10+ Subscription Boxes Moms Splurge On

We polled moms to find out what subscription boxes they are actually paying for (and will splurge on)! Go ahead, buy one for yourself. Or, a subscription box is a fun mother’s day, birthday or gift for other occasions.

We will continue to add to this list, including details but would love to hear your favorites – leave them in the comments below!

best subscription boxes for women

With any subscription box that has options – it’s important that you update your preferences after you get your first box. So if it’s a cooking subscription and you like certain dishes more than others, update that so you get more of what you like. I failed to do that with a clothing subscription box and was disappointed with it – until I realized I needed to give feedback- then it was great!

best subscription boxes for moms

(or for women)

What it is: VIP features a mix of beauty, fashion, fitness, wellness and home products that help you feel good from the inside out. Full size products (not samples).
What moms say: I love my FabFitFun box…. it’s seasonal so only 4x a year and so worth it!!! ?

I just subscribed to FabFitFun and got my first box yesterday. I am beyond excited to try everything and to get my summer one.  You will love it!! I’ve been getting mine for two years!

Fab fit fun! I love them and have received them for about 4 or 5 years now!

I love my fabfitfun box. I’ve gotten lots of products I never would have known about that I love.

Ok, we know this subscription box isn’t for women specifically but for women who like their man to look goooood…

What it is: a subscription box for men. A stylist will handpick 5-6 different products, all yours to keep. Typical items will include ties, socks, pocket squares, grooming products & more.
What moms say:
My husband does sprezza box, comes with a tie, socks, and other things he likes it.

This is really for my husband but he gets stuck wearing the same things all the time to work and everything. This helps him mix up his look and stay more stylish. SprezzaBox helps him avoid the dad wardrobe.


What it is: subscription box for designer perfumes. You get a 30-day supply of any luxury or designer perfume every month. For a monthly subscription of $14.95, you get a 0.3 oz fragrance from 450 available products in stock.

Test out sample size fragrance each month to try different ones without having to commit.

What moms say: Just purchased Scentbird gift box and subscription. I must say I was wary from the other reviews I read about the company. I was pleasantly surprised. I was concerned about my order and quickly made contact with a representative, she made me feel very comfortable by sending me a link to my shipping information. My order arrived on time and in great condition. My experience showed me just how hard they are working to achieve great customer service. I highly recommend giving them a try!

15% Off First Month

Scentbird perfume subscription box


Butcher Box
ButcherBox is a premium meat subscription box. Every box comes with 8 – 11 lbs of meat. Enough for (20-28 meals). Choose from one of theirs or build your custom box. Choose your delivery frequency of monthly or every 2 months. You can change your box assortment, size, and delivery frequency.

High quality meat – perfect for grilling/bbq season

• 100% Grass-fed & Grass-finished Beef (ground, beef stew meat, burgers, sirloin, steak tips, ribeye, flat iron steak, NY strip, ribs)
• Heritage Breed Pork (uncured bacon, sausage, bone in pork chop, pork loin roast)
• Free-range Organic Chicken (whole, thighs, drumsticks, wings, chicken tenders)

Pork butt is actually the shoulder. Perfect for pulled-pork sandwiches or carnitas.

No hormones or antibiotics. Humanely raised. Click below for $10 off + free bacon:


What it is: a subscription box for workout and gym clothes so you’ll look so good in them you’ll want to work out just to show off.

What moms say: they like the styles!

Find it here.

Poor Paper Pumpkin

What it is: a subscription where you get supplies to make your own cards.

What moms say: thru stamping up. It’s my 20.00 just for my crafts. It’s a card making kit.

Find it here.


What it is: 5 Beauty Products for only $10/month, sample sized

What moms say: ispy has saved me soooooo much in makeup cost and I get to try new stuff.

Some moms wanted full size product instead: I used to do ipsy but the stuff is just samples so it didn’t seem worth it. I started doing fab fit fun and then boxycharms which are full sized products and I have loved it!

Tip: Make sure that you rate your products and if if you’re getting too much of the same colors or items go in and change your preferences. By keeping up with that it makes sure you’re getting things you want. Ipsy has an app so its super easy to go in and update. They also give you points for every item you review that you can use for extra items of your choosing.

Find it here.

Sephora Play

What it is: monthly beauty subscription box, you get 5 trial size products each month in a special bag.

Find it here.


What it is: 4 to 5 Full Size beauty products.

What moms say: is the way to go! Yes!!!!!! Ipsy sucks in my opinion, boxycharm is wonderful!

Find it here.

Walmart Beauty Box and Target Beauty Box

What it is: beauty sample kits
What moms say: 
So far ive loved them! Theres been quite a few boxes with sample product I went out and got more of! Its only $5 every 3 months for Walmart so i dont mind it at all. And Target has been awesome as well I just got their face mask box with name brand masks the total value was $14 but you spend $7 ??

Love with Food

What it is: all-natural, organic or gluten-free snacks delivered to your door every month.

Find it here.

Snack Nation
What it is: 
Each box contains 150 taste-tested, proven, premium healthy snacks, many of which you can’t find in the store. Unique in that it has an option for offices and has a free sample if you want to try it out first.

Find it here.

What is it: 
electric toothbrush where you get new heads.

What moms say: It’s only 39.99 with a code, and the heads come on subscription and are only $6 every 3 months.
The bristles are the softest I’ve ever used, and have charcoal nanoparticles in them!
The whitening strips also come on subscription if you want. They don’t cause sensitivity, work really well, and are very affordable.

Find it here.

Fandom of the month

What it is: Earrings, necklaces, rings (size 7 or adjustable), bracelets, keychains, and pins. Each month our jewelry comes in a hand screen printed muslin drawstring bag.

What moms say: I love just getting a box of fun themed stuff every month ?

Find it here.

For the Mormon mom: Deseret Bookshelf!!! It is seriously amazing!!!! It has more than just church books:) i listen to a book a day:) ???Click our link for a review and code for a free month of Deseret Bookshelf.

Ok moms, what are the best subscription boxes for moms to you? We want to know! Leave a comment below.

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