Amazon Alexa Spot Alarm Clock Wakes You Up to Music

This post was most recently updated on December 16th, 2017

Alexa wants to be your alarm clock with their newest Echo product – the Echo Spot (Echo Alarm as I call it), now has music alarms. You can also choose from a selection of clock faces so it looks like an alarm clock instead of a device. You can also have your Audible book start reading to you or get news/weather information. I’d connect it up with my Philips Hue smart lights to automatically set the right lighting for going to sleep or waking up. The one feature I use on my Philips hue every single day is the dimming feature and surprisingly I don’t use the app, I use the wireless switch.

The Echo Spot was recently released so there are no reviews of it yet, so this is a preview. I hope to get one to actually review. It’s a good looking device and be warned, it comes with a built in camera. Handy for your security system or checking on the baby. Plus it’s sleek and like a Nest, it’ll look amazing in your home.

The Echo Spot Alexa Alarm Clock

Has a round digital display and comes in black or white:

Introducing Echo Spot - BlackEcho Spot – BlackIntroducing Echo Spot - White Echo Spot – White

Echo Spot connects to Alexa, a cloud-based voice service to play music, read the news, answer questions, control smart home, and more. You can do voice activated phone calls with it. However, the music part is the one people want. Amazon says the ability to set music alarms was a top-requested feature from Alexa device owners. I think just as important as getting up is falling asleep.

Unfortunately, due to feuds between Amazon and Google you can’t play YouTube videos on any Echo. Otherwise I’d be playing those Binaural Beats or meditations. Hopefully there’s a sleep timer too so it goes off automatically after a set time.

The Echo Spot supports different music streaming services so you can wake up to music from places like:

  • Amazon Prime Music (included with your Prime membership)
  • Amazon Music Unlimited (a standalone music subscription) or Amazon Music for short
  • Spotify
  • Pandora
  • TuneIn
  • SiriusXM
  • iHeartRadio

My top choice would be Amazon Prime Music which is $9.99 per month; month to month. If you’re a Prime Members it’s a little less at $7.99/month. However, if you own an Amazon Echo, Dot or Tap (hopefully Spot is added) it’s $3.99/month. There’s also a family plan for up to 6 people. Right now (as of this writing) Amazon Music has a special price of 99 cents per month for 3 months.

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You can create playlists just for waking up, including ones just for the weekend. Or you can ask for artist names, songs, playlists, genres (like wake me up to pop music), or even by song lyrics if you don’t know the name of the song you want to hear. However, the feature to search by lyrics or by mood or even by sleep, only works with Amazon Music. You can even be vague and just ask to have Alexa play music.

If it’s too loud, tell Alexa to turn it down (or if it’s too soft, tell Alexa to turn it down). You can set it and forget it by asking Alexa to wake you up “every day” at a certain time. Hopefully you can also make it wake you up at different times depending on the day of the week.

The feature will work on any of the other dots, Echos or Alexa-powered device, not just Amazon Echo smart speakers, the company says.

Echos Get Screens

There are 4 Echos now, including the Echo Dot (which is what we have). The Echo Spot and Echo Show are the only ones with screens of any sort that can play video and have a nice display. It reminds me of the evolution of the iPod and when they first started introducing screens. I’m hopeful that the screen will dim or maybe you can shut it off? We know that blue light is a stimulant that is perfect for waking up to but bad for falling asleep (it boosts attention and reaction times). The best color for night lights is red or orange or actually no light at all.

Alexa alarm

Here’s the full lineup of Echos

Introducing Echo Spot - BlackEcho SpotEcho Dot (2nd Generation) - WhiteEcho Dot (2nd Generation) – WhiteAll-new Echo (2nd Generation) with improved sound, powered by Dolby, and a new design – Heather Gray FabricEchoEcho Show - BlackEcho ShowEcho Plus with built-in Hub – Silver + Philips Hue Bulb includedEcho Plus with built-in Hub – Silver + Philips Hue Bulb included


Interested in an Echo Spot? Why or why not?

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