8 Best Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

This post was most recently updated on May 13th, 2019

People buy houses for two reasons-  they either want to settle OR they want to settle and then jump to an even better place. While the second reason might seem superficial but eventually people come around it, after all who doesn’t want a bigger, better house!

But before you start dreaming about a villa, its important that your current property has some value in the market and sells for a good sum of money. This is only possible if you have something good to offer, thus pointing towards renovations and changes. So in case you plan on putting your house on the buyer’s list anytime soon, be sure to have done these upgrades that will increase the value of your house significantly.

Revamp Your Bathroom


While minor timely additions and upgrades will save you a lot of hassle, in case you have been waiting till the end moment, then this is where you call in for a complete revamp session. Don’t be scared to get in new cabinets, vanities, tiles and even smaller toilets, if needed. Experts suggest that bathrooms offer a complete return on investment, in comparison to any other room, making it the most important place in your entire house.

If you are upgrading toilets, opt for compact ones that save space and make your bathroom look bigger. If this is your first time buying a toilet online, explore toiletfound.com to find out what different types of toilets are there and which is one is right for you.

Update the Kitchen


The second most important area that determines the true value of your house is the kitchen. While latest technology and gadgets might be a bit costly for some, introducing in new cabinets, counter tops, flooring, lighting, faucets etc can equally update the whole layout. Remember, in the case of kitchen, you don’t need to start from scratch, minor upgrades will do the trick too.

Paint it out

Talking about updates, the quickest and the most important step towards any changes is painting the walls. Now you need to cover those chipped, cracked walls and maybe use a palette to make the house appear aesthetically pleasing. Plus, a fresh coat of paint can also revive and brighten up a tired place, which is a big plus in itself.

Play With the Visuals

A house that looks big sells quick. While you can’t add in extra square-meter area to your already constructed house, you can, however, add in more visual space. This will include changing the whole furniture setting, getting rid of clutter, replacing drapes with blinds and including in mirrors so that the house and its rooms don’t look overly cramped.

Replace Carpets


Based on the same principle of creating more space, get rid of the old, stained and worn out carpets and cover parts of the flooring with rugs. Not only carpets demand more budget and time, but keeping plain flooring is easier to maintain and also doesn’t restrict the buyers into sticking to it. Based on your budget, you can introduce wooden flooring as well, for it completely transforms the appeal in no time.

Adding in the Energy-Efficient Element

A functional house that is energy efficient, sustainable and protects the environment is the fastest selling item now-a-days. People are willing to do anything that conserves energy because ultimately it benefits them. While major updates like solar panels might be hefty, but their addition will also increase your house’s market value.

But other minor additions that can give you that energy-efficient vibes include improving the insulation in your house, using CFL bulbs and energy efficient devices, installing modern heating and cooling systems and even planting more trees and plants around the house!.

Keep up With Regular Maintenance and Repairs

Regular services can breathe in new life to your house and you need to make it use of it often. You really shouldn’t wait till the end moment to make some fixtures and repairs because this way you miss out on many underlying stuff, plus the more you neglect a problem, the more it will swell. From fixing the lights to checking the door knobs to fixing the cabinets and looking for a pest problem in the background, stay vigilant and tackle one problem at a time to keep your house alive and groomed.

Create your Own Pieces and Details

You know what sells in the market? Something that catches the eye. This is why you should always try and include in some extra architectural detail to your homes, so that it has more character added to it. From well-decorated, groomed patios and lawns, to crown moldings and even creating statement front walls or main gates, be sure to explore your creative side and create a piece of art somewhere in your house, making it stand out from the rest of all.

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