About Us

This post was most recently updated on January 5th, 2018

Welcome to our house and thanks for reading my blog! You can contact me, Janet (grocerybike at gmail.com).

I love:

  • Sleep
  • Massages
  • Trips to Vegas
  • A clean, uncluttered house (which is tough for me to achieve)

We love living in Utah. Still, we couldn’t stand winters without road trips to Las Vegas. Most people go there to party. We go to relax. Besides the food, the best thing is getting a massage in Chinatown where you can get an hour massage, no appointment necessary, for only $20 (plus tip)! You’ll find us at the gym most days and we try to stay active by walking, swimming and skiing.

Our house was dubbed, “the cleanest home we’ve ever seen,” by the owner of a cleaning company. That is thanks to Stephen’s vigilant watch. Something you must know about us is that according to Stephen’s rules, our freezer, fridge and cupboards must never be crowded. They have to be able to breathe. He has us trained pretty well now.

We’re always on the lookout for the products or services that will improve our quality of life or make things easier. So far it’s our mattress, Unicorn Gold toilet spray and our Dupray.

If you asked who made the salad or decorated the house, that would be Stephen. If you bring in the newspaper, need business ideas, or want to do something on social media, that would be Janet.

A Little More About Our Family

Janet – I’m the chief blogger and mom who loves to read newspapers (but more likely to read them online these days, except the Sunday paper). Former hippie turned suburban mom with an SUV. Independent online marketer who works from home. Mormon. She brought Bjorn to the family when “we got married”(at least that’s how Bjorn described it). Bjorn was 7. A I like my table to always have fresh flowers and grow a pretty mean garden. I dream of a hot tub and fruit trees in the backyard. Default family network admin. Devoted lifelong member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon).

Stephen – AKA, babe. Mr mom who makes short order breakfasts for the family, plans all the trips, and keeps us on schedule. From the start of our marriage, he trained us in clearing the dishes and being organized. When he cooks, the dishes are done before a bite goes into his mouth. By day he’s a Utah financial planner (for over 15 years) who helps people get and follow a solid financial plan that will carry them into retirement. In real life he plans where every dollar goes in advance. He’s a non-attending but devoted Methodist. Get to know Stephen’s level of OCD by reading Janet’s post, “10 Things I do to Piss Off My Husband“.

Bjorn – AKA, little bear. Our teen.

Long time fan of Thor, God of Thunder.

We call him our boarder because he pretty much lives downstairs in the basement with a book or a video game. He usually only comes up for meals. You’ll find him reader a fantasy type book and discovering new authors or watching anime. He gets straight A’s in high school and recently learned to drive. He’s taking computer programming at the local tech school. Poor kid is an introvert in a family of extroverts.

Alexis – AKA, little miss, a spunky 6 year old who loves to watch crafting videos on YouTube, paint or draw and dancing. She is learning to read but her part time job is keeping us occupied with her constant requests. Every day we walk her to the bus stop and wave goodbye. After school there’s usually a running hug as she gets off the bus. When there’s work to get done, she grabs a shovel or broom and pitches in. It took us several years to get her and when she was born she won our hearts. She bonded our family like nothing else. We all adore her!