BedJet Review of the Bed Fan that Cools and Heats {As Seen on Shark Tank}

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Do you have night sweats or trouble sleeping because you get either too hot or cold at night? If you’re looking for a product to give you relief and help you sleep, a BedJet could be your answer. Read my full BedJet review to see what I think after trying it out and researching the BedJet.

I requested and was given a Bedjet from the company so I could do a full review of the BedJet with a dual zone control comforter (sheets). You may have heard about Bed Jet on Shark Tank.

How did I learn about BedJet? I saw a video about it on Facebook. Since I’m obsessed with sleep products I was intrigued and wanted to test one out. I tested the BedJet V2 which is the newest version.

BedJet Bed Cooling System

First, their marketing is really fun – this is an entertaining yet informative video from Bed Jet:

What is a BedJet Bed Fan?

The BedJet is a bed fan at its most basic level. It’s a personal climate comfort system made just for your bed that can keep you cooler or warmer while you sleep. The BedJet device fits underneath any bed with 7” clearance underneath, and attached to the BedJet AirComforter top sheet or can work with your own existing bedding. My personal opinion is that if one of the Sharks had problems sleeping because of temperature they would’ve funded the BedJet because for the right people (menopausal women, men who sweat a lot, couples that can’t agree, etc) this is a product they can’t live without (or sleep without).

The Sharks got this one wrong because the BedJet has been a huge success.

According to the company, today BedJet is the #1 customer recommended cooling and heating product for beds on Amazon. Figures I read say that it hit $3 million in sales in its first 18 months on the market. So the Sharks would’ve made their money back and then some. I love a good entrepreneurial success story and regardless of the outcome BedJet on Shark Tank got the publicity and positive reviews to become a leader in this market. 

Note: Amazon only carries the AirComforter sheet in KING size. All other sizes can be ordered from the BedJet website.

Another reason I’m drawn to the BedJet is that I love to see sleep products developed by engineers and scientists. BedJet was developed by a former NASA engineer so it works really well.

Bedjet review
The BedJet fits under our bed but I left it out so you could see what it looks like.

Perfect for Night Sweats or if you Freeze at Night

To truly appreciate this product you are suffering or losing sleep because you get too hot or cold at night. Sure, you can buy a BedJet for comfort but where you really see the love is from people who suffer from night sweats that keep them from sleeping. If you’ve ever had to wake up with night sweats, because you’re too hot, and pull the covers off, only to be freezing about a minute later…yes, the struggle is real.

My reasoning is that I hate to get into a cold bed or have cold feet at night. I can’t fall asleep. So what do I do? I crank up the heated mattress pad and wait. Usually it takes a long time to heat up (like an electric stove). If I accidentally forget to preheat it (like an oven) then it doesn’t help that much and if I fall asleep before turning it down I wake up because I’m so hot! The first thing I did was test how long it took to get heat.

It works fast. Bedjet says the fan can cool your bed within 10 seconds, and warm it within 3 minutes. Use the turbo setting and BedJet will warm your bed by 30 degrees in 5 minutes!

I’m not the only one who appreciated how fast BedJet wokrs:

Before I was using an electric blanket and it’s heat settings were 1-10. Needless to say after about 2-3 hours sometimes I’d discover that I’d overshot the optimal temperature and wake up in the middle of the night once it got too hot or the opposite and I’d wake up cold. It was because I’d try to guess how hot it would be after a while because it took so long to warm everything up, not to mention your body adds some heat and how hot is the room on any given night.

With the Bedjet though I can actually dial in the temperature I want within one degree, which is nice if you’re picky like myself. I also noticed that because it’s exchanging the air unlike an electric blanket or space heater the temperature under the sheets stays constant over any given period of time. I also tend to wake up a bit more refreshed these days too with a bit more energy since I started using it.

It’s quite quiet too, at 25% flow it’s quieter than the central air duct that’s about 8 feet away from my pillow. I’d say maybe at 50% it’s as loud as the central air duct when the furnace is on. It’s also built really robust, you could probably throw it down the stairs and not break it. It’s also the bee’s knees at warming up cold feet. Lastly, they have excellent customer service.

Since it’s summer and the temps are in the 90s (we turn the air conditioner down at night) I tested the cooling part. Much like ventilated seats in our Mercedes, it pulls the coolest air in the room (hot air rises and it’s on the floor) and circulates it through your bedding to cool you down. It worked well so well that I eventually got too cold and turned it down to the lowest setting.

