This Book Taught My 8 Year Old How to Tell Time in One Night

My mom likes to remind me how difficult it was to teach me how to tell time. I don’t remember her trying to teach me. I just remember being INCREDIBLY EMBARRASSED because I didn’t know how (with a regular clock). 

It was second grade. I lived in Texas and the buildings weren’t connected. So when you opened the classroom door, you were outside. And the gym was in a separate building. 

The teacher needed to set her clock so she said whoever is most quiet can go to the gym and tell me what time it was. It was super loud but I went silent immediately because I didn’t want her to pick me since I didn’t know how to tell time! But of course she did. 

I went to the gym and stared at the clock on the wall, hoping to figure it out. No one was nearby to ask. So I finally just went back to class and told her that it was just like 4:00 but the little hand and big hand were switched. I was mortified. After that I learned how to tell time really fast.

Teaching My Second Grader How to Tell Time

My second grader learned so much less painfully than I did. Last night we read a book called, Telling Time. We’ve had it on the bookshelf for a long time but I never pulled it out. Most clocks are digital so it didn’t seem urgent to learn.

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book that teaches kids how to tell time

On the first page it says, by the end of this book you will know how to tell what time it is! A book with a promise! We were both VERY SKEPTICAL. But we read it. 

how to tell time book for kids

It builds on the most basic measure of time (seconds) to the biggest. And it’s so logical and easy to understand that by the end of the book, my daughter knew how to tell time. It really works!

Now, every child is different, but for us it was amazing. It was so fun to see her get it so fast and for the light bulb to go on (she calls it the idea bulb!). She was so proud of herself, too!

Here are what some people wrote about this book on Amazon.

It goes over digital clocks too. So your child will know how to say the time. For example, it’s 4:10 (it’s four ten) or you can say it’s 10 minutes past four. 

As a parent there’s nothing like seeing your child learn to do things like read, ride a bike, swim and of course, learn to tell time! If you get this book, leave a comment and let me know if it worked for your child.

And, if your child doesn’t know how to read, we love this set of books and activities that will teach your child to read in 4 weeks. While it won’t happen in one night, it only asks for 15 minutes every other day. Doable, even for overwhelmed parents!

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