Disney World Halloween 2020 Tips for Trips

The CDC recently called Halloween activities like trick or treating a high risk activity. Same with haunted houses. So it looks like regular Halloween is cancelled. For years I’ve wanted to visit a Disney park for Halloween. It’s one of my very favorite holidays. In past years I didn’t want to go because I didn’t want to miss handing out candy and taking our daughter trick-or-treating. But since it’s not happening anyway, our family decided to go to Disney World in Florida this Halloween! 
At the same time Halloween is cancelled because of COVID, the park will be less crowded than ever for a Halloween holiday weekend. So, if you’re thinking of going to Disney World for Halloween too, here are some tips.
One of these tips saved us $350!!
Since we’re not planning to go trick-or-treating and most likely won’t have any parties or trick or treaters coming to our house, it’s the best time to go to Disney World for Halloween. 
The theme park has limited capacity Recently the mayor of Florida said the state plans to open Disney World up to higher capacity but so far it’s not going to affect this trip. Right now there are not only restrictions, but everyone needs a reservation…more on that in a minute. If you choose to go to Disney World for Halloween this year, here are some tips from the Disney trip experts at Get Away Today.
I interviewed Brooklyn to get the latest information to share with you, just in time for Halloween…and please note, we may earn a commission when you shop through our links.

Disney World Halloween 2020

Here are some helpful tips and a way to save money on your Disney World trip.
Check Park Hours
October is a great time to go to Disney World because it’s cooler than the summer months (although it can still get hot). Still, park hours have changed and are shorter. So before you go, check the park hours. There are reduced hours right now, and Disney has been making small changes by an hour here and there that could affect your plans.
Get Fun Disney Halloween Masks
Halloween themed face masks are a must.Disney themed pumpkin face mask There will be some for sale in the park. They’re easier to find now than before, so look for them in the gift shops. They came out at the beginning of September and are already becoming collector’s items.
Otherwise, check Etsy for Disney Halloween face masks before you go (prices are generally cheaper). 
Wear a Costume
For the first time ever, everyone can dress up during the day. Usually costumes were only allowed to be worn at the Halloween party at night. But since that’s cancelled they’re letting guests wear their Halloween costumes all day. And what better way to celebrate than wearing a Disney-themed costume?? That’s what I’m excited to see! Like we point out later, normally the parade is an extra even that you pay for but this year you can see the costumes as park of your regular ticket.
We’re getting into it. This year, my husband is going to be Woody and I’ll be Jessie from Toy Story this year. I found these fun bandana print face masks on Etsy that we can wear with our costume. My husband will get a blue pattern and I’ll get the red. The reason we picked these t-shirt type costumes is so we could be comfortable all day on the rides, but still dress up. 

Disney Toy Story Woody Cowboy Costume Outfit Men's Adults Novelty T-ShirtDisney Toy Story Woody Cowboy Costume Outfit Men’s Adults Novelty T-ShirtDisney I am Jessie Toy Story Costume T-ShirtDisney I am Jessie Toy Story Costume T-Shirt


Magic Kingdom is the Place for Halloween Fun!
Magic Kingdom is where most of the Halloween things are happening. However, Hollywood Studios is having a modified character meal for lunch or dinner. They’ll feature classic Disney characters but they won’t sign autographs or be available for photos, but the characters will interact – probably more than usual, given the lower crowds.  

Get the Best Deal with a Price Monitoring Service
Get Away Today has a program that will track open reservations for character meals, and if you agree, they’ll book for you, so you don’t miss out. Anyone can get this service if you purchase a package through Get Away Today. A package includes hotel and park tickets.
When you book through Get Away Today not only do they have a price guarantee, but you get extra concierge service which includes price monitoring. They will watch your reservation for new discounts and if can apply a discount, they  will email you. Then the difference will be refunded to you or deducted from your balance. They’ll find an automatically apply any discounts for you.
Brooklyn told me she recently saved one of their guests $1500 on their trip!!
And after writing this article, we found out that a recent promotion applies to us and it saved us $350!! It’s going back on the credit card we used to book the trip. HORRAY!! That was great news and I’m so thankful for Get Away Today for sharing this tip with me! There may never be a better time to use this tip than now. 
Best Disneyland Deal – Guaranteed!
RIGHT NOW: Save up to $500 with our “Magic is Here!” Walt Disney World offer! ✨ This special applies to a 4-night/4-day room and ticket package at select Walt Disney World hotels for most nights now – 12/25/2020. 
Get Away Today’s Disney experts can be reached at 855-GET-AWAY or check out their website (please tell them I sent you) at getawaytoday.com to book your Disney World vacation. They GUARANTEE the best price. 
Avoid Phone Long Wait Times from Disney
If you call Disney, there are longer hold times right now – up to 8 hours! Sometimes it’s so busy they simply shut down the phone lines. Get Away Today will talk to you without the long wait. They’ll look for all kinds of promotions based on what you qualify for. Brooklyn said that some offers aren’t widely advertised and there are a lot of niche ones. For example, some discounts are just for residents of certain states near Disney World. They want to encourage people who can drive to come to the park.
Don’t Wait Until 2021 to Book your Trip 
For 2021 there are no promotions yet, but booking early usually gets you the best price because Disney usually does quarterly price increases. Sometimes it’s just on rooms, tickets, dining plans, etc. But either way you can cancel or get refunded for them in 2020. Right now you can book through Sept 2021. If you book in 2020 Disney is waiving cancellation and change fees for changes up to 24 hours ahead of time. 
Please note, if you buy discounted tickets only, they are NONREFUNDABLE no matter who you buy them from. So getting a package offers the most flexibility.
For now, next year’s prices look about what they’ve been pre-COVID. Hollywood Studios is already selling out for times this year. 
The Only Live Show
Thanks to Covid, there are no shows with live actors. Rather, you’ll have to stick with recorded shows such as Hall of Presidents or the Muppets. There is one performance, the Disney Society Orchestra and Friends (live orchestra) by Tower of Terror show in Hollywood Studios. That one runs every 45 mins. and lasts about 20 minutes.

Watch for Spontaneous Character Bombing
There won’t be any parades or fireworks this Halloween but there will be spontaneous character gatherings. A bus full of princesses, a spookier version of Dapper Dans and other characters can arrive at any time. They’ll be on the move, but you can see them. Sometimes these are pieces of the parade they usually do at Disney World. When there was a parade, Halloween celebrations only happened at night and were a specially ticketed event. So that’s a plus of going now.

Look for Halloween-themed Food
While at Disney World, I’ll be on the lookout for Halloween food to enjoy. That’s part of the fun so we always plan on finding sweet treats we can’t get anywhere else!
Any questions or comments about Disney World for Halloween 2020? Let me know or call the experts at Get Away Today! Be sure to use my code FHF10 to get $10 off your trip and with their lowest price guarantee, you’ll get all the extras but pay less for everything.
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Disney World Halloween 2020

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