Unboxing a BedJet

The BedJet arrives in a nondescript box. It’s not like unboxing an Apple computer or anything but that’s fine. I found the instruction book so intimidating that I didn’t open it right away. The manual looks like a book but it’s because there are several languages. It’s actually not too difficult to figure out – it’s easy. I needed directions but I could easily assemble it myself and it was pretty boring so I didn’t film it.

BedJet box

  • Includes 1 BedJet V2 base unit
  • Wireless remote control plus has a smartphone app (iPhone and Android) bluetooth app with auto-shutoff timers, wake up alarm, biorhythm sleep cycle settings and custom temperature settings.
  • Use with your own sheets or combine get a BedJet AirComforter. The AirComforter is a 100% cotton double layer top sheet with air chambers and it’s HIGHLY recommended for even distribution of  air flow. It comes in Single Zone option (cooling or warming throughout the bed) or Dual Zone option (two independent chambers that allows for cooling or warming on one side without affecting the other side.)
  • Adjustable height holder that fits between your mattress and box springs or foundation/bed base that holds the hose in place.
  • Openings in the AirComforter on sides or two openings in the bottom for your personal preference.


Bed Jet parts
All the pieces that come with a BedJet including the diffuser pads and remote.


The holder goes between your mattress and box spring or foundation, then you connect the hose to the machine and insert the end in any of the openings in the sheet and you’re good to go. Ours went on my side since Stephen doesn’t get very hot or cool at night. You slide the sheet over the mouth of the tube, snap around the opening and clamp the sheets on. Turn it on and it inflates the sheets. I saw a YouTube video that made it look like it blows up your bedding so it’s really puffed out but mine has a single blanket and down comforter and it is hardly noticeable. If you use your own sheets it may puff up more but the BedJet has air compartments so it’s spread out to more evenly cover your body. I did feel some airflow near my face but not much. It’s not like having a fan on your face.

BedJet remote

BedJet Remote and Smartphone App

I used both the remote and the smartphone app to adjust cooling and heating at different levels. The  app was easy to pair and start using. That’s where you can get the precise temperature control so I do recommend using the app. You can use it to create and save precise settings on the app so you can have your BedJet. Heat for 1 hour and then turn off and come back on later an hour before you go to bed. I want my bed to start warming at 9:55pm, stop an hour later and then kick on before I wake up (7am). To do that I figured out how many hours difference there are between the time the heat part stopped and when I want it to start again.
bedjet app
You can operate the system from the remote or app but you cannot turn the power completely on or off from it. Rather you have to use the switch on the back of the motor. Also note the screen on the fan is not a touch screen. Use the remote or app to turn on heating, cooling and the levels.

BedJet AirComforter Sheet

The BedJet can be used with your regular sheet but I highly recommend sheet (AirComforter) for the very best distribution of airflow.  If you’re using the BedJet for relief from night sweats and hot flashes, the high quality, 100% cotton sheet gives you the best cooling experience. It’s a super soft, hotel quality type of performance sheet. I wish they had a fitted sheet to match because it’s so soft!

BedJet sheets

If you use your own sheets they will puff up more and you won’t get the maximum effect from your BedJet. BedJets AirComforter sheets are a must, especially if you’re like most people and want BedJet for cooling. It give you a much more even flow of air in the bed. Air from your BedJet actually flows inside the AirComforter.

BedJet comforter

Get the king DUAL ZONE AirComforter to use on a king size bed with 1 or 2 BedJet machines. If you use 2 BedJet base units you can keep different preferences on each side of the bed. I like mine around 72 degrees all year but Stephen likes the room at around 69. I really love that my half the bed can be toasty warm while his side is totally unaffected or even cool! 

The AirComforter has dual zones for queen and king sizes only. Amazon only carries the king. So if you need single zone or a queen make sure to buy directly from BedJet’s website.

Cost of BedJet

You may save on heating/cooling if you use a BedJet to heat and cool your bed rather than the entire house. If you can turn down the thermostat you can save on power bills: for every degree you lower the thermostat, you save 4% on your utility bills. Still, it’s a luxury or comfort product for some and more of a necessity for others.  BedJet is made to last for years and years. I’m more interested in paying a lot up front for something that’s high quality than buying a lot of cheaper products that end up in the trash.

