The Hair Care and Hair Spray Dominique Sachse Uses

You know I’m a huge fan of Dominique Sachse and I’ve blogged about her before. It’s often difficult to find the products she recommends in her videos without stopping the video and writing them down. So we’ve made it easier to find exactly what she uses. 

Dominique is so classy and she’s also a news anchor so she’s in the public eye. I feel like she’s my beauty mentor because she’s closer to my age. She has a mix of beauty products that are more pricey and drugstore products so they can fit every budget.

She recently came out with this video about hairspray Dominique loves. I’ve been using the hairspray (Kenra #25) she recommended several years ago, based on her recommendation, but after watching this video, I’m think I’ll switch to Healium!

Watch her recent video and then get the links to the hair and skin care products she mentions, below.

Hair Products Dominique Sachse Loves

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Healium hair products
Hair products – all their products have sunscreen in it SPF, sulfate free, PETA friendly, water soluble (comes out with no residue left in your hair), is color safe, anti aging, and anti fading. To top it all off, it’s a female-owned business. The hold and texture is superior too. It’s brushable and flexible. Anti-aging. Sold in salons and on their website. 

  • FibreFlex hair spray
  • Balance shampoo (impurity cleanser) 
  • Recover conditioner
  • QuickFix leave in conditioner


Skincare and sun protection that’s anti aging. Natural, will absorb into the skin. 

Her routine morning and evening skin care. Glycolic acid, retin A and mix in with honey skin cream. She added vitamin C (helps with hyperpigmentation) with OLE HENRIKSEN Truth Serum Collagen Booster. For dark circles (you didn’t get enough sleep) she talks about banana eye cream from Ole Henriksen. 

She previously mentioned this brush that she loves.

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