Allied Movie Review: Beautiful Spies and Subtle Lies

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The actress Marion Cotillard, one of the spies in Allied is known as one of the most beautiful women in the world. The Independent Critics List named the “The Most Beautiful Face” of 2013. For that reason alone Allied is a beautiful movie. Cotillard has been dubbed a silent film star (her father was a mime) who’s never been in a silent film because her face is so expressive. You know what she is feeling without hearing a word. She can look at once elegant and later soft and in love. I especially loved her lovesick look. It’s very convincing. But is it real?

She’s also gifted at seduction and lying. It’s just hard to figure out exactly what she’s lying about. There’s always a question about if she’s too good of a liar to believe.

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Allied Movie Review and Plot

ALLIED is the story of intelligence officer Max Vatan (Pitt) and french spy Marianne Beausejour (Cotillard). They are on a deadly mission during WWII. It’s an incredibly romantic film. From the scenes to the clothes Cotillard and Brad Pitt wear, to two supposedly married spies bantering and kissing on the rooftops. The rooftop scene with Cotillard and Pitt was a favorite. She’s wearing a long silk, floral robe with lace that ripples in a soft breeze. Pitt is handsome but Cotillard is stunning. Both look timeless – they could be famous actors in any age – the costumes are gorgeous. It’s old style vintage Hollywood. Stylewe has the looks!
The film is rated R. Hopefully you can catch it on VidAngel in a few weeks, if, like me, you prefer a PG-13 version. There is some nudity and a sex scene that you wouldn’t want your children to see. The drama and destruction of war is contrasted with the sweetness of love and family.

As says, the two “make love in war and war in love.” But unlike Mr. and Mrs. Smith which Pitt played in with his later-wife Angelina Jolie, it’s set in the 40s. It’s more serious. Both movies were tied to affair rumors and breakups. UsaToday summed Allied up in this headline: Allied Movie is like “Mr. and Mrs. Smith meets Casablanca.”

The Drama is Sometimes Much
There is a lot of drama in this movie, a lot of action and a love affair. Sometimes though it became overly dramatic. Like when had a baby in the war zone. Or the picnic lunch near the wreckage of a German plane. The baby never cried. We see Cotillard alone most of the time, a conservative and devoted mother and wife. Then another scene she has a lot of bohemian friends over for a party. Where were they during the rest of the film? Incidentally, after reading about her life growing up, I think it played out much like the party scenes…more artsy than sophisticated like the parties they attended in Germany. She plays both the artist and the spy well. As I’ve hinted, I’d watch her in anything.
The Chemistry Sizzles
Some have criticized the chemistry and romance between Pitt and Cotillard saying it wasn’t there. To me it was intense, especially in the beginning cat and mouse game. You see the passion simmer down to devotion and commitment. I came out of the movie feeling love-y and we watched a lot of it arm in arm. We may have even stolen a few kisses and looks. Yes, a little sappy and sentimental but it did capture what we feel as husband/wife and mother/father.
I wish these two could do a remake of It’s a Wonderful Life.  I could totally see Cotillard play as Mary Hatch. I’m writing this close to Christmas and that’s probably influencing me.
Favorite Lines
The line, “the feelings are real…that’s why it works,” is an important one. Later Marianne, declares, “I’m very good at pretending, Max.”
Where to Watch Allied
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Allied movie review
You’ll be in suspense and in love. You’ll be scared. There are small clues dropped like breadcrumbs throughout but you’re still not sure what to believe. Your heart wants to believe one thing. Yet in your mind you’re like Pitt, wondering what is real.
Grab your date and hang on. It’s quite a ride but it doesn’t end like you might expect.

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