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How I Finally Kept My Resolve to Read the Book of Mormon Every Day

This post was most recently updated on May 13th, 2019

I bought this Book of Mormon study guide – it was not given to me to review.
I’m blogging about it simply because of how much it’s helped my spiritual life. There are affiliate links below.

For years I’ve looked for a Book of Mormon study guide to help me read the Book of Mormon every day. In the past, I’ve never been able to stick to reading. I get distracted. It’s hard for me to read any book all the way through, let alone a book I’ve read so many times. It gets boring. I lose interest, space off, or fall asleep. Then I feel bad. Honestly, why should I bother reading if I get so little out of it?

This cycle repeated over and over:

  • Start reading the scriptures and feel happy when I could keep reading for more than a week.
  • Feel guilty for falling asleep or not getting much out of what I was reading.
  • Give up or totally forget to read the scriptures.

As part of this cycle I also really struggled to pray or when I did it often feels meaningless. Still, I asked and prayed for a way to like studying the scriptures.

I tried a text message group with a friend and that worked for a while but soon I got overwhelmed and behind on reading the texts. I don’t remember where I found it but at the end of this year I finally found the solution that works for me. I’m a Liahona all the way and so I have to find a style that works with how I learn (read this article if you don’t know what I mean).

My Daily Book of Mormon Devotional – 365 Day Personal Study Guide

by Layne Packer, Kindle edition

Book of Mormon Study guide
Click on the image to go to My Daily Book of Mormon Devotional book.

This study guide is only available as a Kindle download, there is not a physical copy. I really think the Packers should come out with a guide that is spiral bound or even a calendar, but for now this is all there is. 

I started this Book of Mormon study guide on January 1st. The book is set up to start a new year and that worked perfectly for me. I know where I am each day. I can read anywhere but it is usually in bed when I wake up. I’ve almost read for 2 weeks and haven’t skipped a day. Some days I read the minimum and go on. Other days I lay in bed and think about it more.

I highly recommend this book. When you read it on your phone or device you simply click on the day’s reading – it takes you directly to the verses. Then it has questions about specific verses to help you review what you read. After that there’s a quote from a leader about what you’re studying. There is a small section of related scriptures (from the Bible, Doctrine and Covenants, etc) – again, it takes you directly to that verse. The study ends with a question to help you apply what you learned and invites you to pray.

What I love so far about this Book of Mormon study guide:

  • It’s affordable – under $3.
  • It’s on my phone – I read it on my Kindle app.  I naturally reach for my phone when I wake up anyway. I try to do my study first before I start reading news, check Facebook or email.
  • The Daily readings are short – yet you can read more if you want to but it’s not overwhelming.
  • It cross-references to related scriptures including the Bible.
  • There are simple questions to think about and consider related to the day’s reading.
  • There are related quotes from apostles and prophets.
  • It links right to the passage of the day on your phone so you never have to search for the verses in the reading.
  • The commentary is plain and easy to understand, not complex.
  • Ideal for family scripture study or teens.

How this Study Guide Blesses Me

I’m so glad Layne Packer wrote this book! I only wish he’d write study guides for the Bible, Pearl of Great Price and Doctrine and Covenants! This study guide has given me insights into the Book of Mormon that I’ve never had before. I start to put things together and appreciate nuances.

I love tying in Bible verses and thoughts for a more complete picture. However simple the reading might seem, it’s digestible. The real magic happens when you think about it and the spirit teaches you or reminds you of things.

I’ve started praying more often and it feels like someone is there. This is not a big emotional feeling and doesn’t feel dramatic but I notice my days are now punctuated with prayer.

I love God more and feel closer to Him. Again, this isn’t something hugely dramatic. It feels really natural and normal, like a friendship. However, before my daily scripture study it didn’t feel that way very often.

I feel like I understand and know the scriptures better than I ever have. That says a lot because I’ve been through years of seminary class, religion classes and personal study. I’m not trying to amass a lot of facts or interesting information – I’m reading for the impact it has on my life and for the ability to see and recognize truth.

I’m happier. Just this simple habit has helped me feel more content and happy in my life.

Another thing that has helped me immensely is to read books about topics I have questions about or about something I want to improve. For that I use the Deseret Bookshelf PLUS app – it has audiobooks and ebooks, including new releases. 

Book of Mormon Study Guides on My List for Next Year

I’m not going to stick with reading without a guide – so I’m already thinking ahead.

Here are some possibilities for next year:

The Book of Mormon Made Easier study guide by David Ridges
The Book of Mormon study guide Redheaded Hostess
This study guide comes highly recommended on the Redheaded Hostess blog. It’s on the Deseret Bookshelf PLUS app.
 Treasures from the Book of Mormon by Cleon Skousen

Recommended Book of Mormon study guides and books

Find the Book of Mormon study guide that fits your learning style or interests the best:

 For children I recommend Living Scriptures streaming (app and on the website) – the link goes to my article that shows what they offer and a special coupon. 

Today’s Reading: Forgetfulness, Faith, and Journeys

Like the Bible, the Book of Mormon starts with a story about a family who worships God and their ups and downs. Today I read about the relationship between faithfulness and forgetfulness. This hit me because I forget things all the time. When we can’t remember the miracles that God has done for us or in our families (or even for others), it’s easy to forget or not even recognize God in our lives. We can lose faith or our testimony.

This is part of today’s reading, from the Book of Mormon Study guide (this is a screenshot from my phone).

Book of Mormon study guide ebook screenshot

In today’s reading in Nephi, his brothers totally forgot that God had just saved their lives. Nephi tried to remind them about that and other blessings God gave them. It worked. It changed their hearts. They actually apologized for fighting and trying to kill their brother. I’m not sure that ever happened before!

Part of going to church or reading scripture is simply to remind you of what you already know or have felt. It reminds you to seek spiritual things. It deepens your faith because you notice what God has done or is doing.

You see patterns. Usually you get insights that you didn’t notice when you were experiencing something – only after you think about it and ponder it can you see God’s hand even more. You know how you can experience something with others and everyone who was there can have a different perspective and interpretation? The spirit of God helps you see truth and get things out of an experience that you may have missed.

I really love this app and how it’s helped me stick to my resolve. I pray to notice miracles and God’s hand in my life. Reading the scriptures helps me stay more open to these experiences, more thankful for them and more likely to notice them.


Have a Plan to Read the Book of Mormon
Quote from L. Tom Perry

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  • Praying with others (a group or a prayer friend) can help. Or, singing hymns can be a form of prayer. Meditation. Seek a form that brings you closer to the spirit, whatever that is for you now.

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