Charmaine Anderson Paintings

Artist Charmaine Anderson
Artist Charmaine Anderson

This is from Charmaine Anderson:

I have a new blog with just my paintings and prices with sizes and some information about the painting. The price will include a frame. Some of the frames were built by Mike and are special frames so I charge a little more for the paintings with these frames. Most other frames were purchased at Hobby Lobby.

Years ago an artist friend told me that her instructor advised her to paint as much as she could and sell cheap until she got famous so that is my philosophy. (You will find everything surprisingly reasonable compared to what is out there in original art.) I am pleased with my work considering that I have been painting for only 4 years. I always feel good to know that my friends have my paintings.

I am also willing to take commissions with no promises and no commitment for you to keep it if you are not pleased. I am not a portrait painter. If you are interested in coming by to see anything in person feel free to call me or e-mail at Here is the link:

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