Amazon Tiny House Kits – Perfect Studio or Guest House You Can Build in a Day

Did you know Amazon sells tiny house kits? They claim you can build a home in just 8 hours with 2 people. You could put up the house on a Saturday!

The tiny house can be whatever you can imagine from a guest home to a recording studio, to a garden or pool house. It can even be put on a rooftop (if it has a flat section of course). Me? I’d make into an office. One with a lot of green plants. Maybe even with a solar panel on top.

The best news is it doesn’t need a building permit to put it in your backyard. The house is 172 square feet (86 of that is covered).

“In most locales recreational structure smaller than 120 sqf does not need a building permit,” says the company. 

Note: there are affiliate links in this post, it costs you nothing and any proceeds will go to buying my own tiny home from Amazon.

Allwood Solvalla Tiny House Kit

How much does this tiny house cost? When I looked it was just over $7k. Click the image to check.

Amazon Tiny House

Allwood Solvalla house kit is made from high quality Nordic wood. This timeless design is an alternative to classic log cabin styled structures. It works well in a variety of surroundings. Versatile Solvalla can also be set up on rooftops of multi story buildings. Do it yourself simple step-by-step directions come with the kit and only minimal tools are needed. 

There are no reviews on this model but other tiny homes on Amazon have some. This more affordable but smaller home gets almost perfect star reviews. Plus it’s good if you need more privacy. It’s just 113 square feet.

Lillevilla Escape 

These are legit. One person raved: I saw these spruce cabin kits in a hardware store in the Swedish archipelago in 2008. I was impressed by the quality of craftsmanship. Also spruce is a pleasing wood grain and non toxic you want to stay away from cedar inside the home. This is the most cost effective housing option while the main house is being built and will be used as guest house. I will post updates/photos from my homestead. It’s a better option for us than a camper/yurt/tiny house/tent and it’s nice to have Nordic imports in the states.

amazon tiny home

Look at the minimalist interior of this tiny house:
inside Amazon tiny house


My only request? More photos! If the company reads this, all you need to do is send me a tiny house and I’ll review it and post photos. I’ll host a housewarming party/open house for my neighbors too! Let me know and I’ll send my mailing address and could we have an assembly team? My husband hates it when I buy a project for him. I don’t see the option to pay for assembly. 

On second thought, after our recent cold winters, forget the office. I think I’d turn it into a sauna and bath house!

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