BedJet Review from someone who sleeps hot and couldn’t find a solution:

I have a very low heat tolerance at night so I was looking into solutions for my second story home (master bedroom on the second story). I paid ~$600 for honeycomb blinds thinking that too much heat was coming into the house (built in 2015), but that only helped my situation by a couple of degrees so I looked for more solutions. I was considering AC units, but they look a little trashy in my neighborhood and I didn’t want a loud unit that required I leave my drapes open. I considered a room AC unit for around ~$1200 but was a little averse to spending that much unless nothing else worked. Luckily something else did work, bedjet. I didn’t understand how moving room temperature air into a sheet that is below me would cool me, however the bedjet with the king size sheet works perfectly. In the past I would be hot at night inspite of the AC on mainfloor at 69, and a ceiling fan above me, all while being basically naked, but now I leave the ac at 70-71 (mainfloor), keep the ceiling fan off, and sleep in whatever clothes I want. This ~$500 expense has really changed how I sleep and I couldn’t be happier.

Some wise and savvy business people on shark tank but they completely underestimated the benefit of Bedjet regardless of its original price point of $499. Buying a new mattress doesn’t solve the heat problem Kevin!

Return Policy, Shipping and Warranty

BedJet has a 60 DAYS LOVE IT OR RETURN IT POLICY so you can try it out. From everything I’ve read and the friendly fast communication I’ve had with BedJet, they have excellent customer service and really stand behind their products.

You get fast free shipping for orders over $99 (easy) plus free returns. No restocking fees either. I really love this because again, when it comes to sleep we’re all different. You’re out your time/effort but may find that you really love the BedJet like so many other people do.

All BedJet units are covered by a comprehensive 2 year warranty.

  • No water to refill, spill or get mildew, the BedJet uses air only.
  • Starts working immediately. Cools or heats you right away, within seconds.
  • Quiet – at it’s typical 40% operating capacity, it’s a soft, white noise quieter than a fan or air conditioner.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry: 15.8 pounds in the box.
  • No need to heat or cool the entire house for one person – this is an individual climate control system.
  • You can adjust your BedJet to fit your bed height and frame. Fits underneath any bed with 7” space. You need a side rail clearance of 3.5”.
  • Approved to use with an adjustable bed.
  • Works with any size mattress.
  • Like that this has a timer so I can fall asleep with it on and not worry about getting too hot or cool later in the night.
  • You can sleep with someone who sleeps hotter or colder than you and both be happy since BedJet has dual temperature control.
  • If you don’t have 7” clearance underneath your bed or the space is being completely utilized for storage, then the BedJet won’t fit underneath your bed. In that case, you can purchase the BedJet Vertical Mount Accessory which is a low dollar item and allows you to store the BedJet flush alongside your bed so it’s out of the way.  
  • Price may be an issue (although if you’re suffering, price isn’t much of an issue – you’ll do anything to get good sleep).
  • Some may not like the look of the BedJet, but just like sleep preferences are highly individualized, so are aesthetic preferences.
Who Should Buy a BedJet
I found a lot of BedJet reviews from men who bought a Bedjet for their wife who has night sweats or hot flashes. He was wrapped in blankets and freezing cold while she was sweating from being so hot. Both were suffering and that affected their sleep. BedJet relieved the problem so they could both sleep soundly. So if you’re menopausal or just sleep hot you are likely to love BedJet.
I bought and installed one for my wife when she was going thru menopause. She loved it. She slept better and longer, didn’t wake up drenched in sweat, didn’t have to change a sweaty pillowcase in the middle of the night and so on. She told two of her friends about it and they bought them and had the same results.
Thom Mead 
 The next market is for anyone who wants to sleep comfortably and is ok paying for the level of control and comfort you get from a BedJet. I did see many people complain about their memory foam mattress and how it sleeps hot so they added a BetJet to cool it down.
Some report that the BedJet dries their skin. I didn’t find that to be an issue but if it is for you there’s always another sleep product I love – Venta. BedJet comes with some basic “diffusers” but I can’t imagine them working as well as a Venta. Imagine your room smelling like a spa with lavender, vanilla or another soothing scent – that’s what a Venta offers.
BedJet Suggestion
My only suggestion is that BedJet create a travel case that holds and protects it. People who really love their BedJet want to bring it on vacation with them because they can’t live without it.
BedJet Review
Do you need a BedJet or have any questions I can help answer about one? Let me know in the comments.

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