you need to wipe off or it will dry and leave the dirt back where it was.

So you need to wipe up the water that’s left. I use Mr Siga microfiber cloths or these microfiber cloths from Microfiber Wholesale. On the Neat steam cleaner, there are also clamps on the triangle and mop tool where you can attach a cloth. However, it’s not very well made and the spring broke on mine. In addition to the Neat, I own the Dupray Tosca. The Tosca is much more sturdy (but also MUCH more expensive). 

Dupray Vs McCulloch

The McCulloch has 2 unique features that the Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner does not:

  • It has this dial they call the Variable Steam Control. You can control how much steam to use.
  • It has a pressure gauge that tells you how hot it is. 

Both have handles, though the Neat’s handle is hidden in the design.

McCulloch MC1375 Steam Cleaner
Neat steam cleaner
The Dupray Neat

Steam Temperature

Water has to be heated to 175 degrees for it to effectively sanitize. 

The McCulloch heats to 212F and the Dupray Neat gets to 290 degrees. So the Dupray gets up to 78 degrees hotter. The difference here is noticeable. 

Both will shoot out some water when you begin but the water will quickly turn to steam.

Filling the Tank

Here’s where the McCulloch made life much easier. It’s easy to fill and it holds a lot of water. The Dupray Neat doesn’t fill as easily but I’ve heard that if you have the steam on while filling it, it goes faster. They both get a bit over an hour of cleaning time. This is subjective because you aren’t cleaning with it on constantly.

Steam Lock Button

It is important to note that both cleaners have a steam lock button. This means you click the steam and it stays on. It frees up your hand and is more than worth it.  If you’ve ever tried cleaning for very long without this feature, you’ll wish you had it. To me it’s a must have. 

This is important because you don’t have to hold it down and it frees up your hand to use more for cleaning. But never point the steam cleaning hose at anyone, because it can burn them if they’re too close. 


The McCulloch weighs 13 lbs compared to the Neat which weighs 9l bs. That being said, they both have wheels. The wheels on the McCulloch are better, bigger and more stable than on the Neat.


As far as accessories, they both have the essentials. However, the McCulloch doesn’t have any bonnets to fit over the triangle tool. It absorbs water and prevents scratching. Plus it evens out the steam. 

If you plan on cleaning cabinets or a stainless steel fridge, the McCulloch has two padded round brushes that won’t leave scratches. 

Dupray Neat Accessories

The nylon brushes and the brass brushes are very high quality and are the same as comes with the $900 Dupray Tosca model (they are interchangeable). You can use brushes for grout, ovens and harder stains. Use for small detail. Just remember in most cases the steam cleans, not scrubbing. Go over the area a few times slowly to remove grime. 

I LOVE the brush to clean my heating vents. I’ve tried so many chemicals and wipes that didn’t work but a steam cleaner got off all of the gray stuff and caked on dust.

Use the triangle tool to cover more area faster. I like the window tool for shower doors, windows and glass. 

Dupray Neat accessories

  • 1 x Rectangular Floor Tool
  • 3 x Microfiber Pads
  • 1 x Window Tool
  • 2 x Extension Tubes
  • 1 x Lance
  • 1 x Microfiber Cloth
  • 1 x Triangular Tool
  • 1 x Triangular Tool Microfiber Bonnet
  • 5 x Nylon Brushes
  • 1 x Brass Brush

McCulloch Steam Cleaner Accessories

McCulloch accessories
  • 16.5″ Extension Wand (2) and 13″x8.5″ Large Mop Head
  • Jet and Angled Nozzle and 3″ Scrapper
  • 4″ Triangle Brush, 6″x4.5″ Large Brush, and Bristle Brush Attachment
  • 1.5″ Brass Utility Brush, 1.5″ Nylon Utility Brush (2), and 2.5″ Round Brush
  • Microfiber Mop Pad, Scrubbing Mop Pad, and 2.5″ Round Scrub Pad (2)
  • Storage Bag, Accessory Net, and Fill Cup

I prefer the mop from McCulloch, the larger head cleans more surface area at a time so you can cut down the time it takes to mop the kitchen floor. I also like the round brush with pad on it. The bag is handy but I really like how the hose fits onto the top, by the handle.

Cord and Hose Length

This is so you can cover large areas without having to unplug and plug back in. Also if you need to use it in the garage or out on the patio, you may not have plugs nearby. The McCulloch wins here because it has a longer hose and cord. 

Cost and Warranty

About $170 for the McCulloch with a 2 year warranty on the entire machine. 

About $149 for the Dupray Neat with a 2 year warranty plus a lifetime warranty on the boiler. 

The Winner?

With so much to take into consideration between these two great products, I ultimately choose the Dupary Neat Steam Cleaner. Overall, it has higher quality accessories and a better warranty.  

Use our links if you decide to buy either one, because by doing so you’re helping support our small business.

What are your preferences between these two and which would you choose? Share your thoughts with us! 

For more details, read my Dupray Neat review.

Also, be sure to check out my Dupray Tosca steam cleaner review. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. I’ve had both for several years.

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