Sorry, Flushable Wipes Are NOT Flushable. None of Them.

This post was most recently updated on December 17th, 2019

I have a bit of a crush on the YouTube channel called, Ryan Ruins Everything. This episode in particular, spoke to me. It’s about how flushable toilet wipes aren’t really flushable at all. And, being that I like these topics, and I’m all for the wellness of our planet and sewer systems, I was intrigued.  In fact, you’ll see I’ve previously written about how to stop the stink when you poop. That really works, too and was created by the people at Squatty Potty!

Squatty Potty is not only marketed brilliantly, so far I’m a huge fan of their other products t00 – because they work. After watching this video, and confirming what I feared – that flushable wipes ARE NOT flushable – I need to either not flush “flushable wipes” or find an alternative that can be flushed. At the end of this post you’ll see what I came up with from Squatty Potty – a “flushable wipes alternative”.

I’ll get to what works next, but first, watch the genius that is Adam…I’m a little jealous on the production quality and jokes. Favorite line: “Don’t flush those – they’ll ruin my plumbing!” Don’t worry, these are flushable golf balls.”

Do flushable wipes dissolve?

Nope, sorry. I like what this chemical engineer said:

Toilet paper is a remarkable product: it’s paper, compact and low in cost; strong enough to clean you, smooth on your bum, and beyond that, it will disintegrate in turbulent water so it doesn’t clog pipes. The trick to TP’s dry strength and wet-weakness, is that the paper pulp, wood cellulose, is pounded very thin, yet cast fluffy. For extra softness, the paper is typically coated with aloe or similar. Sorry to say, the same recipe does not work for wet-wipes, paper towels or kleenex (facial tissues); all of these products must have wet-strength, and this can cause problems with sewer clogs. Source

Best flushable wipes for adults?

There is no such thing as flushable wipes. No brand of “flushable wipes” should be flushed, ever. I like Cottonelle best but they’re not great for the environment or your toilet. The part about any wipes being flushable is a marketing ploy because in reality, they’re terrible for toilets.

Are flushable wipes safe for septic systems? 

No. However, some brands ARE better than others.

Cottonelle” brand by Kleenex, and Scott flushable wipes are the best currently. In a day or less they will dissolve in water. These products are made with binders like kleenex, but the binder glue is a type that dissolves in any significant amount of water. As a result, these brands fall apart eventually. For now, these are the only flushable brands I’d recommend flushing, and even then I suggest you only flush one at a time. Source

Yes, so if you must flush, here are your best options (note: I may earn a commission on any purchases):


Ok, if nonflushable wipes are bad for septic systems, maybe you think baby wipes are better. Nope. Sorry, none of them are flushable either.

There is a class action law suit against flushable wipe companies, and New York City is pursuing legislation to prevent them from claiming to be flushable. Still, as with everything, there are better and worse moist-wipe options. Source

toilet foam

Toilet Foam: The best flushable wipes alternative

A few months ago I asked Squatty Potty if I could try their newest product called “Toilet Paper Foam“. Now I have to call them out because that’s a pretty sad name for a product from a company called Squatty Potty. I mean they have the best YouTube commercials, they’re locally owned (based in St. George, Utah) and family owned. Their packaging is usually clever. This one, not so much. But don’t dismiss them too fast.
How Toilet Foam Works
Toilet foam is like foaming soap for your bum. Instead of using a wipe, you use regular toilet paper. Layer it. Pump on some foam and wipe. Not quite the same but much better for the toilet and the environment.
best flushable wipes
Here’s what’s on our bathroom shelf (phasing out the wipes)
What I Think about Toilet Foam After Trying it
No sting (even though it has witch hazel). Smells ok (not as good as their toilet sprays). It’s lightweight and easy to carry but I think they could come up with an even smaller version. Less packaging/waste. Lasts a long time. The biggest thing you have to remember is you have to use more TP. Layers. Because the product will make it fall apart (good for your toilet but it doesn’t hold up as well). Squatty Potty could improve the look, smell and name of “Toilet Foam” but I’m glad it exists.
Overall: not quite as good as wipes, but it’s a good alternative to non flushable wipes.

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