11 Free Meditations for you and Your Kids to Lower Stress Right Now

Right now is stressful and I think a lot of us are going through grief as our entire world has changed as a result of the virus of 2020 (I’m so sick of the word coronavirus I find substitute words to describe it). I find myself wanting to sooth the fear and anxiety. Google showed me a memory from 2016 and it showed my daughter, age 4, with a friend at baby animal days. It was spring and they’re holding bunnies and riding a pony. It made me miss that tradition that we can’t do this year.

There are so many things like that I miss and mourn a bit over. There are a lot of things you can do to lessen stress and my favorite simple one is checking in and realizing the moment you’re in. Remind yourself that you are safe, that you are breathing and that you can get through this.

coronavirus mediation resources

This is an eclectic mix of meditations. Some will be too out there and some will be just right for you. Some is more religious and some more mystic. Find the voice, music or style that resonates with you. After you find something that appeals to you, put it on your calendar (which is probably mostly empty right now). Make it a habit that you use to refuel during any stressful time and increase your capacity to handle the hard that life will inevitably bring.

We can’t control what happens but we can find responses that serve us. Spiraling into anxiety and depression lowers your ability to respond to the hard things. Feed your mind healthy thoughts when it’s starving for happiness.

I hope this list helps you and I wish you peace and may you look for and see abundance.

If you are looking for projects to keep you occupied right now, then I highly recommend that you check out this article with online craft and other classes that are free right now.

Meditation for Adults

In this article I want to share meditation and other resources for you and your kids. Most are free. Even before the pandemic, I used them to calm down, usually before bedtime. If I can’t sleep I reach for my phone and turn them on. Pretty soon my breathing slows and I fall asleep.

Here’s my list of apps, YouTube channels and other formats that are helpful right now.

1. Brooke Snow podcasts

These are from a Christian perspective and she talks about prayer and positive perspectives.

2. Calm app. Hands down!! There is a kid’s section too. One mom said, “Our trauma therapist recommended it to us, we all love it!”. There are some free meditations but most are paid. However, they created a special page of free meditations called, take a deep breath that you can access on their website.

Enjoy this curation of meditations, sleep stories, music and more, all hand-picked to support your mental and emotional wellness through this time. And check back soon as we’ll be updating these resources regularly.

3. Headspace app. They have ones for kids too. I think they’re offering free stuff right now because of what’s going on. This is one of my personal favorites because I like the sound of the man’s voice, how straightforward and effective it is. They also have a special page on their website with COVID-19 resources.

4. Insight Timer This app and website has SO MANY amazing resources, some directly for this time right now.

5. Meilan Maurits

6. Power Thoughts and Meditative Mind 

You can find this on YouTube or any music streaming site.

7. Simply Sadie Jane on Instagram has stuff for adults and kids including free live daily meditations right now.

8. Tara Brach Pandemic Care Resources

Music to Create a Calming Environment

We like to have gentle music playing, especially on Sunday mornings. It helps bring a worshipful feeling in our home and brings us to God. You can play classical radio or church type music from Pandora (app) – it helps create a calming environment. KLove Radio (Christian Music) is another great one. They recently created these resources for staying hopeful.

9. Wayne Dyer’s “I am” music and meditations.

To Calm the Kids

10. Cosmic Kids Yoga – super kid-friendly and fun. They even have Pokémon and Star Wars yoga!

11. Insight timer app. It has thousands of free meditations for kids but tons for adults too. In addition to meditation they have full courses.

kid meditations insight timer


There are my top resources. I hope they help you as much as some have helped me! If you have any additional resources to add, please put them in the comments. Thank you.

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